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So many people have back and shoulder pain. Sitting at a computer all day is one of the most common causes of back and shoulder pain, but there are many more reasons than that. During a recent Teacher Training Workshop in Holland, Miranda Esmonde-White, creator of Essentrics, took a quick show of hands to see who had any present injuries that they were suffering from. 13 out of 14 instructors mentioned they were suffering from some pain—both due to old injuries that had never healed and some new ones. The fact that so many instructors were in pain was shocking—many of the injuries being upper body related, caused by childhood accidents such as falling off bikes, or simply from office work. The interesting part was that by the end of the 3-day training session, much of their chronic pain was gone.

The rebalancing of the muscles combined with stretching and strengthening is the reason why Essentrics is a pain-relief and healing program. Remember…we should not be in pain! Regular Essentrics workouts should be able to reduce or control much of the chronic pain that people are suffering from. If we don’t get the blood flowing into our shoulders and back, the muscles will slowly seize up and cause all kinds of aches and pains. Talk to your clients and get them to exercise at least 3 times a week to stay pain-free.

If you’ve been teaching classes in gyms and studios throughout the summer, you may have noticed they are not as full as usual. Don’t let this cause you any worry about your teaching skills. Smaller classes are to be expected during the summertime since clients tend to leave for vacation and prefer to do activities outdoors. With a new season around the corner, we know your classes will be filling up soon! In the meantime, here are a few tactics to help boost your class attendance:

1) Give a class to the sales representatives from your gym/studio. This tactic will give the sales reps a much clearer idea of how to pitch your class to new members.

2) Give the front desk of your gym some quick, key talking points to use when describing Essentrics to members. Try to use bullet points!

3) Create a flyer with a description of Essentrics and your instructor biography. Post it at local businesses, on the gym’s bulletin board and front desk.

4) Create a strong online presence. Facebook is a great tool to advertise your classes each day and post pictures with your students. Be sure to share Essentrics’ latest press hits directly from our Facebook Page.

5) If you teach classes in a park, community center or rent a private space—why not create a “Bring A Friend” coupon to hand out to your students? The best way to grow your classes is through word of mouth. Encourage your students to spread the word!

Want to update your playlist? Try using some of these songs to change up your routines!

Miranda Esmonde-White (Creator of Essentrics)

  • Adagio of Spartacus & Phrygia by Aram Khachaturian / Trademarked
  • Autumn in Connecticut by Far From Heaven, movie soundtrack / Ttrademarked

Josephine Cuthill, Level 1 instructor, Toronto, ON

  • Wings by Birdie / Arms with bow and arrow
  • Rope by Foo Fighters (deadmau5 remix) / Side leg lifts
  • Jardim Do Amor by Mia Doi Todd / Trademarked

This month we want to highlight several instructors who have been featured in the press! Whether it be a photo in a local newspaper, a profile spotlight on a blog or an appearance on television—we are proud of all of our teachers who are busy networking and spreading the word about Essentrics in their hometowns!

We recently attended the canfitpro International Tradeshow and had a great time!
Our workshops were packed and we recruited some new instructors. Check out our photos from the event!


October 4th-5th :: Level 1 :: Montreal, Quebec
October 25th-26th :: Level 2 :: Montreal, Quebec
November 15th-16th :: Level 1 :: Toronto, Ontario
November 29th-30th :: Level 3 :: Montreal, Quebec


Spa Eastman, QC :: September 20th to 27th
Tucson, AZ :: October 11th to 12th
Tring, UK :: October 24th to 26th
Tring, UK :: October 24th to 30th

More retreats coming soon for 2015!