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An Essentrics Master Trainer is an expert teacher who is able to develop, train and examine other instructors through workshops and Live Teacher Trainings. In order to develop high quality instructors, we need Master Trainers who are experts in this field. Becoming a Master Trainer requires a significant amount of additional knowledge beyond passing Level 4. One thing we insist upon is that all instructors who become Master Trainers must have attended all the Live Teacher Trainings from Level 1 to 4 at least three times. They must also have taught over 500 hours.

Instructors wishing to become Master Trainers must also have proven themselves as good communicators and team players. An evaluation of these skills would be observed during the Live Teacher Trainings, along with their interaction and relationship with other instructors and clients. Sahra and Danielle are working on presenting different levels of Master Trainers from becoming a Mentor Instructor to becoming a full-fledged Master Trainer. We presently have Erika, Laurence and Sasha from head office and Heather and Danielle from around the world. We also have several other junior instructors who are working towards the Master Trainer goal.

We are looking to add many more locations for Live Teacher Trainings as we train and develop more Master Trainers—if this is something you think is for you, we highly encourage you to let someone from our Teacher Training department know. Please note that if you attend a Live Teacher Training more than once, you will receive a 40% discount when you repeat the corresponding level.
Miranda Esmonde-White

One more month until the Essentrics Levels 1-4 Live Teacher Trainings at our head office in Montreal commence!


After religiously following Miranda's program for the past 4+ years, and attending the retreats the two years prior to this one, I am amazed how I think about the exercises differently now. I feel that my technique is much more refined, and I am more aware of the body positions and intentions for each of the moves. Love that! Heather and Erika provided wonderful guidance throughout the training.
- Jani Van Deest

Working with a fitness brand is a great way for trainers to network and gain exposure through the fun opportunities and events that the brands offer, however it takes hard work and determination to be selected as a Brand Ambassador.

Danielle de Wildt (head of ESSENTRICS Europe) has had her work cut out for her when she became the first instructor to introduce Essentrics to Europe and has been seriously creating a name for herself in doing so. Having since been featured in VOGUE Netherlands and many other local publications, she became the ideal candidate for becoming a Brand Ambassador for not only one, but two different fitness brands.

Check out their Facebook pages to see more pictures of Danielle’s Ambassador jobs and events:
Lululemon Netherlands
Filippa K Wolvenstraat

EDUCATE YOURSELF: Arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, herniated discs, sciatica, and more will be common among this clientele. We are not doctors, and these possibly foreign terms can be a little frightening. Take note of what your clients have, and educate yourself!

Build up your own medical reference binder. Copy / paste / print out information from websites (check a few sources), watch YouTube videos, etc. You’ll find relief when you learn that the movements and beliefs of our technique respect what is safe for people with these conditions and will treat, alleviate and even heal their ailments to different degrees. As always, check in with your clients before, during, and after class—help guide them towards their own, personal safe place for exercise.

If you're interested in teaching “Essentrics: Aging Backwards” classes—be proactive! Learn more about frequent chronic conditions, and familiarize yourself with them before you even meet your clients. Level 3’s Principles Manual: “Flexibility and Therapeutic Exercises,” is devoted to various elements related to rehabilitation, chronic conditions, injuries, and pain. With the high-demand of this type of class, you should be feeling more motivated than ever to get to that point of your certification. If you have it already (yeah!), go ahead and market yourself and your classes to that target age and ability, and you’re bound for success.

A little note on MUSIC: Like any Essentrics class, assembling the ideal playlist can be a bit of a trial and error process. At first, my music was a little too sleepy, I needed to add some pep! The Temptations, CCR, Paul Simon, Otis Redding, Van Morrison, etc…are staples. I often get comments about how much they appreciate the music; it takes them back! Shazam playlists offer a great starting point; you can choose a decade, genre, search keywords, and more.

Go for it!

- Megan Feeney

Windmills go up and down creating large circles so we want music that gives that similar feeling. You can use different genres of music but it is important to match the movement of the exercise with the movement of the music. Here are some great examples from certified instructors:

Sasha Alcolumbre (Montreal, Master Teacher)
- Experience by Angèle Dubeau and La Pietà
- The Hours Suite, Movement III by Angèle Dubeau and La Pietà
- If You Wait by London Grammar

Josephine Cuthill (Toronto, L3 H4)
- Lude Pre by Francesco Tristano and Carl Craig
- I Need My Girl by The National
- Switchcraft by Chilly Gonzales

Amanda discovered Essentrics through the flagship studio in Montreal and became immediately fascinated with the full body technique. She practiced Yoga regularly, but after she began practicing Essentrics on a continual basis—she began to notice a huge difference in her own strength and flexibility. Motivated to share this idea of full body movement and teaching people to see the body as a one functional unit, she began the path to an Essentrics certification with a goal to share Essentrics with everyone.

One of the personal trainers at the gym she works at teaches regular workouts to a special needs group called 'The Hangout' and thought the group could really benefit from the full body movements to stretch and strengthen their bodies in a fun new way. Amanda was excited to introduce Essentrics to a new demographic and was curious to see how this group might respond to the exercises. She immediately noticed they had poor posture, tight and weak muscles and even some signs of early atrophy (primarily from lack of use).

The class she teaches them is very basic, and easy to follow—incorporating a lot of pulling up in the spine along with large full body movements and rotations. She keeps it consistent so they are able to really grasp the movements and get better each week. The group has a lot of fun with the arm exercises and with challenging their balance reflexes with kicks and hip cleaners. They love the imagery and Amanda thinks it has really helped her to become a better instructor in realizing what a valuable tool imagery can be in executing an exercise properly.

It is rewarding for Amanda to be able to see improvement in the group each week—from increased range of motion to simply being able to sustain their arms above their head for a longer period of time. They constantly hear their bodies cracking and unlocking during the exercises and love how they feel so loose and mobile afterwards.

Amanda teaches throughout Montreal and is still working to complete her certification; she continues to educate herself through Live Teacher Trainings and taking live classes with other instructors. She believes that freedom from pain is probably the one thing that people need to lead a happy life; she loves teaching a program that has such a profound effect on people’s lives.