Essentrics® Instructor Directory

Global list of Certified Essentrics Instructors who have obtained certification through
the Essentrics Teacher Training Program.

**Please refer to our online class map to locate instructors maintaining an active teaching status.**



Each level methodically builds throughout the training.
Instructors are listed according to their most recent level completed.

For a more in-depth look at the curriculum, evaluation process, and live training details for each level CLICK HERE

Directory legend for Live Teacher Training attendance: A “*” beside the instructor’s name signifies that they have completed additional training hours towards their certification by attending an Essentrics Live Teacher Training. These workshops are significant to the development of the instructor and entail a 2-3 day immersion into the level’s curriculum taught by Head Office Master Trainers.

Certified Level 1

Instructor has the qualification and skills to teach Essentrics group classes to the general public using Essentrics Pre-Choreographed Workouts.

A. Robbins, Roberta / IA, United States
Abita, Isabelle / QC, Canada
Absolom, Angela / CO, United States
Albasi, Judith / FL, United States
Albert, Carole / QC, Canada
Albertus, Wilma / NH, Nederland
Allen, Ann / IA, United States
Ameli, Brenda / CA, United States
Amos, Lynne* / CO, United States
Andrews, Kim* / WY, United States
Anglemyer, Melissa / NC, United States
April, Marie-Claude* / QC, Canada
Archambault-Lelieve, Guillaume / QC, Canada
Arnaud, Heidi* / NY, United States
Arnold, Leoni* / NB, Nederland
Atsitty, Keri / AL, United States
Au, Martha* / QC, Canada
August, Laura / WI, United States
Avilov, Anna / VA, United States
Ayers, Joanne T / TX, United States
Bachman, Bj / CO, United States
Backman, Beth / SK, Canada
Bagen, Laura / NC, United States
Bailey, Justina* / BC, Canada
Bakker, Marjolein / UT, Nederland
Bangue, Emmanuel / QC, Canada
Barbier, Tracy / IL, United States
Barnet, Jillian / PA, United States
Bart, Jessica / CO, United States
Barton, Susan* / QC, Canada
Bastazin, Raquel* / QC, Canada
Batista, Manuela / CA, United States
Bayless, Deborah / CA, United States
Bear, Kim * / NM, United States
Beauchamp, Noemie / QC, Canada
Beck, Marianne / CA, United States
Beich, Catherine / NY, United States
Beluk, Susan* / MA, United States
Bergsma, Charlotte* / FR, Nederland
Bernier, Doris* / QC, Canada
Bernier, Lise / QC, Canada
Berniqué, Nadine* / QC, Canada
Berthier, Armelle* / QC, Canada
Bertholet, Johanne / QC, Canada
Betteridge, Janet* / SOM, UK
Beverwyk-Abouda, Tana / NM, United States
Beyer, Misty* / CT, United States
Bibb, Sherry* / QC, United States
Bicchielli, Sara* / NH, Nederland
Bisett, Beth / TX, United States
Bisseling, Hanneke / NB, Nederland
Blanchet, Chantal* / QC, Canada
Blue, Pam / FL, United States
Bobadilla, Kathy* / CA, United States
Boone, Dianne* / NL, Canada
Borucki, Sharyl / WI, United States
Bostic, Jan / FL, United States
Boudreault, Caroline* / QC, Canada
Bouillon, Marielle / ON, Canada
Bourget, Melanie* / QC, Canada
Bowen-Gables, Bonnie / TX, United States
Bray, Catherine* / ON, Canada
Bridgeman, Holly / ON, Canada
Briggs, Susan / CO, United States
Broughton, Rox* / ON, Canada
Bruggeman, Roos-Anne / NH, Nederland
Brussel, Marika* / CA, United States
Budde, Marenne / NH, Nederland
Burge, Sheri* / ON, Canada
Burns, Valerie* / CO, United States
Busch, Denise / OR, United States
Campion, Louise / QC, Canada
Cannis, Barbara* / NJ, United States
Cardone, Alissa / MA, United States
Caron, Lyne / QC, Canada
Carter, Sharon* / ON, Canada
Casey, Carrie / PA, United States
Castro, Marie / CA, United States
Catherine, McDonald / BC, Canada
Chalencon, Laura / QC, Canada
Chan, Doreen* / QC, Canada
Charrow, Kendall / CA, United States
Chartier, Katherine* / QC, Canada
Chelkowska, Kasia / QC, Canada
Chester, Marina / MN, United States
Cheung, Crystal / SK, Canada
Christinsen, Eunis WildFire* / CA, United States
Church, Rebecca / FL, United States
Clark, Rebecca / WA, United States
Clarke, Anna / WI, United States
Clarke, Lorraine / ON, Canada
Clermont, Marie-Eve / QC, Canada
Cluney, Charlotte / PE, Canada
Collins, Nedra / MO, United States
Collins, Tracie / ON, Canada
Connolly, Marion / NC, United States
Cook, Jan / CO, Verenigde Staten
Cooper, Henry* / MI, United States
Cordeau, Paula* / QC, Canada
Corion, Adenike / ON, Canada
Cote, Lisanne / QC, Canada
Cox, Cheryl / AB, Canada
Cronin, Sachiko / AZ, United States
Crooijmans, Charlie / NH, Netherlands (the)
Culliton, Sharon* / ON, Canada
Cunningham, Kathy / OR, United States
D’Anjou, Drisia* / NH, Nederland
Dagneau, Geneviève / QC, Canada
Dancose, Silvia / OTA, New Zealand
Daniel, Soizic* / NH, Nederland
Dansin, Theresa / NY, United States
Davisson, Diane / CA, United States
De Nijs, Laura / NB, Nederland
De Roo-Heiligers, Gaby / ZE, Nederland
