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Over the years, it has become increasingly clear to me that proper understanding of the relationship between the neuromuscular system and all movement is still in its infancy, yet it is essential for fitness instructors to know about in order to teach safe, effective workouts. This concept might seem to be way beyond educational requirements of fitness instructors, but the basics can be simplified sufficiently, for all fitness instructors to understand quite easily.

Because not all fitness programs require comprehensive, higher education in order to be certified to teach—the perceived image of fitness instructors is not equal to that of say a physical therapist or osteopath. This will change as we become better trained and learn how to use science to better protect and serve our clients. I believe that a scientifically designed fitness program offers an invaluable service to our fellow man and that in time, being an Essentrics instructor will garner the same high respect as do other services in the soft medical field such as physiotherapy and osteopathy.

There is an enormous difference between a scientifically designed program that rebalances the full body using the neuromuscular system as the foundation of the techniques involved and a fitness program that has no awareness of the impact of its workout on the health of the body as a whole. One is a program aimed at causing zero-injuries and the other is unintentionally destined to cause damage.

As I keep saying, the fitness industry is in its infancy. Naturally, any industry in its infancy has lots of growing to do and will make many mistakes during its growing period. The greatest problem I see in the fitness industry is a lack of understanding of the long-term impact that so many workouts and machines do and will have on the body. People have been trained to jump on every new fitness craze, not realising that there can be serious long term consequences to their muscular structure when improperly trained.

It is now time for you as a fitness instructor to separate yourself from ‘trend’ fitness and position yourself as part of the soft medicine movement. With any fitness program we are directly influencing the muscles, bones, circulatory system, immune system and joint of every participant in our classes. “Do no harm!” is the Hippocratic Oath of every doctor. That should also be the oath of every Essentrics instructor.

Essentrics is at the cutting edge of a new world within the fitness industry. From our point of view it is not good enough to know only the names of muscles and bones. In order for us to safely and efficiently achieve our objectives we need to know the long and short term impact on our clients bodies with every move we make.

Essentrics is an intelligent fitness program working with the greatest living machine on earth; the human body. It takes time and dedication to become a proficient Essentrics instructor, but the rewards are well worth the effort. This is why we are putting a greater emphasis on instructors by Level 3, to have taken basic anatomy and physiology certifications. We are not looking for advanced certifications just the most basic ones that will familiarise you with how the body works. We will be suggesting comprehensive online courses offered through colleges and universities to help guide you.

Over the next months and years—we will be posting regular 8-10 minute workshops on anatomy, the neuromuscular system and the kinesiology of movement as used in Essentrics. I will also be holding day long live workshops in as many cities as possible over this next year to help you integrate this knowledge in your daily classes.

Miranda Esmonde-White


All movement starts inside our cells when the brain sends the myosin and actin protein filaments a command to move. They have limited options in how they move. It is either to slide towards the Z line in a contraction, away from the Z line in a stretch or remain static. That’s it!

You will find in scientific text books that this is generally where the explanation of muscle movement ends. This is because it leads the muscle to contract and it is the general understanding of most scientists that all movement takes place when a muscle is contracted and scientists always refer to a contracted muscle as moving towards the Z line.

In Essentrics, we are turning the generally accepted view of strengthening and contracted muscles “on its head” so to speak. We are strengthening the muscles in a lengthened position. In other words we are strengthening the muscle fibres as the move away from the Z line and not towards it. In order to achieve this goal, we are playing sophisticated games with the neurological system as we scientifically use techniques like P.N.F, “going to the end of a stretch” or deep breathing while doing large full body movements.

Make no mistake that Essentrics is a fitness program that is breaking new ground in the scientific and fitness worlds. We will be offering many live and online workshops to help you understand how to use the neuromuscular system in every—yes every—exercise you are doing.

When you have full understanding of the neuromuscular system you will be able to teach ESSENTRICS and any other fitness program or sport safely and rapidly.

Summertime tends to be a quieter time for instructors. Clients take vacation and spend more time exercising outdoors rather than in gyms and studios. Although it may be frustrating to have a quieter schedule, take advantage of your extra free time and prepare yourself for the next busy season…Fall!

