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Our goal with the higher-level exams is to help increase the level at which our instructors apply analytical thinking to understand their clients body’s.

Our Teacher Training team intends to work one on one with you at this level to ensure that you move forward with the skills and understanding necessary to apply the techniques specific to flexibility and therapeutics and then be able to apply this new knowledge to your understanding of strengthening.


What we will be evaluating:


The Skype and live exams allow you all to have the opportunity to interact directly with head office and provide reasons and explanations for your use of movements and techniques within each sequence. This is intended to be a very important learning tool in your development as an instructor. 

We are excited about the new process and look forward to interacting with you all!

-Teacher Training Team


Thank you for your cooperation and support in helping us keep our global branding strong and consistent as we expand our product offering to suit different types of clientele!

Moving forward, we will be changing the name of our Essentrics Aging Backwards classes and require that you do the same.

Please refer to our class name guidelines and choose the one that best suits your targeted clientele.

Click on the following link to view a complete list of name changes and class modifications:


Putting together a well -designed playlist takes a lot of time and inspiration! We, as teachers, are constantly looking for new songs to incorporate and new genres to explore.  I would like to highlight a wonderful music tool called Spotfiy. Spotify is  a Swedish music service that allows you to explore a wide range of playlists and genres.

The BEST part about having an account is that not only are you able to create your own playlists but additionally, you can explore other playlist from your Facebook friends with a Spotify account. This tool is a huge asset for many of our teachers. You can add songs you like from existing playlists and create your own. Playlists can be shared and played directly from your phone.

Below is Danielle De Wildt's  playlist, which can be found among others on her Spotify account.

1. Beautiful Life - Lost Frequencies // Warming Up

2. Night - Ludovico Einaudi // Trademark

3. Don't you know - Kungs // Arms

4. Olé - John Newman // Pliés

5. Alaska - Maggie Rogers // Calf stretch and standing bicycle 

6. Ça Ira - Joyce Jonathan // Feet

7. Opening titles - Michael Brook // Trademark song 1

8. A lannister always pays his debts - Ramin Djawadi // Trademark song 2

9. Breathe - Seeb // Side leg lifts

10. Raging - Kygo // Side leg lifts

11. West coast, the grades icon mix - Lana del Rey // Abs

12. Sparks - Coldplay // Stress release 

13. Four dimensions - Ludovico Einaudi // Stress release 

14. Grizzly bear - Angus & Julia Stone // Stress release 

15. Virginia moon - Foo Fighters & Norah Jones // Stress release 

Online videos are one of best ways to get a clear message across and inspire your clients. Sharing videos helps you to articulate key points in an easy and accessible way.  Watching and listening to a message can help convey an idea that may be more difficult to articulate with written words. We love that our instructors have felt inspired to share their ideas and Essentrics knowledge in video form and we’re here to help you come across as professionally as possible on this public platform.

We are allotting a maximum time of 2 minutes for your online videos. Whether you choose to discuss yourself and your classes, decide to share information about the benefits of the program, tips on how to do the exercises, or whatever your message may be, please ensure that you stick to the guidelines below. The public wants to watch a video that is fast and can articulate a clear message. Keeping your videos short with ensure you get all of your main points across.

We have come up with a simple list of Do’s and Dont’s that we think will help you create an effective video and maintain a consistent global image for the Essentrics brand.

Do: Shoot your promo video in a studio/gym or clean, proper space that is in line with the ESSENTRICS® brand (elegant/intelligent).

Do: Ensure the volume and clarity of the video and your voice is of sufficient quality. Check your sound and recording quality prior to filming.

Do: Properly introduce yourself as an Essentrics Instructor and state your completed level.  

Do: Discuss details of your teaching services (specific gyms/studios you teach at, class schedule, private sessions if applicable, etc.) and ways for people to get in touch with you if you so please.

Do: Make eye contact with the camera and have a warm, approachable tone of voice. 

Do: Have a plan! Create a list of what you intend to discuss so that you appear prepared and well spoken. Practice out loud ahead of time! You want to be natural, and professional.

Don’t: Shoot your video in your kitchen or basement or visually cluttered zone – Find an attractive and well-lit space. 

Don’t:  Wear sunglasses – eye contact is important when trying to build a connection with your audience. 