De Wilde, Yvette / NH, Nederland
Delille, Ashley / OH, United States
Delorme, Diane / NS, Canada
Desfosses, Corinne / QC, Canada
Deshaies, Sophie* / QC, Canada
Desilets, Annie / QC, Canada
Dessureault, Julie / QC, Canada
Devine, Cheryl / MT, United States
Di Lullo, Sandra / QC, Canada
Dilonno, Kelly / VT, United States
Dineen, Gina / ON, Canada
Dion-Desbiens, Joannie* / QC, Canada
DiPalma Buchele, Maryanne / PA, United States
Dixon Parent, Michelle / ON, Canada
Dixon, Chloe / OR, United States
Doheny, Jennifer / CA, United States
Donkers, Sarah / SK, Canada
Doroshuk, Michelle / AB, Canada
Doyle, Lee / NY, United States
Doyle, lisa / AB, Canada
Drame, Turid* / NH, Nederland
Drenick, Michelle* / CO, United States
Duclos, Josee / QC, Canada
Dulac, July / QC, Canada
Dumercq, Veronique* / France
Dunlap, Suzanne Dunlap / IA, United States
Duplessis, France / QC, Canada
Durand, Genevieve / QC, Canada
Durand, Manon / QC, Canada
Durant, Susie / CA, United States
Edlund, Deborah / MN, United States
El-Kerdi, Lisa* / NM, United States
Elkes, Nancy / NJ, United States
Emel, Carmen / SK, Canada
Engle, Trinity / NY, United States
Enhorning, Tiana / ON, Canada
Evangelista, Charo / PA, United States
Evans, LeeAnn / UT, United States
Fabel, Inge / NH, Nederland
Fagan, Julie / ON, Canada
Fahey, Penny / WY, United States
Fanshaw, Donna / ID, United States
Fara, Paulette* / CO, United States
Farlinger, Susan* / BC, Canada
Farmer, Katie / CO, United States
Feintech, Vivian* / HI, United States
Ferlan, Carmen / QC, Canada
Ferland, Therese / JK, Indonesië
Fernandez, Laetitia / QC, Canada
Fernandez, Sonya* / QC, Canada
Fine, Sharon / VA, United States
Fitchett, Nicola / QC, Canada
Flagstad, Melissa / WI, United States
Fletcher, Teresa / VA, United States
Forand, Amelie / QC, Canada
Fortier, Marie-Eve / QC, Canada
Fortin, Veronique / QC, Canada
Fraser, Allison / QC, Canada
French, Emily / TLV, Israel
Fryett, Andrea / QC, Canada
Gadon, James / ON, Canada
Gaffney, Kaileigh / CA, United States
Gage, Nicole / NH, United States
Gagné, Geneviève / QC, Canada
Gagnon, Anabel* / QC, Canada
Gagnon, Manon / QC, Canada
Galbreth, Janet Lee* / IA, United States
Gallaway, Shelly / TX, United States
Garand, Marie / QC, Canada
Gareau, Isabelle / QC, Canada
Gariepy, Katia / QC, Canada
Garza-Smith, Alicia* / ML, United States
Garza, Monica / QC, Canada
Gattuso, Karen* / CT, United States
Geczi, Etelka* / KEC, Engeland
Genest, Julie / QC, Canada
George, Lindsey / OR, United States
Gilbert, Gisela / QC, Canada
Glassford, Kelly / SK, Canada
Gleason, Kris / VT, United States
Glover, Sam / CO, United States
Goad, Elizabeth* / CO, United States
Goldman, Dianne / CO, United States
Gomez, Eleanor / CA, United States
Gorman, Jean / FL, United States
Goslee, Elizabeth / CT, United States
Gosselin, Julie / QC, Canada
Gottschalk, Karen* / MD, United States
Gould, Ellen / CA, United States
Gray, Charles / PA, United States
Gregor, Regina / CA, United States
Griffon, Lise-Anne / NS, Canada
Gunson, Lynn* / ON, Canada
Guylaine, Gagné / QC, Canada
Gysbers, Cheryl / MN, United States
Hagen-Van Amstel, Miranda / NH, Nederland
Haigh, Tracy / QC, Canada
Hainline, Sheridan / MI, United States
Hamm, Gwen / NS, Canada
Hamm, Nancy / FL, United States
Hamparian, Loriq* / NJ, United States
Hankins, Andrea / WI, United States
Hansen, Sienna* / KS, United States
Hardeman, Annie* / GA, United States
Heinrich, Carol* / IL, United States
Hellie, Lisa / OR, United States
Hernandez, Lisa / TX, United States
Herron, Gay / MO, United States
Hewitt, Terry-Dawn / CO, United States
Hill, Sara* / CO, United States
Hiscoe, Cheryl* / ON, Canada
Hoffman, Susan / NY, United States
Hofker, Leonie / Netherlands (the)
Holiman, Holly * / AR, United States
Hoop, Sarah* / OH, United States
Hose, Marielle* / UT, Nederland
Houde, Carole* / QC, Canada
Houle, Francine / QC, Canada
Hughes, Heather* / ON, Canada
Hulst, Angelique / FR, Nederland
Hummel, Jean * / BC, Canada
Hutchings, Stacey / UT, United States
Hyams, Sarah / 0, United Kingdom
Ingelse, Fleur / NB, Nederland
Inman, Micaela / WI, United States
Ismail, Jeeda / QC, Canada
Iudice, Kathleen* / CA, United States
Jackson, Kathryn / MO, United States
Jamieson, Joanne / QC, Canada
Janora, Bonnie Vanessa* / CA, United States
Javor, Jackie / TN, United States
Johnson, Karin / OH, United States
Jolicouer, France* / QC, Canada
Jones, Alison / NSW, Australia
Jones, Lisa* / ON, Canada
Jongepier, Marije / ZE, Netherlands (the)
Jurado, Margaret* / CO, United States
Kapple, Kelly / OR, Verenigde Staten
Karczagi, Zsanett* / PAR, Frankrijk
Kauppinen, Lori* / ON, Canada
Keeble, Diane / TX, United States
Keijzers, Wilma* / LI, Nederland
Kemp, Cheryl* / IA, United States
Kennedy, Sarah* / CT, United States
Keyes, Charity / OR, United States
Kilkenny, Colleen / QC, Canada
Kinch, Rosemary / OR, United States
Kingham, Wendy* / ON, Canada
