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A huge thank you to everyone that was able to attend the Forever Painless workshops! We received spectacular feedback. Teachers are feeling informed, confident and inspired to continue to advance through their certification.


1. Ask them if they have permission from their doctor to begin a gentle stretching program.

2. Find out where they are in pain and tell them which positions to be careful with. 

  •  For example, if they have knee pain: be mindful of foot positioning (keep feet flat in floor)

  • If they have back pain, go over Neutral C and make sure they don’t lean too far forwards

3. Tell them to go through each of the exercises lazy and relaxed. 

  • Tell them they don’t worry about doing all the exercises perfectly. Let them relax and move. We don’t want them to feel stressed trying to follow along in the first class. Give them permission to relax.


4. Make sure they have good alignment.

  •  It is your job as an Instructor to cue the ENTIRE class for good feet, knee and spine alignment.

  • Think of the common mistakes people make with alignment and make sure to address that every time you BEGIN a new exercise.

  • Always think of how to do the exercise as safely as possible and then you can cue how to make it more difficult or add a variation. 

5. Don’t move into a place where it hurts.

  • Remind your student (either directly, or address the entire class) not to move into the place where it hurts.

  • For example, if it hurts to lift their arm higher than their shoulder do not push past that point. They might notice they can soon lift their arm higher than their shoulder without pain in a matter of weeks, days or even minutes.

6. Relax! 

  • It is your job as a teacher to cue relaxation. Think of every possible tactic you can use to help your students relax.

  • Imagery, deep breathing, cueing anatomy (non-specific) to relax, PNF, tone of voice, music, flow...

  • Take your time to TEACH relaxation and the release.

7. Consistently check in with your clients  

  • If you notice someone is having difficulty straightening their leg in the musketeers bow, or straightening their arm in ceiling reaches...ask them “does it hurt to straighten their leg, or does it hurt to straighten their arm?”

  • They may not have realized they weren’t doing it properly, they may have been babying themselves, or maybe it does hurt them to do that.

  • Asking them will help them to bring more awareness to their body and also help them gain trust in you as an Instructor.


8.   Follow up.

  • Ask them how they felt during the workout.

  • If they had difficulty keeping up with the class you can recommend a private session or a slower-paced class that you might offer to slow it down and break down the movements.

  • If they feel it helped them, encourage them to do Essentrics 3-5x weekly to help them resolve their chronic pain.



Message from Miranda - Why she wrote Forever Painless! 

World Arthritis Day honours global awareness of issues affecting people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. We consider all of our teachers advocates on sharing alternative ways of healing muscular pain through the gentle and natural exercises used in Essentrics.    

I started my Essentrics journey after seeing Miranda on TV twice in 2012. I had been looking to teach something other than ballet and modern and I wanted to be able to include a wider demographic. I was leaning toward Nia, however after my first Essentrics workout, I really had to calm myself down from the excitement I felt in my body that day. I might not have understood exactly why I felt so good at the time but after the 2nd workout I knew THIS IS IT! Sign me up NOW. One of the best decisions of my life!

Arthritis, specifically rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and I have an 18-year-old relationship. We were introduced when I was 24. I was very active at that time, my then-husband and I had an organic farm, I taught dance several hours a week and worked a regular 40-hour job. Life was good until the RA, and it came on like a freight train. One day I was active and working in the garden and the next I was dreading going up or down stairs, not able to stand in the middle of the night, hold a pen or pull a weed for that matter, or even take a deep breath without pain. At times, I could not dress myself because I could not lift my arms. Granted, I had a genetic predisposition but it seemed to be triggered by an emotional and physical trauma that turned on the inflammation in my body. I quickly spiralled into a depression thinking that I will never be able to do one of my favorite things ever again, move freely to music. One of my greatest loves is to get lost in music, whether in a club or in my kitchen, and all of a sudden it seemed impossible to move at all.



The first 3-4 years, I followed my doctor’s advice and started on medication, but after many trips to the ER, infections, and migraines I stopped taking it because the quality of my life was diminishing from the side effects. I have been involved with my own arthritis prevention for quite some time. Currently, I am working with a functional medicine doctor and have been able to reduce medication due to less disease activity by using food as medicine. 

