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Take your clients on the path to pain relief with this 2-hour workshop based on the rebalancing techniques explored in Miranda Esmonde-White's new book, Forever Painless. This is a unique learning opportunity for Essentrics certified instructors to better prepare for the increased demand for therapeutic classes and workouts focused on healing chronic pain.

This Forever Painless Workshop includes a 45-minute lecture on Miranda’s book Forever Painless and a 75-minute PCW breakdown with a focus on pain relief. Neurological and physiological explanations of the causes of most chronic pain will be discussed and modifications to various Essentrics exercises will be demonstrated.

We are hosting several Forever Painless Workshops throughout our global community on the topic of Essentrics for pain relief.

Amsterdam | Longmont | Boston | Montreal | Toronto | Denver


Diagonal reaches are used many times in an Essentrics workout, but are you doing them correctly? 

The purpose of a diagonal reach is to eccentrically strengthen the core and the spine. The use of our arms as levers increases the stretch and decompresses the thoracic region of our spine. To successfully lengthen the spine we must engage our entire core to avoid any overloading or sinking in our lower back. You must keep your abs engaged throughout any diagonal reach sequence otherwise; you risk compressing the discs of your spine. The abdominals play a key role in this exercise, as they are the antagonist muscle group to the spine. Maintain the ski jump position by hinging forward at the waist and lengthening from the center region of your spine. Pull up! Pull out! This optimal lengthening and strengthening during our diagonal reach is achieved only when we position our entire body correctly.

To paint a better image of where you should be reaching to avoid over twisting, imagine that you are standing in the middle of a perfect square; your diagonal reach would be directed relative to the top corners of your square. Using a clock is another a great visual – where you would gently reach toward 11 and 1 o’clock. See image below:

Now let’s bring our attention to the lower body, specifically to correct placement of the feet in order to avoid torsion of the knees. During your diagonal reach, you should be able to successfully stand on the full padding of your back foot, with extra focus paid on actively lifting your arches. Over twisting in a diagonal reach will cause inversion to your back ankle, leading to unnecessary torsion on the back knee. In addition, always remember to use your ‘turnout’ muscles effectively, engaging your glutes and sartorius muscles to actively maintain correct alignment with your knees, ankles, hips and spine.  Encourage your clients to adjust the angle and distance between their feet when needed. Remember, Essentrics means full-body. As an instructor it’s your job to bring focus and awareness to your client’s full body through effective cuing and demonstrating. That way, you ensure the correct muscles are being used for the job. You can do it!

Watch Miranda’s video included below:


Plies are considered to be one of the most strengthening exercises in the Essentrics program. The quadriceps group consists of some of the largest muscles in the body; they are full of potential for power and endurance. The importance of maintaining strong quads cannot be over sold.   Help your clients relieve the pressure of tight compressed knees by eccentrically strengthening their quads. Why not pair it with a tune that’s going to inspire your clients to work!

1. Karl K feat. Guit K - Daydreamer // Sabine Parent – Amsterdam

2. Oh Land-We Turn it Up  // Julia Bentz – Montana

3. Kings and Cookin' on 3 Burners- This Girl // Cassandra Hewett –Oklahoma

4. Basia Bulat- Heart of My Own // Ellen Thompson- Colorado

5. Mercy - Duffy // Dyan Decastro – Connecticut

6. Nice and Slow- Max Frost // Amanda Cyr – Montreal

7. Lost – Frank Ocean // Gail Garceau –Montreal

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  "At The Movement YXE we believe that movement is magical and can transform our lives. As an Essentrics instructor & Pilates Trainer over the past 6 years I have witnessed movement bring people, teams, & communities together like nothing else can. 

I opened The Movement YXE in March 2016 alongside an amazing, passionate, diverse team of women. Our goal is simple. We want to get people moving and believe that functionality, fun, and freedom Essentrics offers do just that. Located in the heart of downtown in one of Saskatoon's historical warehouses, we have the pleasure to work alongside lawyers, students, athletes, families and everything in between. Our clientele is diverse and we pride ourselves on the camaraderie and support this diversity brings. 

Opening any business requires a vision, gumption, and most importantly passion. My love for people and movement is obvious and contagious. I believe if you truly have passion for whatever it is you do, the community can sense that authenticity and will rally to support you.

I love my clients and I am fascinated by how he or she transfers our practices into his or her everyday life. I am passionate about movement and love working with passionate athletes and the movement patterns specific to their sport. I have been lucky enough to work alongside and train various local hockey clubs, our university football team (Huskie Pride on 3!), and Olympic Volleyball players. 

The Movement YXE is a dedicated Pilates studio however Essentrics will always have a strong presence on our schedule. Whatever is it you love to do; Essentrics will make you better at it. For us, Essentrics takes the principles and intentions of a classical Pilates mat class and brings them upright. This allows us to reach members of the community for whom a classical Pilates class might not be an appropriate choice. When I speak of my personal experience I always note that Pilates first changed my muscles, but Essentrics changed my bones. Through Essentrics I changed my posture, my everyday movement patterns, and my rhythmic mobility. I love Pilates, and Essentrics has made me my best Pilates self. For that I am forever grateful."


#ESSENTRICSANYWHERE – Teaching over Skype.

As the Essentrics community and teachers continue to grow internationally Skype has become a very useful tool for the Teacher Training department to complete live exams. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an instructor from Montréal or from a small village in the Netherlands; you are now easily able to connect.  Additionally, Essentrics TV has allowed our community to become familiar with the format of having an Essentrics workout streamed from your laptop, iPad or even your smartphone.

Amsterdam based Instructor Petra Blank is now also teaching over Skype:

“I have a private client who travels a lot (same time zone). She wants to stay fit wherever she is. She loves doing Essentrics, so I introduced online trainings. At first it was only once a week, but when as it was going so well, we extended it. Because of her busy schedule it is always an early workout around 6, 6.30 am, but always a full hour. We’re doing both floor and barre classes. In the beginning we had to figure some things out, but now we both know where to put our mats and see each other’s full body. With Skype, you can always have your personal trainer with you. And that’s exactly what she needs. She loves the Essentrics workout, but the trainings on Essentrics TV does not make her motivated. She wants to have personal contact and good corrections. And I definitely see great results. Like every other private training I can easily adjust the workout to her needs and goals. She is very enthusiastic about this online training form and I always feel better after an Essentrics class, so it’s worth getting up so early.”

Petra is planning to further develop this concept.


Stronger, leaner and more flexible to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro – Olympic fencer Bas Verwijlen about his training with Sabine Parent

Level 3 Instructor Sabine Parent feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with Bas Verwijlen. For her it has been a valuable experience to train an elite athlete. As an athlete Bas has a great body awareness and focus, which brings teaching Essentrics to another level.