Kirchner, Claudia / Netherlands (the)
Knijnenburg, Quirine* / ZH, Nederland
Koehler, Anne / MD, United States
Koeman, Annemarije / ZH, Nederland
Kohl, Emmilee / IA, United States
Kommer, Nicole / , Netherlands
Kool, Maaike / NH, Netherlands (the)
Korobanik, Theresa / BC, Canada
Kovacich, Stella / WI, United States
Kowles, Judith / PA, United States
Kreulen, Suzanne / VLC, Spanje
Krims, Bonnie / MA, United States
Kroes, Esmee / Netherlands (the)
Kroes, Esmee / ZH, Netherlands
Kunning, Jamie / PA, United States
La Salle, Arianne / QC, Canada
Ladouceur, Isabel/QC, Canada
Laing, Dorothy / AB, Canada
Lane, Patsy / ON, Canada
Langlais, Emmy / QC, Canada
Lapaquette, Lindsay* / QC, Canada
Laplante, Edith / QC, Canada
Lapointe, Diane* / QC, Canada
Lapointe, Sonia* / QC, Canada
Lapre-Snoek, Irene / NH, Nederland
Latorraca, Kate / MT, United States
Latour, Julie / QC, Canada
Lavedrine, Catherine / AB, Canada
Lavoie, Suzanne / QC, Canada
Lawlor, Dana / QC, Canada
Lawritsen, Vlasta* / AB, Canada
Laws, Brenna / TX, United States
Lebens, Caroline / ZH, Nederland
Leblanc, Guylaine / QC, Canada
Leblanc, Véronique / QC, Canada
Lei, Steffany / FR, Nederland
Leitch, Jen / SC, United States
Lepine, Carole* / QC, Canada
Lescard, Giuliana / NH, United States
Levesque, Dominique / QC, Canada
Lightfoot, Faith / HI, United States
Lim, Marge* / CA, United States
Lin, Joven / CA, United States
Lindemuth, Helen / AK, United States
Lohmann, Maria / MD, United States
Longpré, Nathalie Longpré / QC, Canada
Love, Louise / VIC, Australia
Lovejoy, Wendy* / NJ, United States
Luengen, Angela / WA, Verenigde Staten
Lund, Cynthia / MO, United States
Lyndaker, Roxanne / NY, United States
Lyons, Colleen/ SK, Canada
Macht, Darci / AB, Canada
Mackie, Carole* / AZ, United States
Magee, Margaret / MO, United States
Mallorie, Catherine / CAM, Engeland
Maltais, Janette / QC, Canada
Mandos, Annette / NH, Nederland
Margolick, Michael / BC, Canada
Marsh, Barbara* / BC, Canada
Martin, Denis / QC, Canada
Martin, Fabienne* / QC, Canada
Martin, Jill* / MA, United States
Matak, Jeannette* / ON, Canada
Matule, Michelle* / CA, United States
McComb, Amy / QC, Canada
McCombs, Margo* / IL, United States
McCulloch, Katelyn* / ON, Canada
McDaniel, Peggy* / CO, United States
McFadden, Ashley / AB, Canada
McIntyre, Katherine / QC, Canada
McKinnon, Lauri / MN, United States
McLean, Rachel / ON, Canada
McMaster, Amanda / TX, United States
McNamara, Karen* / MA, United States
Meijers, Carla* / NH, Nederland
Mellish, Dawn / QC, Canada
Merk, Elaine* / NY, United States
Metz, Patricia / FL, United States
Meunier, Jeanne / ON, Canada
Miciano, Carleen / AZ, United States
Miles, Denise / CT, United States
Millman, Alexandra / BC, Canada
Mills, Catherine / ON, Canada
Mills, Cathy / ON, Canada
Mistretta, Anna / QC, Canada
Molnar, Christine / TX, United States
Montgomery, Danna / ON, Canada
Montoya, David* / VA, United States
Montoya, Vanessa / TX, United States
Moors, Hanne / LI, België
Moreno, Shelaine / TX, United States
Morgan, Sarah / IA, United States
Morin, Michele / MN, United States
Morissette, France / QC, Canada
Moroney, Tracy / CA, United States
Mulcahy, Teresa / NC, United States
Muniz, Anahieli Muniz / QC, Canada
Murison, Karen / ZEA, Denemarken
Nabuurs, Jessi / NH, Nederland
Naghra, Harjit* / ON, Canada
Naïm, Marianne / QC, Canada
Naja, Vanessa / CA, United States
Nederpelt, Mimoushka / BCN, Spanje
Nekhayenko, Alya* / UT, Nederland
Nendos Morais, Isabel / GE , Nederland
Neubauer, Jenny / QC, Canada
Niccum, Nancy / ID, United States
Nilsson, Kathy / NS, Canada
Niro, Lucy / QC, Canada
Nociti-Dubois, Elodie* / QC, Canada
Norman, Alexandra* / QC, Canada
Norman, Cynthia* / CO, United States
O’Brien, Pamela / NB, Canada
O’Donnell, Maureen / VA, United States
Oliver, Elodie* / QC, Canada
Olson, Elizabeth / AB, Canada
Oonk, Daniela* / NH, Nederland
Orth, Laura / GE, Nederland
Ouellette, Sylvie / QC, Canada
Paley, Kathryn / OR, United States
Paracini, Mathilde / QC, Canada
Parent, Ruud / ZE, Nederland
Parenteau, Melody / BC, Canada
Park-Vandal, Zhen / ON, Canada
Park, Kathryn / ON, Canada
Park, Suzanne* / ON, Canada
Passage, Petra* / NH, Nederland
Paul, Kala* / NJ, United States
Pawlewicz, Valerie A / NY, United States
Payant, Rebecca / NS, Canada
Pearse, Laura / BC, Canada
Pecora, Antoinette* / QC, Canada
Peets, Christine / QC, Canada
Pellerin, Jacinthe / IDF, Frankrijk
Pelletier, Carole* / QC, Canada
Pelletier, Johanne / QC, Canada
Pineau, Sarah / QC, Canada
Plante Gagnon, Marie-Florence / QC, Canada
Plott, Kimberly / NC, United States
Poch, Jamie / IA, United States
Porte, Rosalie / PACA, Frankrijk
Porter, Erika* / QC, Canada
Price, Carol / MT, United States
Prost, Marie-Christine / QC, Canada
Prudhomme, Melanie / CA, United States
Pugsley, Sarah / UT, United States
Ras, Sterre / UT, Nederland
Raymond, Marie-Joanie / QC, Canada
Raymond, Paula / CT, United States