A family friend, Corrine, knew me prior to Essentrics and I shared with her the difference it had made in my life and what it could possibly do for her mother who also suffered from arthritis. A year or so later she asked me to speak to families of juvenile arthritis. I jumped at this opportunity even though it was short notice and I would have to drive about 4 hours to attend. I knew this group needed to be aware of Essentrics as a safe exercise option! I want the parents and the children to know how important it is to keep moving, even though you really don’t want to because everything hurts. I want to encourage this group to take notice of what they can do in the moment, even if it is just lifting that pinkie finger a bit. Sometimes, it is the small movements that we can make in the moment that we need to embrace just get us through to the next day.

To prepare for the Juvenile Arthritis Demo I checked in with the head office since the Arthritis Foundation for IA/NE expressed interest in listing Essentrics as a safe exercise option on their website. I wanted to make sure all of this was permissible. If any instructor has any doubt about what to do or how to handle a demo or talk, I encourage you to do the same. Meg was great and provided me with some condensed information that I could quickly pull from since I had minimal time to prepare. I am very grateful for the support I received from the head office.


My goal with the demo for the juvenile arthritis group was to stress the importance of why we need to keep moving and how it can be done without causing injury or pain; then show them that it can be fun and enjoyable to move gently. I had many adults talk to me after the demo expressing interest in the program and another presenter expressed interest in becoming certified. In addition, the developmental director approached to say that he enjoyed my talk/demo and then asked if I would consider being the adult honouree for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk on Dec. 3rd in the Quad Cities where I could lead an activation stretch prior to the run/walk. I did not hesitate at accepting the opportunity to share Essentrics with another area in Iowa. However, I didn’t realize that I would be asked to form a team and raise funds. I struggled with this briefly since they are funded by large pharmaceutical companies, but I had to keep my eye on the goal; making people aware of Essentrics and its therapeutic benefits. My first thought was to create team ESSENTRICS and invite currently certified Iowa instructors to walk with me, as well as lead the demo. However, dates & times did not work for everyone.  I decided to give one day to raising funds by offering  3 different Essentrics classes: Gentle Stretch, Strengthen & Tone, and a Stretch class…a class for everyone! It was such a fun and fulfilling day and it brought me great joy to see participants attend all three classes.  I am considering doing this type of fundraiser on a yearly basis for local groups in need to benefit the community as well as expose more people to Essentrics.

In preparation for the Dec 3rd demo I reactivated my EssentricsTV subscription and have been doing The Ultimate Stretch Workouts as well as Conditioning for Runners. I will put some talking points together for that day as well and if I find I have any doubts, reach out to the head office once again.

As for my future goals with Essentrics I plan to accomplish L3 and L4 within the next 12 months. I have no doubt that I am a forever-student of the human body and will continue to help others to move effectively. I adore this program and look forward to learning from my clients and from my own self-exploration every day. I truly hope to master all the concepts and exercises of Essentrics and how they relate to the body. It is a great blessing for me to be able to be a part of sharing this program, especially when I ruminate on my body’s own moving journey.

Support Lea’s cause by donating to the Arthritis Foundations jingle bell run: 


The tempo of your music has the ability to change the intensity of your workout. Changing the tempo allows us to execute each exercise slower and with emphasis on relaxation, gentle movements and healing. Severina Gates has modified the music in PCW 7 to be better suited for a release, rebalance and restore class. She spends extra time on the calf and floor sequence and less time on side leg lifts and butt toning. Her music plays a key roll in getting her clients to relax.

1. I'm a Ramblin' Man - Waylon Jennings // Warmup

2. All Gone (No Escape) - Gustavo Santoalalla / Diamond - Izzy Bizu  // TM1

3. Baghdad Cafe 2 - Christophe Goze // Side Lunges

4. Raggamuffin - Selah Sue // Arms

5. Catch and Release- Deepend Remix - Matt Simons // Kicks

6. Time - Yuna // Plies

7. The Balcony Scene - Craig Armstrong (from "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" soundtrack) // TM2

8. Bring It On Home to Me - Sam Cooke / A Beautiful Spring Day - George Bruns // Calf Sequence

9. I Believe In You - Kylie Minogue // Abs

10. Just Tell Me - Nico Yaryan / Soiree - Ark Patrol // Side Leg Lifts/Glutes

11. Sea Beams - Barrie Gledden and Kes Loy // Quad Raisers

12. Verdad Amarga (Bitter Truth) - Linda Ronstadt / Dream Violin - Craig Armstrong / Come Sunday - Dizzy Gillespie // Deep Stretches

13. A Sunday Kind Of Love" - Etta James //  Neck Stretches