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Mobility made simple

Essentrics barre provides you with powerful series of exercises that allow you and your students to tap into deeper flexibility and strength. Learning how to teach barre will give you endless opportunities as an instructor and guarantees a way to expand your clientele. Our barre stretches have proven to be incredibly effective for any population; you absolutely want them in your instructor toolkit.

Essentrics barre stretches offer different flexibility benefits than free-standing and floor work. They differ from free-standing stretches since the weight of your body is supported by the barre, allowing your muscles to release into a deeper stretch. The added bonus is that this deeper degree of flexibility will increase muscle length which leads to more strength. All good things! Our joint movement techniques on the barre help you stretch additional angles of muscle fibers far beyond what floor work allows – it’s your ticket to maximum range of motion in every joint.Since your students will not have to worry about balance, using a barre for support allows the focus to remain on clean alignment, and correct technique and form which will maximize the benefits of the exercise.

How is our use of the barre different from other programs?

One way Essentrics barre remains quite unique from other programs is through our use of the arms above the head. This added element works wondersfor the entire musculature of your spine and posture, keeps the exercises full-body, and allows us to tap into muscle chains that would otherwise be neglected. Start thinking of your arms like valuable pieces of equipment and use them!

Every program serves a purpose. Our purpose is to rebalance and free up all the muscles around every joint. How we achieve that is by the thoughtful sequential approach of our exercises and our application of techniques. This allows us to work with the muscles’ protective mechanisms to increase the flexibility and strength of our body safely and effectively.

Technique spotlight: Pulling-Up and Pulling-Out

These two important techniques lie at the foundation of our program, will help you safely teach a barre class and will drive home the objectives of the exercises.

Your application of these techniques protects the body from overloading the joints of the spine, hips, knees and ankles. It can feel very subtle, but it makes the world of a difference. Pulling-up and pulling-out engages and challenges our largest and smallest muscles and requires quite a bit of conscious effort.

When you successfully apply these techniques, you and your students will notice a huge change in the intensity of the exercises. The results are massive and will be felt in the looks and the feeling of your bodies – you’ll wonder where your strength, flexibility and ease of movement came from!


Just for fun, take a moment and imagine someone running on the street. Picture that person running and landing heavily, literally pounding the pavement. How do you think they feel? The health of their joints, how much energy they have (and are exerting), and how long their running career will last. Now picture someone who is pulling-up and pulling-out, running like a gazelle, springing off the ground and floating as they go. How do you think they feel? Exactly. Remember this visual as you teach your classes and apply it; see where you can sneak it in at the barre (hint: it’s everywhere!). Don’t forget! Imagery is your best friend. Use cuing to drive these techniques home and connect with your students.

?Seniors who have trouble with floor work
?People recovering from injuries
?Athletes & sports teams
?Trendy barre studio
?Pregnant clients

?For relieving back and hip pain/tension
?For butt toning and shaping
?For a powerful Big Four stretch
?For unlocking your feet, ankles, shins, calves
?For sports performance and injury prevention


Level 3 and 4 teaches you all our flexibility and strength exercises on the barre.
Learn the power behind this valuable piece of equipment and get excited about what you can accomplish with it.

Gain confidence and experience at our L3 and L4 Live Trainings.
It's not too late to join us in
Montreal this summer!
Our barres at the Flagship Studio in Montreal have two heights:
42.5” for the higher barre
24” for the lower barre

This accomodates the general public, in addition to taller, more flexible individuals and select athletes.

Don’t have a barre? Not to worry! We always use chairs in our DVD's and PCW’s. For larger groups, benches are great too.

L1 Indiana instructor Karen Mackey
loves her stackable steel chairs from Their build ensures extra support and stability, holds up to 330 pounds and won’t scratch your floors.

Folding chairs with a cushion seat are a nice option too: HERE'S ONE WE LIKE+


Three years ago, if you were to tell L3 Essentrics instructor Jane Van Hout that she would be teaching a ballet-inspired workout all around herhometown of Amsterdam—she would have laughed. If you told her she’d be attending a worldwide symposium for this workout over 5000 miles away from her hometown, she would have thought you were crazy. Fast-forward to today, where you can find Jane at our European headquarters alongside Master Trainer Danielle DeWildt, and frankly, she couldn’t imagine it any other way. Jane’s story reminds us about the joy and fulfilment life can bring when we get out of our comfort zone and take a chance. We’ll thrilled to introduce her to you.

March 24th, 2014: Jane’s first Essentrics class. “Danielle was so sweet and energetic. I liked her music (I still remember that playlist) and I felt so good, flexible and full of energy.” After class, Jane couldn’t believe when Danielle asked her if she was a dancer, which she most definitely was not. Jane started following Danielle around town to all her workout locations. “I wanted to do Essentrics as much as possible.” A feeling we can all relate to. When Danielle approached Jane about attending an LTT—Jane felt honored, but also overwhelmed and full of doubt. “I had just started Essentrics and it freaked me out! For a long time, I never thought I would ever want to be a teacher. I felt very connected to this workout, but was too shy to teach.” Another feeling most of us can relate to.