Rediers, Johanna / LI, België
Reijerman, Belinda / GE , Nederland
Richard, Eliane / QC, Canada
Riel Figueroa, Deborah* / NY, Verenigde Staten
Rioland, Aude / QC, Canada
Rippy, Katie / FL, United States
Riscalla, Martine / QC, Canada
Robert, Annie / Qc, Canada
Robert, Cynthia / QC, Canada
Robert, Marie / QC, Canada
Roberts, Catherine / BC, Canada
Robertson, Gayle* / ON, Canada
Robichaud, Lise / QC, Canada
Robson, Jeanne* / WA, United States
Rochefort, Lyne / QC, Canada
Rockman, Stephanie / BC, Canada
Rodenrijs, Ilona / Netherlands (the)
Roger, Nathalie / QC, Canada
Roirant, Hannah / QC, Canada
Rona-Hartzog, Jessica* / QC, Canada
Rosberg, Glenda / BC, Canada
Rothman, Lindsay / ON, Canada
Ryan, Carmel / D, Ireland
Ryckman, Lisa / CO, United States
Sanchez, Claudia / TX, United States
Sanchez, Iliana / QC, Canada
Schaper, Claudia / NH, Nederland
Scherger, Wanda / OH, United States
Schoenmaker, Roel* / FL, Nederland
Schram, Carol* / MI, United States
Schreurs, Nanneke* / UT, Nederland
Schultz, Karen / MN, United States
Schultz, Kerri / CA, United States
Schuring, Roos* / NH, Nederland
Scibilia, Sue * / NY, United States
Senior, Sherry* / VT, United States
Seran, Pam / ON, Canada
Shaffer, Lindsay* / VA, United States
Sharypkina, Valeriya / QC, Canada
Sheilds, Molly / ME, United States
Shek, Brenda / AB, Canada
Shope, Amy / NC, United States
Simard, Gilles / QC, Canada
Simon-Kuzma, Gloria / WI, United States
Sinclair, Sharon* / BC, Canada
Sloniegura, David / QC, Canada
Smith, Kimber* / TX, United States
Smith, Kimberly / AE, United States
Smith, Maria / ON, United States
Snider, Lynn* / ON, Canada
Southern, Jeanette / NS, Canada
Southern, Jeanette / NS, Canada
Spadafora, Alison* / ON, Canada
Sparkman, Adele* / CO, United States
Spiele, Carolien* / ZH, Nederland
St-Amand, Cynthia* / QC, Canada
St-Jean, Gabriel / QC, Canada
St-Louis, Rachel / QC, Canada
Stangeland, Kristi / ME, United States
Steele, Sharon / FL, United States
Stiles, Corey / CO, United States
Stokkel, Peggy / NH, Nederland
Struk, Sharron* / ON, Canada
Stuckenberg, Beverly / BC, Canada
Stucky, Debra / OH, United States
Suijkerbuijk, Tiuri* / NH, Nederland
Sumire, Suto / JP-14, Japan
Surber, Lisa / IN, United States
Surprenant-Lacasse, Gabrielle / QC, Canada
Sutton, Pamela* / AZ, United States
Switzer, Marilyn / OR, United States
Sylvain-Ruel, Simon / QC, Canada
Tabor, Doe* / OR, United States
Taggart, Rebecca / CO, United States
Tang, Patricia / MA, United States
Tardieu, Odile / QC, Canada
Tauber, Mariska / NH, Nederland
Taylor, Angela / IL, United States
Taylor, Clare Anne / ON, Canada
Taylor, Collette / CA, United States
Templeton, Judy* / BC, Canada
Tennant, Lisa / WI, United States
Terentyeva, Julia / LDN, Engeland
Testa, Michele* / NJ, United States
Tews, Megan / ID, United States
Thacker, Nicole / ON, Canada
Theriault, Marie-Eve / QC, Canada
Thomas, Pamela / VA, United States
Thompson, Rebekah* / QC, Canada
Thurman, Bonnie / FL, United States
Tomasi, Deb / WI, United States
Toner, Deedee / FL, United States
Tonkin, Cecily / NSW, Australië
Townsend, Erika* / CO, United States
Tratiak, Karen / CO, United States
Tremblay, Johanne* / QC, Canada
Trovato, Gene / CT, United States
Tsujimoto, Anne* / QC, Canada
Tudor, Jo Anne* / ON, Canada
Turcotte, Joëlle* / QC, Canada
Vaillancourt, Sophie / QC, Canada
Valiquette, Anick / QC, Canada
Valiquette, Claire* / QC, Canada
Van de Griend, Nelleke / NH, Nederland
Van der Linden, Mack / NH, Nederland
Van der Togt, Willemijn* / ZH, Nederland
Van der Wal, Jolande / ZH, Nederland
Van Gelder, Evelien / ZH, Nederland
Van Looy, Kathy / ANR, Belgium
Van Weerden, Mirjam* / NH, Nederland
Van Wey, Leigh / IA, United States
Ventura, Candida / QC, Canada
Vera, June / TX, United States
Verdijk, Jorien / UT, Nederland
Vicol, Mariana / ACT, Australia
Villanueva, Teresa / HI, United States
Vingl, Marcia / MT, United States
Vitale, Kimberly* / MI, United States
Vogelaar, Michele* / AB, Canada
Volintiru, Catalina / DUB, Ierland
Walker, Kealani / CO, United States
Walker, Marie / ON, Canada
Walton, Erin / WI, United States
Wang, Ning / CA, Verenigde Staten
Wennerstrom, Lynnie* / CO, United States
Wérotte, Martine / QC, Canada
Whaley, Toni / AZ, United States
Whitehouse, Leah* / MA, United States
Whitemarsh, Judith* / BC, Canada
Whyte, Denise / ENG, United Kingdom
Wiersma, Jeanette / OR, United States
Wigand, Larisa / NY, United States
Wilkins, Jonelle / TX, United States
Williams, Dawn / TX, United States
Williams, Patricia / CT, United States
Wissler, Terence* / VLC, Spanje
Wittig, Ashley / ON, Canada
Wozny, Lacey / CA, United States
Yellin, Jennifer / GA, United States
Yenior, Deborah* / MI, United States
Yue, Suzann / MN, United States
Zaykova, Maia / TN, United States
Zeehandelaar, Jimmy* / NH, Nederland
Zemmouri, Nadia* / QC, Canada
Zorlu-Miles, Sebnem / Engeland
Zuniga, Christina / VA, United States

