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Although most people don’t sweat or run out of breath during an Essentrics class—a common belief is that they aren’t burning enough calories to be able to lose weight. Throughout the duration of a 1-hour Essentrics class, we burn close to 300-400 calories (relative to our weight, age, mobility and how hard we work).

It doesn’t sound like a lot until you understand the mechanics of weight loss. We know as a fact that hundreds of people lose weight doing Essentrics. Here is why. Don’t just look at the amount of calories being burned in the actual workout, instead, look at the bigger picture of mitochondria (calorie-burning furnaces) activity that continues on long after the class is over.

In order to increase the possibility of burning fat, we need to understand how our body burns calories during and after the workout. In Essentrics, we use all 620 muscles, which leads to an increase in lean muscle mass and stronger, more active mitochondria. The more muscle cells we have, the more the mitochondria within our cells are burning at full capacity. Mitochondria are often referred to as “calorie burning furnaces” because they are responsible for producing energy for movement, heat for body stability and weight control. If we don’t use all our muscles, the muscle cells will shrink and atrophy, meaning there will be fewer cells containing the mitochondria to burn fuel. In addition, the remaining cells will house weaker, less active mitochondria. Which vehicle would take more fuel to run: a Hummer or Civic? The more muscles we use, the more fuel is required to feed them. This is why Essentrics is such an amazing program for weight loss; it optimizes our cellular usage by engaging all 620 muscles and making the mitochondria in the full body work at capacity.

The more we move, the easier it is to move—therefore we will move more!

February 7, 2015 :: Pre-Cho 2 Workshop :: Montreal
February 8, 2015 :: Mini Workshop :: Montreal
February 16-17, 2015 :: Level 1 Teacher Training :: Florida
February 18-19, 2015 :: Level 2 Teacher Training :: Florida
February 21-22, 2015 :: Fitness Retreat :: Florida
March 16-17, 2015 :: Level 1 Teacher Training :: San Francisco
March 18-19, 2015 :: Level 2 Teacher Training :: San Francisco
March 21-22, 2015 :: Level 2 Live Teacher Training :: San Francisco
May 13-14, 2015 :: Level 1 Live Teacher Training :: Colorado
May 15-16, 2015 :: Level 2 Live Teacher Training :: Colorado
May 18-19, 2015 :: Level 3 Live Teacher Training :: Colorado
May 20-21, 2015 :: Level 4 Live Teacher Training :: Colorado
May 23-24, 2015 :: Fitness Retreat :: Colorado
June 11-12, 2015 :: Level 1 Live Teacher Training :: New York
July 18-19-20, 2015 :: Level 1 Live Teacher Training :: Montreal
July 21-22, 2015 :: Level 2 Live Teacher Training :: Montreal
July 25-26-27, 2015 :: Level 3 Live Teacher Training :: Montreal
July 28-29-30, 2015 :: Level 4 Live Teacher Training :: Montreal

One of the best ways to gain experience and recognition in the fitness industry, is working with amateur or professional athletes. It’s a great way to network and meet other fitness experts—it also looks excellent on your resume! It’s important to have the knowledge from Level 3 and 4, which include all the flexibility and strengthening exercises needed to apply to specific sports. This knowledge will help you teach athletes how to develop active flexibility that will prepare their muscles to fire up for a powerful and rapid response on game day!

Essentrics began in the sports world quite by accident. One of Miranda's students (who's husband was working in the industry) recognized how unique the workout was, and recommended Miranda to the National Sports Institute in Montreal. Miranda was brought in to give a short lecture to coaches on Essentrics and soon after, began work with the Olympic diving team. Following that, she was brought in to work with the Olympic diving team by head coach Michel Larouche, who was putting in place a group of experts in complementary fields. The small group included a nutritionist, massage therapist and strength trainer, and Miranda was the expert in stretching and ballet. Together, they helped the coach to create the best diving team in the world. Being a part of this group opened many doors for Essentrics and many other teams requested classes and workshops including gymnasts, swimmers, synchronized swimmers, figure skaters, volleyball players and many more!

After quickly building a name for itself in the sports world—Essentrics began working with professional athletes. 7-time world squash champion, Jonathon Power, used Essentrics to prevent injuries and increase his speed; individual NHL players also began working with Sahra, incorporating the technique into their summer training. Years of working in the off-season led Essentrics to become a part of an NHL team’s full year stretch program.

Not all of these opportunities were paid, in fact, often when introducing the technique to new groups, we have given free sessions. Believing in what you do, and also understanding that you yourself are in a learning process, means that you should not always feel the need to charge new clients for certain opportunities.

"I was very grateful for the opportunity to learn about the needs of hockey players, and I was getting as much out of the class as they were. I feel that these unpaid opportunities can be part of our commitment to our own education, and also a marketing tool we can later use to promote ourselves. If I genuinely helped the players, I could genuinely claim to be of help, and in the long run it was worth more than any payment I could have received. The same can be said for other clients I've worked with including some elderly or injured people who I have given a series of free private sessions to. I learn, they benefit, and we are all better for it. Not everything is about money—we should also commit to unpaid opportunities that can become part of our own education."
– Sahra Esmonde-White

We need a good beat to get through certain exercises! Here are some fun songs to make Pliés a little more bearable!

Sahra Esmonde-White, Master Trainer

  • Haim by The Wire

Maude Desjardins, Certified Instructor

  • Don't by Ed Sheeran

Ileana Ripas, Certified Instructor

  • Hey Soul Sister by Train

Gail Garceau, Certified Instructor

  • Sail by AWOLNATION

Josephine Cuthill, Certified Instructor

  • Secrets by Mary Lambert

A collaboration of our amazing Essentrics Instructors around the world demonstrating Essentrics. If you have any photos teaching or practicing Essentrics outdoors, please share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag: #ESSENTRICSWorld

Laurence Bonneville is a master instructor who began teaching Essentrics in 2010.

Her professional training includes a 3-year contemporary dance program where she studied the Somatic Education- Feldenkrais Method, Body-Mind Centering and the Franklin Method. She also studied the full Musco-Squelettic anatomy and the basics in nutrition and kinesiology. Needless to say, Laurence is a very educated and qualified instructor who has a very thorough understanding of the technique and its application. She has experience teaching the Essentrics program to the Olympic Figure Skating Team, the Montreal Canadiens and professional dancers.

Although Laurence had found a lot of success as an Essentrics Instructor in Montreal, after 4 years of teaching, she decided to establish herself in a new city that better reflected her lifestyle. Although she was nervous about starting somewhere completely new, she did her research and made a list of about 15 gyms, studios and sports teams that she wanted to get in touch with. She would offer free trial classes and it wasn’t long before she had 17 classes scheduled per week! She put herself out there as much as she could and used her past experience and expertise to create new opportunities. Her passion for teaching and learning is reflected through her success and motivation to inspire others to live healthier, pain-free lives.

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