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What is an Essentrics Age Reversing Pre-Choreographed Workout and how does it differ from a regular Essentrics PCW?

The main difference is the pace, intensity and teaching style of the workout. The DVD provides you with the non-stop, gentle, safe pace that is required for your class, as well as valuable teaching tips and cues to help you develop as an instructor for this clientele. The focus of an AR PCW is to gently increase full-body mobility and strength, liberate stiff joints (big and small), relieve chronic aches and pains, and improve overall health. Other PCW’s absolutely achieve those goals as they are all at the root of our technique, but an AR PCW is designed specifically to teach you how to teach this clientele and will guide you beginning-to-end with their needs and abilities in mind. This routine was created based on our successful experience with the hundreds of people we have taught at our Flagship studio and at our retreats.

Who is it for?

Any teacher that works with, or is interested in working with, seniors, people who are starting to exercise after a long sedentary period, recovering from injuries, are in pain / suffer from chronic conditions (arthritis, frozen shoulder, back pain, sciatica, etc.).

Do I need a special certification to teach this class?

If you are a certified Level 1 Essentrics instructor, you may purchase any Essentrics AR PCW. We are looking forward to offering an Essentrics Age Reversing certificate that will be available in 2017 that will give you more tools to work with the needs of an aging population.

Will all seniors be able to do this class? What if it is still too hard for them?

This routine is the perfect starting point. Just like any class, you will have varying abilities in one group. From the DVD and manual, you will learn how to safely respect your clients’ individual needs, and guide them through this workout.  It is up to you as an instructor to take it beyond the material provided and apply what you have learned in your Essentrics training. We are developing more Essentrics AR PCWs to offer a range of difficulty within this population. From our experience, the level and pacing on this PCW is good for most.

I’ve never worked with seniors or people who are in pain, what do I need to know?

Your AR PCW manual & DVD provide pertinent pointers from first-hand experience with this group. Arthritis, frozen shoulder, bursitis, herniated discs, back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and more will be common among this Age Reversing Workouts clientele. We are not doctors; take note of what your clients have and educate yourself. You will find relief when you learn that the movements and beliefs of our technique respect what is safe for people with these conditions and will alleviate their ailments to different degrees – keeping in mind that each case is different. As always, check in with your clients before, during, and after class. Your job is to help guide them towards their own, personal safe place for each exercise. Essentrics is not a “cookie cutter” technique, we expect you to respect your clients’ personal limitations and needs.

Your Level 3 Principles Manual, “Flexibility and Therapeutic Exercises,” is devoted to various elements related to rehabilitation, chronic conditions, injuries, and pain. With the high-demand of this type of class, you should be feeling more motivated than ever to get to that point of your certification. If you have it already, go ahead and market yourself and your classes to that target age and ability; you are bound for success.

Can I modify regular Essentrics PCWs to suit this group?

The intensity and pace of regular Essentrics PCW’s are intended for intermediate to advanced students. Even when you modify the strengthening demands and pace, to create varying levels of difficulty within that class, you must keep in mind that they were designed for a different target clientele. Remember that you must be Level 4 certified to create and re-design your own workouts, until then it is important to stick to the choreography that is supplied.

What is the demand for Essentrics Age Reversing classes?

There is a huge demand for these classes by a population that is underserved by the fitness industry. In fact, this type of class is our highest in demand! The Age Reversed PBS pledge special (documentary) has been the top performing pledge for all PBS stations across America and has attracted a large new fan base for our Essentrics workouts. The reaction has been so encouraging, and we are thrilled to see the number of people who feel hope for the first time that they too can age backwards, relieve pain, and gain energy and vitality. The popularity of the show coupled with the accompanying book being on the New York Times Bestsellers list has made it so that all teachers on our website have seen increased interest in their classes. We need teachers like you around the world to keep up with this population who have a wonderful desire to get moving, but have limited options for exercise classes that provide a safe, well-balanced workout like ours.

What can I call my class?

Please refer to our guidelines: essentrics.com/newsletters_ABNC.html

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