Certified Level 2

Instructor has the qualification and skills to teach Essentrics group classes to the general public using Essentrics Pre-Choreographed Workouts.

Aldenzee, Diana* / NH, Netherlands
Anderson, Carolyn* / ON, Canada
Aparo, Kay / NY, United States
Arendt, Tamara* / CO, United States
Arsenault, Linda* / ON, Canada
Artuphel, Samantha / France
Atkinson, Shannon* / TX, United States
Avergonzado, Emelita / QC, Canada
Barbusci, Anna / QC, Canada
Barendregt, Rayette / ID, United States
Bayn, Tina* / ON, Canada
Beaudry, Jennifer / QC, Canada
Bédard, Carole* / QC, Canada
Beier, Heidi* / UT, United States
Belanger, Julie / QC, Canada
Benoit, Sylvie / QC, Canada
Bergeson, Tammy* / CO, United States
Birkett, Jana* / BC, Canada
Bissonnette, Sophie / QC, Canada
Borecky, Jackie* / QC, Canada
Boulanger, Paule* / QC, Canada
Bourget, Melanie* / QC, Canada
Boysen, Carey / TX, United States
Brandow, Brianna / CA, United States
Bronkhorst, Laura* / UT, Netherlands
Brousseau, Diane / QC, Canada
Buchet, Nelly* / NY, United States
Burns, Valerie* / CO, United States
Busch, Donna / WI, United States
Butts, Debra / TX, United States
Carne, Catherine / QC, Canada
Carson, Hilary / BC, Canada
Cassone, Céline / QC, Canada
Cateysson, Catherine / QC, Canada
Chain, Erin / CO, United States
Chamas, Lorraine / ON, Canada
Chantal, Lucie * / QC, Canada
Chenard, Christine* / QC, Canada
Cheong, Jeffrey* / ON, Canada
Chrétien, Geneviève / QC, Canada
Collins, Pamela / RI, United States
Compignie, Emilie* / ARA, France
Contrada, Petra* / SN, Germany
Costello, Maureen* / IL, United States
Coughlin, Annie* / VT, United States
Cousineau, Jeannine * / QC, Canada
Crist, Whitney / NE, United States
Cuillerier, Linda / ON, Canada
Danielson, Jana / SK, Canada
Dantzler, Ayssa / DC, United States
Daoust, Myriam / QC, Canada
Darby, Mary-Ann* / QC, Canada
Davis, Kimberly / ON, Canada
De Palma, Rosa / NH, Netherlands
De Roquette-Buisson, Isabelle* / QC, Canada
De Wit, Ellen / NH, Netherlands (the)
De Wit, Ellen* / NH, Netherlands (the)
Dean, Andrea / AB, Canada
DeFerrari, Jean Marie* / FL, United States
Derome, Diane / QC, Canada
Deslauriers, Guy* / ON, Canada
Dessureault, Marie-Chantal / QC, Canada
Detwiler, Elena* / MD, United States
Dickey, Carole / QC, Canada
Dilonno, Kelly / VT, United States
Dostie, Christine* / ON, Canada
Dowd, Laury* / NY, United States
Drawbaugh, Rosalie / FL, United States
DuBois, France / QC, Canada
Eckert Duquette, Bonnie / TN, United States
Edelman, Elisa* / NH, Netherlands (the
Edmiston, Julie* / OH, United States
Emonts, Lonneke / LI, Netherlands
Errickson, Meg / NC, United States
Esposito, Faira / CA, United States
Fairbairn, Jane / BC, Canada
Falzone, Mary Ann* / PA, United States
Faure, Lorene / HCW, Hong Kong
Fenske, Mary / MN, United States
Ferguson, Tracey* / VA, United States
Ferrari, Julie / MA, United States
Finley, Christine* / NS, Canada
Fisher, Lorraine / RI, United States
Forth, Pam / ON, Canada
Fournier, Catherine / QC, Canada
Franklin, Charlotte* / VA, United States
Gagné, Isabelle / QC, Canada
Gallagher, Cathleen / NC, United States
Garceau, Hayley* / QC, Canada
Garneau, France* / NB, Canada
Gaudette, Élise * / QC, Canada
Gauthier, Christine / QC, Canada
Gauthier, Danielle / QC, Canada
Gibson, Sarah* / Qc, Canada
Gilbert, Laura / MA, United States
Giordano, Arielle* / FL, United States
Glazer, Anna* / Qc, Canada
Goonesekera Jayasena, Nileshi / WPR, Sri Lanka
Gouda, Sonia / NH, Netherlands
Gray, Jill* / TX, United States
Greveling, Esther* / NH, Netherlands
Hanley, Linda O’Brien / MD, United States
Hanzus, Gloria* / NY, United States
Harrison, Laura* / TX, United States
Hatfield, Angie / OH, United States
Henriquez, Eva* / NH, Netherlands
Hiemcke, Carmen* / NH, Netherlands
Hinton, Frances* / BC, Canada
Hoag, Victoria / SC, United States
Hope, Pamela* / BC, Canada
Houle, Natalie / QC, Canada
Hudgins, Kelly* / TX, United States
Hunt, Susan* / BC, Canada
Ipek, Ebru* / NH, Netherlands
James, Mary* / CA, United States
Jézéquel, Myriam / QC, Canada
Johns, Peg / ON, Canada
Johnson, Cathy / MO, United States
Johnson, Cindee* / AR, United States
Jongerius, Suzanne / , Netherlands (the)
Kerner, Carol / NY, United States
Kerstetter, Collin * / IA, United States
Klatt, Shelley / SK, Canada
Krause, Pamela* / VA, United States
Kroon, Manya / NH, Netherlands (the)
Kuhn, Marnie* / ON, Canada
Kuipers, Maaike* / NH, Netherlands