As luck would have it, an opportunity presented itself and Jane started teaching her apprentice classes at a local gym. “People who do Essentrics are just so sweet and loyal. They don’t want to miss classes and they feel guilty when they can’t make it.” We’re sure you have students like that too! She developed closer ties with Danielle and started contributing towards the European communication side of Essentrics, which gave her an outlet for her creative writing.

Jane participated in our most recent 30-day Health Challenge at the beginning of 2017—to help motivate her group. “During the Health Challenge, I got more connected with my students. We talked even more about Essentrics and about ETV.” Jane posted everyday on Instagram and had her students take photos and help with poses. Because of that, “my groups became closer.” We love that idea! Follow Jane on instagram at @janenvt

We asked Jane how she’s personally felt the benefits of the technique. “I myself, became strong and flexible with much better balance and far less ankle and hip injuries than before. My posture has changed, my body is toned, and I lost almost 3 pant sizes. I’m feeling good! I just love my job.” Way to go, Jane!

So, what’s next? “My first goal is to become Level 4 certified. Afterwards, I would like to become a Mentor and Master Trainer and get more involved in the training department, but no rush.” Working with athletes is on her radar and a trip to Montreal is high on her list. In the meantime, you can catch Jane teaching outdoor classes on the IJ river and celebrating her 1000th Essentrics class. Amazing!

“I think this Essentrics path I’m walking, wasn’t planned at all. It was given to me because of my enthusiasm for this workout – but I worked very hard for it.” We’re so glad that you did Jane. We’re proud to have you on board and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.


What people often say about Essentrics is that it feels intuitive; it speaks to our bodies and feeds more than just our muscles. When we face uncertainties, it’s important to remind ourselves about that feeling; what drew us to the technique initially and what drives our passion moving forwards.

Food for thought:
• Do you remember your first Essentrics experience? The music, how you felt?
• Do you keep track of how many Essentrics classes you’ve taught and taken?
• Consider our next Health Challenge as a way to bring you and your students together!


Season 10:
Episodes are classified by all standing, floor or barre work. Check out the NINE full-barre CS workouts. 22 minutes long.
Barre Workout:
Beautifully shot, you’ll love
how Sahra’s workouts are
strung together to give you
what you’re looking for from
15 to 60 minutes in length.
Stretch and Strength in Motion:
Sahra’s 25 minute Hips & Hamstrings stretch works wonders.
Aging Reversing Workouts:
Pain Relief & Bone Strengthening. Two 30-minute workouts with Miranda that include our gentlest barre stretches and exercises designed for beginners and/or seniors.

Pre-Choreographed Workout 10
Pre-Choreographed Workout 8
Pre-Choreographed Workout 5


Renee Moore University, Maryland
Elizabeth Lynn Novato, California
Sharon Carter Newton, Ontario
Anna Buchanan Regina, Saskatchewan
Dawn Mellish St-Lambert, Quebec
Claire Valiquette St- Sauveur, Quebec
Ok Sim Lee Montreal, Quebec
Svetlana Lysenko Vienna, Virginia
Patsy Lane Port Lambton, Ontario
Susan Fisher College Grove, Tennessee
Kathy Breen Paradise, Newfoundland 
Kim Andrews Laramie, Wyoming 
Shannon Atkinson Cypress, Texas
Alejandra Moreno Gatineau, Quebec
Amy Shope Greensboro, North Carolina
Vanessa Taylor Cobourg, Ontario
Dominique Glass Charlemagne, Quebec
Judy Templeton Fort St John , British Columbia
Maia Zaykova MT. Juliet, Tennessee
Elizabeth Yee Vancouver, British Columbia
Jacinthe Pellerin Beaupre, Quebec
Carleen Miciano Crestview, Florida
Ayssa Dantzler Waldorf, Maryland
Janis Williams Leicester, North Carolina
Kim Bear Santa Fe, New Mexico
Ebru Ipek Amsterdam, Netherlands
Esther Greveling Amsterdam, Netherlands
Carin Widarto Lijnden, Netherlands
Alya Nekhayenko Naarden, Netherlands
Stephanie Ament Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lucie Chantal Gatineau, Quebec
Jeannine Cousineau Gatineau, Quebec
Nileshi Goonesekera Jayasena Malabe, Sir Lanka
Meaghan Mathews Pacific, Montana
Nathalie Migneault Montreal, Quebec
Sherry Ouimet Grand Prairie, Alberta
Audrey Pratt Sanoma, California
Kim Zimmer Longmont, Colorado
Tammy Hart Coquitlam, British Columbia
Karen Robertson Caledon East, Ontario
Susan Ross Townsville, South Carolina

Kay Baucom Iron Station, North Carolina
Setsuko Jolly Denver, Colorado
Lauren Mayhew Boston, Massachusetts
Milissa Rush Grand Prairie, Alberta
Genevieve Bedard Montreal, Quebec
Angela Kuipers Netherlands
Jane Van Hout Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sabine Parent Goes, Netherlands


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