Here are some helpful suggestions to plan for Fall:

  • Many gyms and studios are already planning their schedule for September—now’s the perfect time to promote yourself and find a new class to teach!
  • Learn a new Pre-co. This is the ideal time to enjoy the weather and practice a new routine outside!
  • Spend time creating a good description of your class along with an instructor biography.
  • Take new pictures of yourself while giving a class outdoors. The pictures will look great in the sunlight and your students will look happy in the sun!
  • Create a business card—if you don’t already have one.
  • Create a flyer for the places you teach and hand them out at local gyms.
  • Create a flyer for the places you teach and hand them out at local gyms.
  • Start working on your next Essentrics certification level!


The value of pre-choreographed workouts

It’s important to always keep your routines fresh and your students engaged during your classes.

If you’ve been teaching the same routine for a while, we recommend that you order a new pre-co to introduce something new to your students! If you’re unfamiliar with most of our routines—take pride in knowing that each pre-co workout is chosen from the most popular routines at our flagship studio. They each have a specific theme, but still remain true to the basic principles of Essentrics. The more pre-co’s you know—the better understanding you will have of how routines are structured and how various sequences achieve specific fitness objectives.


Just launched! Pre-choreographed workout 6!

Check out our newly launched pre-co workout 6! This core strengthening and waist slimming workout is a fun and challenging one-hour routine that rapidly slenderizes the waist and defines the core. With a combination of standing and floor work, these smooth and fluid movements incorporate variations of PNF to quickly increase flexibility while sculpting the entire body. Sequences include side lunges, windmills, kicks, side leg lifts and more! >>Shop here

Each month, we will be highlighting the accomplishments of a unique certified Essentrics instructor who has shown initiative in terms of promoting their talent, classes and/or teaching services within their community. We encourage all of you to participate in local events and get your name known!

We’d like to introduce our Teacher of the Month, Gail Garceau! Gail is a level 1 instructor and teaches Essentrics classes in Montreal. She is currently putting together an Essentrics Bootcamp at a local gym she works at. The bootcamp will take place throughout the summer and offer weekly Essentrics classes—Monday through Saturday.

Putting together a bootcamp is a great idea for any instructor and requires a lot of prep work! Fortunately, Gail was able to bounce ideas off of another Essentrics instructor and work together on promoting it.

Here’s how Gail did it….

  • She began by reaching out to local Essentrics instructors on facebook to see if they could teach the classes she wasn’t available to teach herself.
  • Next, she arranged a photo shoot with some other instructors and students, in order to create interesting group photos to use for flyers and online promotion.
  • Lastly, with the help of another Essentrics instructor, she put together a well-designed flyer to hand out around the city.
  • Check out some of the finished flyer below. Great job Gail!

Need some inspiration for new music?

Miranda Esmonde White, Creator of Essentrics
Miranda loves using music from movie soundtracks. Here are some of her favourite picks…

  • The Medals by Clint Eastwood, movie soundtrack from Flag of our Fathers
  • Enigma Variations: Opus 36, Nimrod 
  • Pelagia’s Song, movie soundtrack from Captain Correli’s Mandolin

Daniëlle De Wildt, Head of Essentrics Netherland and Essentrics Master Trainer

  • Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema / Warm up
  • Dust Clears by Clean Bandit / Side lunges 
  • Of the Night by Bastille / Side leg lifts

Canadian Fitness Professionals International Tradeshow

This summer, Essentrics will be participating in the CANFITPRO International Tradeshow, taking place in Toronto, ON from August 8th to 9th. It is the largest fitness tradeshow in Canada and a wonderful opportunity to grow our program worldwide! If you want to see what it’s all about—come to the tradeshow (open to all) and register for one of our workshops by July 25th!

Check out for more details.

Essentrics Workshops at CanfitPro:

August 8th from 4:00pm-6:30pm
August 9th from 9:30am-11:00am

Teacher Training Workshops

July 19th-21st :: Level 1 :: Montreal, Quebec
July 22nd-24th :: Level 2 :: Montreal, Quebec
July 26th-28th :: Level 3 :: Montreal, Quebec
July 29th-31st :: Level 4 :: Montreal, Quebec
October 3rd-5th :: Level 1 :: Montreal, Quebec
October 24th-26th :: Level 2 :: Montreal, Quebec
November 15th-16th :: Level / :: Toronto, Ontario
November 28th-30th :: Level 3 :: Montreal, Quebec


Spa Eastman, QC :: September 20 to 27
Tring, UK :: October 24 to 26
Tring, UK :: October 24 to 30
San Diego, CA :: November 16 to 17