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We wanted to use this Newsletter edition to share tips from the instructor community on how to get you through your levels! From creating a community to embracing everything you learn from your examination process, we hope these help and inspire you.   


Setting a date is a great way to stay on track with your certification goals – whether it’s to film your Pre-Choreographed Workout 1 or schedule your Level 4 Skype exam.

Here’s an idea: work backwards! Class sessions for group fitness are often seasonal. Perhaps there’s a teaching opportunity you’d like to take advantage of down the road. Work backwards to have a Level completed for that time, or have a new PCW memorized! It’s definitely something to have on your radar. Keep it interesting and take an upcoming birthday or holiday as a fun way to celebrate completing a new challenge … and send in your exam for that date!

We asked Dyan Decastro L4 – Exam Corrector, and global Essentrics cheerleader – to share her thoughts on community.

When she began her training, there weren't any instructors in Connecticut. Though she had been a Marketing executive in New York, she was brand new to the fitness instructor world and didn’t want to email Montreal with her every question. “I felt alone. It was frustrating for me not to have someone nearby with whom I could openly share my questions, doubts and fears.” She was determined to keep going and found someone on our website in New Jersey. “We became fast friends and helped each other progress. I tried out her Level 2 Trademarks and she participated in my Level 1 Apprentice classes. Connecting with Angela was like crossing over a bridge that connected me to a whole new world. That was over four years ago and now that bridge spans from nearby states to across the globe!”

Their phone and Skype partnership developed into a state-wide study group where they have monthly meet-ups; giving all levels of instructors an open space to discuss Essentrics and shoot questions around. “We help each other and cheer each other on so we all can become better Essentrics instructors.”

“Working with a group or a study buddy helps you stay on the path of learning and it keeps the momentum going. Yes, life can easily get in the way but having someone to study with, someone who shares the same goals and is willing to work, is a great motivator. And it doesn't matter if you're not on the same level. You both can benefit. The beginner learns from the more experienced and the seasoned instructor cements her knowledge by articulating what they have learned.” Love it, Dyan!

Make dates with your study buddy or group and stick to them! “It’s important to keep progressing without letting too much time elapse (between meet-ups) because you continue to build on what you have learned for each level. Keeping it fresh in your mind helps you progress more smoothly.”

Reach out on our Facebook Instructor page, check the instructor listing , or email Head Office to put you in touch with a fellow instructor!

Think about your exam as an opportunity for personal growth, learning and development.

Colorado Master Trainer Jenny Bertrand offers a nice perspective: “Exam graders work very hard to provide useful feedback to help teachers enhance skills and build confidence in teaching safe alignment, communicating objectives, effectively applying techniques, just to name a few. It's a wonderful accomplishment to attain certification. The true value of the exam is in the feedback. Miranda will be the first one to tell you that even she is still learning better ways to teach Essentrics, and when we put ourselves out there, outside of the comfort zone, we open ourselves up to more learning….where the magic happens.”


We know this step can feel quite daunting, but don’t be scared of the process! Review the exam guidelines, specifically what you will be evaluated on for your current Level and go from there. **If you are missing this document, please email [email protected] with what you need. All of our exam graders went through the same process as you. They know what it’s like and are dedicated to helping you become the best you can be.

Do yourself and your students a favour by committing to all four Levels. Think about it this way – you wouldn’t consider going to a trained professional if you found out they didn’t complete their degree! Each Level adds incredible knowledge, experience, depth and drive to your teaching. As you progress, you will be able to expand your clientele with confidence and take advantage of more professional opportunities. So keep going!
Here’s what Jennifer Mulligan from Niagara Falls, Ontario had to say: “I've recently completed the Level 4 exam and can now officially say I'm a Level 4 instructor!! When I started the process 3 years ago I would have never thought I would (or could) accomplish this. I simply wanted to complete Level 1 and begin sharing my love for Essentrics with others. However, after finishing Level 1, I intuitively knew that I must continue. I knew that the program felt good in people's bodies but I needed to know why this was happening.

Learning to teach the exercises in the proper sequence is where you begin, but I quickly realized it was so much more than this. There is a method to properly rebalance the body. There is also a need for a strong foundation in anatomy to help with the constant evaluating and re-evaluating of people's bodies that must be done as an instructor. This knowledge aids in deciding which specific technique will achieve the desired result in your clients. Each Level leads into the next, and while I didn't know it at the time, I see now how it made me a more well-rounded instructor. I feel confident I can work with different bodies and levels of ability.

The process wasn't always easy, but attending a Live Training helped push me further. It was also a great opportunity to ask lingering questions, as well as meet others on the same journey. While I may call myself Level 4, I realize that the learning is never-ending. I can't wait to continue to explore the intricacies of the Essentrics program and continue to refine my teaching.” Way to go, Jen!