Don’t:  Post any Essentrics workouts that you have created. Exercise demo’s of PCW sequences are great as long as the allotted time of 2 minutes is respected.  

Don’t:  Shoot your video from a distance or in a location that is too large – you want to avoid background noise & echoes and maintain people’s attention in the frame.

Don’t:  Film in a location that has poor lighting – lighting enhances the quality and subject of your videos and can make or break its success.

Don’t: Shoot your videos vertically!

If you are posting educational videos on any of your webpages and websites, we encourage you to submit your video to the Training Team at the Head Office for approval or suggestions. We are MORE than happy to assist you with marketing yourself and Essentrics to your local community.

Jeune, j'ai d'abord été athlète au niveau national en athlétisme, puis je suis devenue professeur d'éducation physique en collège, après avoir suivi un enseignement universitaire sur le sport, la physiologie, la psychologie et la pédagogie. En 2000, j'ai commencé le « personal training » en complément de mon métier, notamment auprès de chefs d'entreprise ou d'une clientèle féminine à domicile. En 2012, j'ai eu envie de faire évoluer mes connaissances et compétence dans le domaine du fitness et du bien-être. Je m'orientais vers le yoga puis j'ai découvert, totalment par hasard, Essentrics dans un magazine. J'ai commencé à pratiquer avec les vidéos de youtube, et j'ai vraiment adoré les mouvements, les bienfaits de la pratique, la fluidité des exercices.

J'ai donc contacté Danielle De Wildt à Amsterdam pour devenir instructeur. J'ai passé mon niveau 1 en décembre 2012.

When I was young I was a national level track and field athlete, then I became a PE teacher in a secondary school after studying sport, psychology, physiology and teaching skills at university.

In 2000 I started working as a personal trainer, as a second job mainly with corporate managers and women I coached at their home.

In 2012, I felt like reinforcing my knowledge and expertise in the fields of both fitness and wellness. I was heading towards yoga when I discovered Essentrics by chance in a magazine. I started practicing with YouTube videos and I loved the movements and the benefits of the method, the fluidity of the exercises. I contacted Danielle in Amsterdam to become an instructor. I achieved level 1 on December 1st 2012

Ma clientèle est essentiellement féminine, des femmes de 20 à 80 ans. J'ai créé mon association sportive d'abord en région parisienne, puis depuis juillet à La Rochelle.

Je propose des cours de « Total body conditioning » et egalement un cours « Age reverse ». J'utilise aussi les cours à la barre.

L'année dernière, sur les conseils de Danielle et Gail, j'ai pu pratiquer Essentrics avec deux jeunes footballeurs professionnels dans l'objectif de prévenir les blessures et d'améliorer leur souplesse.

Découvrir et Enseigner Essentrics est une expérience tout à fait nouvelle et enrichissante . Tout d'abord, j'apprécie l'aspect communautaire sur Facebook où nous pouvons partager nos expériences, nos questions et solutions. La formation m'a permis de rencontrer, à Amsterdam, Miranda ou Danielle, ainsi que d'autres instructeurs vraiment sympas et ouverts.

Et surtout, Essentrics a changé ma façon de faire du sport. J'ai réduit le travail avec haltères, j'ai gagné en souplesse et en fluidité dans le mouvement. Etant assez fragile au niveau musculaire et articulaire, j'ai vraiment ressenti les bienfaits de la méthode Essentrics car mes blessures et douleurs chroniques ont vraiment diminué voire disparu pour certaines. 

Je ressens également beaucoup de plaisir à l'enseigner. Nous pouvons varier les séances, les adapter aux besoins et objectifs des participants mais proposer également des routines agréables qu'ils adorent comme « shoulder blast » ou les « pliés ». L'aspect musical est passionnant pour moi. Trouver la musique parfaite qui va accompagner le mouvement, le rendre fluide et ludique, c'est une chose que j'adore faire.

My clientele are mostly 20 to 80 year-old women. I created my own association in the suburbs of Paris and then in La Rochelle.

I offer “ Total body conditioning “ and “ age reverse” classes. I also practice barre work.

Last year I followed Danielle and Gail’s advice and I practiced Essentrics with two young professional football players who wanted to improve their flexibility and prevent injuries.

Discovering and teaching  Essentrics is a new and enriching experiment.First I like its facebook community : we can share our experiences, questions, solutions.Thanks to the Essentrics training I ‘ve met Miranda and Danielle in Amsterdam and many other very nice and open-minded instructors.

