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Message from Miranda
about training seniors

We are currently working on a special mini-manual to help instructors who want to work with seniors. Seniors are a rapidly growing demographic who need to exercise more than ever before! As they age, their lives are changing rapidly with their ability to move closing down. Essentrics is the ideal program to reverse the aging process for many reasons. First and most importantly is that it is slow, safe and reduces rather than increases pain. In Essentrics, we are DE-compressing tight joints, which is the number one sign of an aging body. We are also a full body workout which helps increase circulation—boosting energy and flushing out toxins.

We want to keep our seniors pain-free, active and living independently. Essentrics is an excellent program to do just that!

Whether you are new to the program or have been teaching for years, there is always more to learn! At Essentrics, we pride ourselves on having updated knowledge of the fitness industry and want to share all of our information with you! The best way for YOU to become a better instructor is by learning with us. How do you stay up to date with all the latest Essentrics news? Read below…

Learn all the Pre-choreographed Workouts (PCW)

To encourage your learning process and ensure that you are staying updated with our latest techniques and sequences—we want you to purchase two PCW’s a year in order to maintain your certification. All the PCW’s are carefully tested and designed to give people the best impression of Essentrics. A routine is much more than a series of exercises pieced together. There is a science behind each sequence, the timing, the placement as well as the music, tempo and pace. If you’ve been teaching Essentrics for awhile, you may be familiar with the structure of the routine, but are not yet qualified to choreograph your own until you have passed Level 4. In order to maintain the integrity of Essentrics and offer your clients the best quality workouts—keep learning PCW’s!

Attend Live Teacher Trainings and Workshops

There’s nothing like being surrounded by a group of Essentrics instructors! It creates an environment full of interesting, passionate and motivating stories. Although the program is designed to learn from a distance, the best way to share Miranda’s latest research and experiences are through live teacher trainings and workshops. As teachers, we know how to correct our students, but one of the most valuable parts of coming to a live training session, is that we can correct each other!

Starting off a new season is a great time to update your music!

Miranda Esmonde-White, Creator of Essentrics

  • End Credits from Ghost Movie Soundtrack / Trademark
  • Mathilde's Theme from Un Long Dimanche Movie Soundtrack / Trademark

Maude Desjardins, Certified Level 1 Essentrics Instructor
(She loves to use the latest pop music for arms, abs and legs)

  • Blackbird from The Beatles / End of the class
  • Love Runs Out from One Republic / Warm up
  • Latch from Disclosure feat. Sam Smith / Arms

Meet Jenny Bertrand - Level 4 Essentrics Instructor from Denver Colorado.

After 20 years of working in marketing and public relations for Heath Care Organizations, Jenny left her career to pursue Essentrics full-time!

Many instructors, like Jenny, are introducing their hometown to Essentrics, and with that comes the challenge of getting people to try something new. We are profiling Jenny this month because we LOVE her method of booking new classes!

Jenny started off as a substitute teacher for Pilates, yoga, body barre and body sculpt classes. After winning over the students with Essentrics, Jenny was given a permanent spot at several locations—her classes being at full capacity! At the moment, Denver has 7 public Essentrics classes a week and 3 more will be added in September.

Substituting classes is a great tactic for all instructors! If a gym is not able to give you a permanent class right away, we strongly recommend offering your services as a substitute. Soon enough, those students will be asking for you to come back!

Live Teacher Trainings

October 4th-5th :: Level 1 :: Montreal, Quebec
October 25th-26th :: Level 2 :: Montreal, Quebec
November 15th-16th :: Level 1 :: Toronto, Ontario
November 15th-16th :: Level 1 :: Montreal, Quebec - IN FRENCH
November 29th-30th :: Level 3 :: Montreal, Quebec
January 24th-25th :: Level 2 :: Montreal, Quebec - IN FRENCH


Tucson, AZ :: October 11th to 12th
Tring, UK :: October 24th to 26th
Tring, UK :: October 24th to 30th

More retreats coming soon for 2015!