Lafontaine, Nathalie* / QC, Canada
Lafortune, Lucie / QC, Canada
Lamothe, Helene* / QC, Canada
Landry, Carol* / QC, Canada
Larson, Natalia / CA, United States
Latreille, Christine / QC, Canada
Laurent, Diane* / CT, United States
Lavallée, Roger / QC, Canada
Leary, Barbara / MA, United States
Lee, Tanis / AB, canada
Leguizamon, Alise / WI, United States
Lepage, Catherine / QC, Canada
Lesperance, Lori* / ON, Canada
Lewis, Bettina / CA, United States
Lindholm, Joan* / MN, United States
Lockhart, Karen* / CO, United States
Lopez, Wendy / ON, Canada
Lottridge, Margaret* / SK, Canada
Love, Elise* / VA, United States
Lowe, April Grace* / CA, United States
Lowrey, Melinda J / CA, United States
Lucas-Hellman, Hanna / NH, Netherlands (the)
Lund, Cynthia / MO, United States
Mackenzie, Anna* / LBH, United Kingdom
MacNeil, Lynn / QC, Canada
Mais, Gina / WA, Australia
Maley, Oonagh / ON, Canada
Marcil, Johanne / QC, Canada
Marin, Michelle / NH, Netherlands
Marti, Isabelle / VD, Switzerland
Martin, Claire* / QC, Canada
Mascolo, Kim* / NC, United States
Mathews, Meaghan* / MO, United States
Matic, Marina* / PACA, France
Mayberry, Tim / NY, United States
Mcburney, Chelita* / NTH, United Kingdom
McCann, Debra / ON, Canada
McConnell, Connie / IN, United States
McCraw, Kathy* / QC, Canada
McCully, Raylene / BC, Canada
Mckee, Darcy* / MT, United States
McRae, Mary / AZ, United States
Mealor, Alissa / FL, United States
Meens, Mary / FL, United States
Meidl, Danielle / SK, Canada
Middendorf, Tracey / IL, United States
Moll, Diana / GA, United States
Moore, Judy / BC, Canada
Moore, Renee / MD, United States
Moritz, Kristin* / WA, United States
Munzing, Danielle / WA, United States
Musseau, Phyllis / BC, Canada
Naim, Arianne / QC, Canada
Najarian, Diane / MA, United States
Newbry, Hannah / WA, United States
Newsom, Jennifer / ON, Canada
Norrise, Naima* / CA, United States
Nye, Elizabeth / CA, United States
O Connor, Monica / IL, United States
Oleksiuk, Carol* / BC, Canada
Oroszko, Barbara* / MA, United States
Otis, Lise / QC, Canada
Ouellet, Sophie / QC, Canada
Perna, Elizabeth / CO, United States
Peters, Joan* / CO, United States
Peters, Resi* / GE, Netherlands
Phillips, Marisa / ON, Canada
Pieper, Sheri Ann / CA, United States
Pilgrim, Caroline / ON, Canada
Pirea, Laurie* / ON, Canada
Poholka, Leslee* / AB, Canada
Post, Pauline / RP, Germany
Pourbaix, Marie Noelle / QC, Canada
Pratt Krafft, Audrey / CA, United States
Puthenpurayil, Michelle* / PA, United States
Quinn, Kathy* / CO, United States
Riley, Theresa / NY, United States
Robert, Brigitte* / QC, Canada
Roegge, Julie* / DC, United States
Roy, Virginie / QC, Canada
Rozon, Caroline / QC, Canada
Russo, Rosalie* / BC, Canada
Saiah, Cherhine / QC, Canada
Sanders, Wendy / NC, United States
Schell, Kirstin* / QC, Canada
Schmidt, Dawn* / IN, United States
Schneider, Amanda* / QC, Canada
Schrandt, Monique* / NH, Netherlands
Semochkina, Asya / MSK, Russia
Seo, Sinyoung* / QC, Canada
Sharpswain, Michelle* / WI, United States
Shevchenko, Yanina / B, Spain
Shields, Molly / ME, United States
Shults, Patricia* / FL, United States
Silk, Britt* / AB, Canada
Simms, Avril / ON, Canada
Soave, Virginie / France
Spadafora, Alison* / ON, Canada
St. John, Sandra / CT, United States
Stanford, Alesia* / CA, United States
Surprenant, Guylaine* / QC, Canada
Sykes, Polly / ON, Canada
Tabler, Sabrina / SK, Canada
Takahashi, Miho* / BOP, New Zealand
Ten Beitel, Renee / UT, Netherlands
Teuscher, Jacqueline* / CO, United States
Thompson, Pamela / OH, United States
Thurman, Leia / ID, United States
Tidjnani, Karima* / QC, Canada
Troyer, Margaret / VA, United States
Tsang, Judy / ON, Canada
Tucker, Janet* / MI, United States
Tucker, Marjorie / RI, United States
Turrin, Irene* / ON, Canada
Tyschuk, Trenda / AB, Canada
Unsal, Lay / QC, Canada
Valente, Caterina / QC, Canada
Van Gelderen, Yodel / NB, Netherlands
Van Staveren, Anouk* / NH, Netherlands
Verhoeven, Jelske / UT, Netherlands
Vezina, Renee / QC, Canada
Visscher, Anita / NH, Netherlands
Waltos, Claudia / AZ, United States
Waltz, Judith / FL, United States
Wassenaar, Marianna* / NH, Netherlands
West, Amy / MI, United States
Wigman, Marcel* / NH, Netherlands
Williams, Janis / NC, United States
Winterfeld, Nina* / ZH, Switzerland
Woodbury, Tami / CA, United States
Wurdack, Hope* / GA, United States
Yahraus, Lynn / MT, United States
York, Susan* / BC, Canada
Zogbi, Susan / IN, United States

