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Essentrics Barre has been a part of the Essentrics technique since the very beginning.
Unique from other barre programs—Essentrics Barre exercises are gentle on the body, yet challenging—with a focus on pulling the joints apart, leaving you feeling lighter, leaner and full of energy.
Remember, you don’t need a Barre to teach these exercises!

The following Teacher Training Manuals and Pre choreographed workouts are great tools to learn to teach and explain to your clients why Essentrics Barre is an effective workout for almost anyone!

After you are certified Level 1 you can learn any Pre-Choreographed routine in whichever order you like – they do not go in order of difficulty. Pre Cho 5 is the only Pre Choreographed Workout which includes Barre sequences/exercises that can be taught by any of our instructors because it is a beginner Barre workout that is easy to follow. After completing Level 3 and 4 you will know every Barre Exercise and be able to create your own stretching and strengthening Barre exercises.

– The routine is divided into 3 sections:
Standing, floor, and barre.

– Total of 1.5 hours of material so that you can mix and match the sequences to create several different routines.


Great for athletes and people with chronic pain


In this manual you will discover how to use the most important and effective techniques from the Essentrics Program to gain a deeper flexibility and range of motion.  The focus is on using the Barre to unlock and stretch the deep muscles of the spine, hips, hamstrings and quads in order to relieve pain and permit full range of motion. Learn each of the barre stretching sequences in order to safely and effectively rebalance all the joints and develop long, lean, and flexible muscles with immediate changes to your posture.


Learn each of the exercises that use the barre to isolate specific muscle groups resulting in higher muscle engagement and more targeted and elongated toning.

When people hold a barre they do not have to worry about losing their balance. This confidence helps them to work harder on lifting their legs higher and to work on the correct technique without fear of falling over. This helps both strengthen the hips, gluteous muscles and quadriceps in order to take the load off the lower back and increase their eccentric flexibility.


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