Most of all , Essentrics has changed the way I practice sport I have reduced the amount of exercises with dumbbells, I have improved my flexibility and the fluidity of my movements.It’s also helped with muscle and joint pains I occasionally had. I felt the benefit of the method myself since some of the chronic injuries I had, disappeared.

I also love teaching it .I can vary the classes, adapt them to the needs and goals of the participants and offer pleasant routines they love like “ shoulder blast” and “pliés”.

The musical part of the classes is really interesting too. I need to find the perfect track that is going to fit the exercise, accompany the movement , make it smoother or playful and I love it .

Mon premier objectif est de développer Essentrics ici à La Rochelle car la méthode est totalement inconnue. J'essaie, grâce à mon association, de créer des évènements, des cours gratuits pour faire découvrir Essentrics.

Personnellement, j'ai obtenu mon niveau 3 il y a presque deux ans et je souhaite rapidement passer mon niveau 4. Je me sens prête mais j'ai manqué de temps ces dernières années avec un bébé en 2015 et un déménagement. Maisje suis motivée et souhaiterais vraiment pouvoir créer mes propores enchaînements.

Par ailleurs, j'ai accompagné deux personnes dans leur formation  Level 1, Marie-Laure et Véronique pour qu'elles prennent la suite des cours d' Essentrics en région parisienne. J'ai beaucoup apprécié de les accompagner et de partager avec elles mon expérience Essentrics. J'espère pouvoir les emmener vers le niveau 2 plus tard.

Et enfin, me sentant un peu isolée en France, j'aurais souhaité, avec mes partenaires européens créer des évènements autour d' Essentrics, les rencontrer plus souvent pour partager notre quotidien d' Essentrics Teacher. Bientôt peut-être …

My goal is to develop Essentrics in La Rochelle because the method is totally unknown here. I’m trying to create events, free classes to introduce people to Essentrics.

I achieved level 3 almost 3 years ago and I’d like to achieve level 4 soon. I feel ready but I’ve lacked spare time for the last two years ( a baby and moving house).But I’m motivated and would like to create my own routines.

Besides, I trained 2 people to level 1 achievement so that they could take over the Essentrics classes in Paris. I enjoyed sharing my experience with them and hope I can train them to a further level later.

Finally, as I feel a bit isolated in France, I d like to create events with my Europeans partners, meet them more often to share our experiences and knowledge as Essentrics instructors. Maybe soon…

-  Stéphanie Taltavull

Despite of the summer holidays in Holland with most of our instructors were on a break, we had an amazing week of Live Teacher Trainings with Gail & Amanda in Amsterdam at MOVE//West, Danielle’s lovely studio and the headquarters of the European Community.

The Level 3 & 4 workshops were small group trainings, but a good reason to focus on each other’s bodies and tightness. The trainings helped people get out of a sudden pain or improving their posture. The 9-minute Trademark sequence Gail taught was really an eye-opener and it felt like a new form of Essentrics. We learned that it’s all about the main focus of your class and the techniques that you use. We learned a lot from these trainings and from each other. Gaining more knowledge about connective tissue – special thanks to the liquorice muscle – and being taught by different Master Trainers.

The little vision & goals setting session we’ve added in the advance workshops were a good way to think about our own personal goals with Essentrics in a different way; more forward-thinking. 

We also had an evening Teacher Training Session. This two-hour workshop is meant for all Essentrics Instructors (in training) and will be given every two months. Each session has a different main topic – similar to the teacher’s corner- there are so many interesting things around Essentrics to focus on and in Teacher Trainings you never have enough time to go deep into one aspect.

A Teacher Training Session also includes a one-hour class. For a lot of non-Amsterdam based Instructors this is a good opportunity to follow a live class with Danielle, and have the time to train and talk with Master Trainers from the Essentrics Head Office. We’re also organizing these sessions for the Dutch (European) community because it’s a good way to see each other more often.

Last but not least a big hurray for Sabine, Fleur and Petra who passed their Level 3 and 4 exams during this training week!

Jane Van Hout

Jane Van Hout is a level 2 Essentrics instructor from Amsterdam. Jane is passionate about sharing Essentrics with our growing global community. We are thrilled that she will be contributing to our monthly updates and sharing news about our European Essentrics Instructors.