Hands down, the best way to add more purpose to your teaching and to gain personal feedback, fine tuning and confidence to your movements. Live Training 2017 & 2018 dates +

Lynne Loiselle, a Personal Trainer from Calgary, Alberta, attended our L1 & L2 Montreal Trainings and shared her thoughts:
I’m now a firm believer that anyone who undertakes becoming an Essentrics instructor should attend a Live Training.  What you get in a Live Training you can’t fully get in a manual and DVD (although they are great and allowed me to get my foundation).  In the Live Training I picked up on many nuances and cues that I did not get while studying at home.  I also have a much better understanding of many aspects of Essentrics (objectives, techniques, movement patterns, etc.). The friendships made are also invaluable.  What an incredible group of women and men!

The instructors (Meg for Level 1 and Gail for 2) are rockstars!  They are absolutely amazing. They’re gifted, they’re generous, they love what they do and they want us to be better.  They didn’t just regurgitate material because they had to teach a course. I really felt like they wanted me, and everyone else, to be a better instructor." We're so thrilled you joined us, Lynne!
Got questions or concerns about attending? Give us a ring at the Head Office to chat more!

If you’re not where you thought you’d be at this point in your training journey, don’t worry. Learning a new skill, like teaching Essentrics, is both rewarding and challenging. The reward of teaching and sharing this program with others is like magic, as described by Jenny Bertrand, Master Essentrics Instructor: “Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. This is a mantra I learned I’d better subscribe to early on in my development as an Essentrics instructor. Level 1 terrified me. Learn to build a playlist on iTunes? What is End of the Stretch, exactly? Will anyone come to my Apprentice class? Will anyone get hurt in my class? Film myself teaching and send it in for review?! This ALL made me uncomfortable, but I did it anyway. And then, the magic happened.”
At the end of the day, we all have the same goal; to share this unique and healthy workout with as many people as possible. We hope you enjoy the rewards of teaching!

NEWLY CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS (from April – October 2017)