Certified Level 3

Instructor is well-versed in flexibility and mobility techniques and exercises and has the qualification to tailor Essentrics Pre-Choreographed Workouts towards a more diverse and specialized clientele and offer full standing and barre/chair workouts in a group or individual setting.

Alsemgeest, Daisy* / NH, Netherlands
Arnold, Lori* / ON, Canada
Arrance, Susan* / CO, United States
Buchanan, Anna / ON, Canada
Burke, Lea* / IA, United States
Buyukbahar, Raysa* / IST, Turkey
Chevanne, Marine* / QC, Canada
Colley, Judith* / AB, Canada
Comuzzo, Iris / AUK, New Zealand
Connolly, Pat / NC, United States
Conte, Jacqueline* / ON, Canada
Craig, Melissa* / AB, Canada
Cregan, Marie Celeste* / AZ, United States
Cunningham, Bec* / SC, United States
Dani, Fatima* / ZE, Netherlands
Dawson, Virginia / ON, Canada
Deis, Desiree / SK, Canada
Desjardins, Maude* / QC, Canada
Di Carlo, Jennifer / ON, Canada
Docker, Brenda* / ON, Canada
Eccles, Colin* / ON, Canada
Feitl, Karen / IN, United States
Fisher, Susan* / TN, United States
Fradette, Veronique* / QC, Canada
Gauthier, Marie-Eve* / QC, Canada
Glass, Dominique* / QC, Canada
Griffith, Lori* / AB, Canada
Guest, Jennifer* / QC, Canada
Hansen, Heather* / BC, Canada
Harris, Paula / 8, Barbados
Harrison, Sally / CO, United States
Hasbani, Marlene* / QC, Canada
Hebert, Johanne* / QC, Canada
Hemphill, Nancy* / NB, Canada
Hipkin, Meaghan* / AB , Canada
Hurlburt, Stephanie / QC, Canada
Huxtable, Takako / ENG, United Kingdom
Jackson, Suzanne / BC, Canada
Jacobs, Wendy / UT, Netherlands (the)
Jacobs, Wendy / Utrecht, Netherlands (the)
Jones, Lisa / CA, United States
Kepron, Katie* / QC, Canada
Kouchakji, Sandra / QC, Canada
Landis, Jan* / OR, United States
Laux-Feltham, Gloria* / ON, Canada
Lessard, Wendy / ME, United States
Lewis, Cindy* / MA, United States
Mantha, Nadine / QC, Canada
Marie, Anne* / QC, Canada
Marshall, Carolyn* / PA, United States
Martel, Louise / QC, Canada
Martel, Valerie* / QC, Canada
Martel, Vicky / QC, Canada
Martin, Pat* / IA, United States
McBurney, Chelita* / MD, United States
McCurdy, Jacqueline* / CO, United States
Migneault, Nathalie* / QC, Canada
Mizutani, Armelle* / ON, Canada
Montalvo, Sumara / QC, Canada
Mucci, Jill* / PA, United States
Nachi, Monica / QC, Canada
Nitka, Monique / QC, Canada
O’Brien, Linda / MD, United States
Ogden, Kerry / OR, United States
Oleksiuk, Carol* / BC, Canada
Oostveen, Erika* / QC, Canada
Palmieri, Wendy* / ON, Canada
Perrin, Karine* / ON, Canada
Ponzi, Cecilia / QC, Canada
Poulin, Nathalie / QC, Canada
Prokop, Christine / AB, Canada
Purvis, Kathleen / VA, United States
Rollins, Traci / FL, United States
Ross, Susan / SC, United States
Rouable, Vaiana* / QC, Canada
Safarian, Zara* / CA, United States
Simmons, Constance* / OK, United States
Stanley, Amy / TX, United States
Stefan, Rita / ON, Canada
Stevens, Joanne* / SK, Canada
Stevenson, Farhana* / MA, United States
Taltavull, Stephanie / 0, France
Taylor, Vanessa / ON, Canada
Teyssier, Blanche / MA, United States
Tidjani, Karima* / QC, Canada
Van Berkel, Claudia* / UT, Netherlands (the)
Von Somoff, Natalia* / WA, United States
Walrave, Mercedes / ZE, Netherlands
Weihmann, Stephanie / AB, Canada
Widarto, Carin* / MP, Netherlands
Wong, Emilie* / WA, United States
Yeung, Josje / HEA, Hong Kong
Yuhas, Angela* / NJ, United States
Zarco, Emilia Patricia* / NY, United States

Certified Level 4

Instructor is well-versed in all Essentrics techniques and exercises towards gaining full-body flexibility, strength and mobility, and has the qualification to teach or create Essentrics workouts towards a diverse and specialized clientele in a group or individual setting.

Albert, Sephra* / CO, United States
Alcoloumbre, Sasha* / QC, Canada
Alex, Kyra* / ME, United States
Ament, Stephanie* / LI, Netherlands
Anderson, Lindsay* / AB, Canada
Antille Etzlinger, Stephanie / ZH, Switzerland
Armstrong, Rebecca* / CT, United States
Badger, Jackie* / MN, United States
Banner, Jorhdin* / ON, Canada
Barbeau, Allie* / QC, Canada
Barnett, Loreen* / BC, Canada
Bass, Caprice* / CO, United States
Baucom, Kay * / NC, United States
Bauer, Lauren* / MI, United States
Baughman, Melinda* / MA, United States
Becker, Leah* / MA, United States
Becker, Robin* / OR, United States
Bedard, Genevieve* / QC, Canada
Bédard, Marie-Eve* / BW, Germany
Bellmay, Maureen / CT, United States
Bentz, Julia* / MT, United States
Bernauer Dierking, Anna / VS, Switzerland
Berry, Tara / AB, Canada
Bertrand, Jenny* / CO, United States
Bird, June / CT, United States
Blank, Petra* / NH, Netherlands
Boerma, Inouk* / NH, Netherlands
Bohuch, Lynn* / AB, Canada
Bohorquez, Sarah / NH, United States
Bolduc, Julie* / QC, Canada
Bonneville, Laurence* / QC, Canada
Boone, Judi / FL, United States
Borger, Gabrielle / AB, Canada
Borst, Petra* / NH, Netherlands
Breen, Kathy / NL, Canada
Broersma, Denise* / CO, United States
Bushway, Kathi / MS, United States
Campbell, Kristine* / CO, United States
Carney, Rita / AR, United States
Carroll-Paquette, Dolores* / QC, Canada
Chevrier, Audrey* / QC, Canada
Congos, Rebekah* / TX, United States
Cookson, Brian* / CO, United States
Corey, Heather* / CO, United States
Costanzo, Alane* / CA, United States
Coulter, Judie* / BC, Canada
Craig, Maria / NC, United States
Crisanto, Denise* / LIM, Peru
Crowell, Nancy* / MA, United States
Crowther, Cecily* / MI, United States
Culham, Marcia* / AB, Canada
Cusimano, Roma* / OR, United States
Cuthill, Josephine* / ON, Canada
Cyr, Amanda* / QC, Canada
Dagostini, Deborah / BC, Canada
Davis, Amy* / Tx, United States
De Pre, Sabrina / ZE, Netherlands
De Vries, Patricia* / FL, United States
De Wildt, Danielle* / NH, Netherlands
Debes, April / NY, United States
DeCastro, Dyan* / CT, United States
Deimert, Karen / AB, Canada
DeJonge, Mary* / ON, Canada
Den Otter, Loesje / NB, Netherlands
DeWitt, Pippa* / BC, Canada
Diepstraten, Tessa / BFC, France
Dippel, Gay* / TX, United States
Dominguez, Kelley / AZ, United States
Dresher, Karin* / ON, Canada
Durand, Christine* / QC, Canada
Elgey, Jane* / NH, Netherlands
Farcy, Allison* / QC, Canada
Farrar, Ashley* / ON, Canada
Feeney, Megan* / QC, Canada
Findlay, Tracey* / ON, Canada
Finkelstein, Lauren* / ON, Canada
Flash, Pamela* / NY, United States
Foley, Shannon* / FL, United States
Forsythe, Wanda* / ON, Canada
Furlong, Erin* / ON, Canada
Gagnon, Annie* / QC, Canada
Garceau, Gail* / QC, Canada
Garrigan, Paula* / OK, United States
Gasiorek, Susan* / ON, Canada
Gates, Severina* / MA, United States
Gibson, Kimberlee / TX, United States
Gillis, Robin* / MI, United States
Ginsberg, Donna* / VA, United States
Goode, Kay* / WI, United States
Gosemick, Marie Eve* / QC, Canada
Gould, Nancy* / NB, Canada
Gray, Steven / CA, United States
Greaney, Dawn* / CO, United States
Gritsas, Joanne* / QC, Canada
Guthrie, Olivia* / QC, Canada
Haakanson, Cara* / OR, United States
Hahn, Susan* / UT, United States
Hamel, Sara* / CFU, Greece
Hamelin, Gaby / QC, Canada
Hammond, Junko* / ON, Canada
Harris, Peri-lynn* / SJ, Costa Rica
Hart, Tammy* / BC, Canada
Heineman, Genevieve / ON, Canada
Hernder, Judy * / ON, Canada
Hipkin, Samara* / AB, Canada
Hitchens, Sheryl * / CO, Belize
Jacobowitz, Diane* / NY, United States
James, Carrie* / Mi, United States
Jansen, Marion* / UT, Netherlands
Jolly, Setsuko* / CO, United States
Julian, Candy* / CA, United States
Kalbfleisch, Fleur* / NH, Netherlands
Kenney, Kathy* / CO, United States
Key, Deborah* / OH, United States
Kirkwood, Kimberly* / CO, United States
Kuipers, Angela* / GE, Netherlands
Kuny, Chrissy* / SK, Canada
Lafond, Lynda* / BC, Canada
Lahmam, Samira / OUD, Morocco
Landau, Sara* / QC, Canada
Lapointe-Aubert, Andréanne* / QC, Canada
Laudi, Kadejah* / QC, Canada
Laux, Gloria* / ON, Canada
Lebel, Sylvie* / ON, Canada
Lee, OK-Sim* / QC, Canada
Leerdam, Eva * / UT, Netherlands
Leon, Alexa* / QC, Canada
Leroux, Diane* / QC, Canada
Lindsay, Terrah / AB, Canada
Lippard, Janice * / CO, United States
Loder, Julie / CA, United States
Loiselle, Lynne* / AB, Canada
Lopez , Joelle* / QC, Canada
Lust, Sherry* / NE, United States
Lynn, Elizabeth* / CA, United States
Lysenko, Svetlana / VA, United States
MacColl, Sarah* / ME, United States
Mackey, Karen* / IN, United States
MacLeod, Nancy* / ON, Canada
Madden, Wendy / MA, United States
Maguire, Leah / ON, Canada
Manderson, Joanne * / ON, Canada
Manning, Laurissa / NS, Canada
Marcalo, Anne* / CA, United States
Martin, Marlene* / ON, Canada
Martines, Suuz * / NC, United States
Mason, Janelle / CA, United States
Mason, Rosemary Mason* / BC, Canada
Matte, Suzie* / QC, Canada
Mayhew, Lauren* / MA, United States
McCoy, Cassandra* / OK, United States
Mccranie, Amy Jo / NC, United States
Mcculloch, Joanna* / QC, Canada
Mead, Susan* / CO, United States
Meijnen, Emilie* / UT, Netherlands
Mitchell, Amy* / OR, United States
Moller, Joanne / SCT, United Kingdom
Montemiglio, Angela* / QC, Canada
Moore, Pam* / CO, United States
Moreno, Alejandra* / QC, Canada
Mulligan, Jenn* / ON, Canada
Myers, Karen* / WI, United States
Myers, Linda / CA, United States
Ng, Betty* / NY, United States
Nolan, Terry * / CO, United States
Nunn, Andrea* / ON, Canada
Ochs, Ellyn* / QC, Canada
Oldfield, Beth / QC, Canada
Olson, Kirstin* / KS, United States
Oostra, Eline* / ZH, Netherlands
Ouimet, Ginette* / QC, Canada
Ouimet, Sherry* / AB, Canada
Parent, Sabine* / ZE, Netherlands
Parks, Elaine / IN, United States
Paton, Jill* / MO, United States
Perisic, Sophie / CA, United States
Peters, Resi* / GE, Netherlands
Renton, Esther / QLD, Australia
Resta, Martine* / NY, United States
Ribs, Danielle* / WAL, Belgium
Richard, Lise-Anne* / QC, Canada
Rieger, Ursula / CO, United States
Rioux, Elissa* / FL, United States
Ripas, Ileana* / QC, Canada
Robertson, Karen* / ON, Canada
Rogers, Pamela* / BC, Canada
Rollins, Traci Rollins / FL, United States
Rosario, Cynthia / IL, United States
Roth, Jill* / OH, United States
Roy, Michèle* / QC, Canada
Rush, Milissa* / AB, Canada
Salvati, Donna* / QC, Canada
Sanon, Katia / ON, Canada
Sarantopoulos, Alexandra / ON, Canada
Sawczuk, Lisa* / IL, United States
Scarpellini, Lina* / QC, Canada
Schooneman, Wilma* / NH, Netherlands
Seymour, Bev* / MB, Canada
Sidler, Muriel / QC, Canada
Simkins, Adrienne / ON, Canada
Skelton, Mary Lou / NM, United States
Smith, Carol* / NV, United States
Smith, Deanne / AB, Canada
Snider, Anne* / ON, Canada
Soufan, Nadia* / BC, Canada
Sterczyk, Amanda* / ON, Canada
Stufflebean, Bethanne* / TX, United States
Sullivan, Diane* / NM, United States
Sutherland, Kathy* / BC, Canada
Swetzig, DeAnnaKay* / CO, United States
Tahirovic, Veronica* / ON, Canada
Takayama, Ai / CA, United States
Tamas, Zsuzsa* / AB, Canada
Tang, Celia* / CA, United States
Tassarotti, Gail* / NY, United States
Tassé, Anne Marie* / QC, Canada
Taylor, Kristin* / QC, Canada
Thomas, Pamela / VA, United States
Thompson, Ellen* / CO, United States
Tidy, Alana / QC, Canada
Trampas, Patricia / IL, United States
Trovato, Deborah* / CT, United States
Tsai, Julie / NY, United States
Tummers, Nanette / MD, United States
Tzvetkova, Kristina* / ON, Canada
Urquhart, Rob* / NS, Canada
Vaillancourt, Lynda * / QC, Canada
Van Dam, Heather* / CT, United States
Van Deest, Jani* / IA, United States
Van Hout, Jane* / NH, Netherlands
Van Keimpema, Ariane / 33, France
Vaudrin, Sophie* / QC, Canada
Vernout, Michèle / NH, Netherlands
Viau, France * / QC, Canada
Vipond, Erika* / QC, Canada
Walker-Kreutziger, Elizabeth / MI, United States
Walsh, Keiko* / WA, United States
Webster, Julie* / CO, United States
Weshinskey, Anne / WV, United States
White, Susan* / MS, United States
Whitten, Caitlin / CO, United States
Whyte, Ingrid / ON, Canada
Williams, Candace* / VA, United States
Wilson, Hayley* / ON, Canada
Winter, Julie Mae* / MN, United States
Wishman, Emily / WA, United States
Witham, Carol * / ME, United States
Wood, Janis* / ON, Canada
Woodring, Kimberly* / MT, United States
Wright, Jeanne / AK, New Zealand
Yee, Elizabeth* / BC, Canada
Yegoyan, Vahé* / QC, Canada
Zimmer, Kim* / CO, United States

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, we encourage you to explore our certification tracks to get started.



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