Samara Hipkin Edmonton, Alberta
Lynne Loiselle Calgary, Alberta
Holly Holiman Pea Ridge, Arkansas
Susan Hunt Sechelt, British Columbia
Pam Rogers Nanoose Bay, British Columbia
Susan Hunt Sechelt, British Columbia
Britt Silk Hudson's Hope, British Columbia
Jana Birkett Vancouver, British Columbia
Heather Hansen Pender Island, British Columbia
Kathy Nilsson Langley, British Columbia
Gloria Simon-Kuzma Butte des Morts, British Columbia
Vanessa Janora Berkeley, California
Elizabeth Nye San Diego, California
Jacqueline Teusher Steamboat Springs, California
Sharon Steele Longmont, Colorado
Lynne Amos Wray, Colorado
Rebecca Taggart Longmont, Colorado
Sharon Steele Longmont, Colorado
Connie Simmons Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sephra Albert Longmont, Colorado
Margaret Jurado Lakewood, Colorado
Peggy McDaniel Wray, Colorado
Elissa Rioux Punta Gorda, Florida
Emmanuel Bangue Montpellier, France
Cynthia Rosario Evanston, Illinois
Ann Allen Ankeny, Iowa
Jamie Poch Iowa City, Iowa
Barbara Leary Rockland, Massachusetts
Karen McNamara Framingham, Massachusetts
Juile Mae Winter Shoreview, Minesota
Darcy McKee Billings, Montanta
Annette Mandos Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sonia Gouda Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands
Giuliana Lescard Nashua, New Hampshire
Laury Dowd Shelter Island, New York
Martine Resta Huntington, New York
Deborah Riel Figueroa Red Hook, New York
Chelita Mcburney APO AE, New York
Sharon Steele Watertown, New York
Chelita Mcburney APO AE, New York
Martine Resta Huntington, New York
Iris Comuzzo Auckland, New Zealand
Sherry Lust Bellevue, NewFoundland
Kim Mascolo Hertford North, Carolina
Amy Shope Greensboro, North Carolina
Victoria Hoag Charlotte, North Carolina
Sarah Hoop Hamilton, Ohio
Angela Hatfield Van Wert, Ohio
Veronica Tahirovic Etobicoke, Ontario
Debra McCann Thornbury, Ontario
Catherine Mills Virgil, Ontario
Vanessa Taylor Cobourg, Ontario
Maria Smith Niagara Falls, Ontario
Armelle Mizutani Guelph, Ontario
Irene Turrin Aurora, Ontario
Veronica Tahirovic Etobicoke, Ontario
Robin Becker Corvallis, Oregon
Paule Boulanger Levis, Quebec
Sophie Vaillancourt Laval, Quebec
Caroline Perron Quebec
Manon Durand Saint jerome, Quebec
Colleen Kilkenny Dorval, Quebec
Lise Robichaud Quebec, Quebec
Doris Bernier Terrebonne, Quebec
Sara Landau Montreal, Quebec
Paule Boulanger Levis, Quebec
Katherine Chartier Longueuil, Quebec
Joannie Dion-Desbiens Notre-Dame-de-l'ile-Perrot, Quebec
Alejandra Moreno Gatineau, Quebec
Lori Lesperance Pierrefonds, Quebec
Genevieve Chrétien East Broughton, Quebec
Renee Vezina Montreal, Quebec
Anna Barbusci' Kirkland, Quebec
Lay Unsal Stanstead-Est, Quebec
Vahe Yegoyan Montreal, Quebec
Doreen Chan Montreal, Quebec
Diane Lapointe Delson, Quebec
Sophie Vaudrin Sept-Îles, Quebec
Veronique Fortin Bromont, Quebec
Noemie Beauchamp Montreal, Quebec
Annabel Tory Wesmount, Quebec
Shannon Atkinson Cypress, Texas
Donna Ginsberg Charlottesville, Virginia
Pamela Krause Alexandria, Virginia
Keiko Walsh Ellensburg, Washington
Becky Clark Monroe, Washington
Kristin Moritz Issaquah, Washington
Jeanne Robson Anacortes, Washington
Kim Andrews Laramie, Wisconsin
Daisy Alsemgeest Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marcia Culham Calgary, Alberta
Elizabeth Yee Vancouver British, Columbia
Tammy Hart Coquitlam British, Columbia
Kathy Sutherland Fernie British, Columbia
Candy Julian Yorba Linda, California
Joan Peters Steam Boat Springs, Coloardo
Liz Walker-Kreutziger Longmont, Coloardo
Tammy Bergeson Niwot, Coloardo
Tessa Diepstraten Montdore, France
Patricia Trampas Franklin Park, Illonois
Karen Mackey Evansville, Indiana
Collin Kerstetter Iowa City, Iowa
Lauren Bauer Rochester Hills, Michigan
Eline Oostra Haarlem, Netherlands
Monique Schrandt Enkhuizen, Netherlands
Kay Aparo Smithtown, New York
Leah Maguire Oshawa, Ontario
Janis Wood Grimsby, Ontario
Patricia De Vries Burlington, Ontario
Karen Scott-Robertson Caledon East, Ontario
Jill Mucci Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lise Anne Richard Saint Sauveur, Quebec
Renee Vezina Montreal, Quebec
Alejandra Moreno Gatineau, Quebec
Michele Roy Quebec City, Quebec
Lise-Anne Richard Ste-Sauveur, Quebec
Julie Bolduc Plessisville, Quebec
Sin Seo Montreal, Quebec
Ellyn Ochs Montreal, Quebec
Brigitte Robert Sherbrooke, Quebec
Asya Semochkina Moscow, Russia
Susan Ross Townsville, South Carolina
Anna Bernauer Dierking Palladium De Champery, Switzerland

Sara Hamel Kerkira, Corfu Australia
Anne Marcalo Rohnert Park, California
Julie Webster Napa, California
Ursula Rieger Denver, Colorado
DeAnnaKay Swetzig Windsor, Colorado
Kathryn Bushway Shannon, Mississippi
Susan White McComb, Mississippi
Eva Leerdam Zeist, Nethlands
Eline Oostra Haarlem, Nethlands
Jill Roth Westerville, Ohio
Paula Garrigan Jay, Oklahoma
Karin Dresher Toronto, Ontario
Judy Hernder Niagra Falls, Ontario
Donna Salvati Valmorin, Quebec
Lynda Vaillancourt Ste-Adele, Quebec
Bethanne Stufflebean Plano, Texas
Kay Goode Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Milissa Rush Grande Prairie, Alberta
Amy Mitchell Alamo, California
Setsuko Jolly Denver, Colorado
Terry Nolan Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Susan Mead Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Dyan De Castro Fairfield, Connecticut
Lisa Sawczuk Lombard, Illonois
Kathryn Bushway Shannon, Mississippi
Angela Kuijpers Badhoevedorp, Netherlands
Jane Van Hout Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jenn Mulligan Niagara Falls, Ontario
Lauren Finkelstein Toronto, Ontario
Jenn Mulligan Niagara Falls, Ontario
Joanne Gritsas Pointe Claire, Quebec
Ginette Ouimet Morin Heights, Quebec
Genevieve Bedard Montreal, Quebec
Angela Montemiglio Terrebonne, Quebec


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