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Level 3

Full body flexibility is one of the most important features of a healthy pain-free body. Flexibility along with strength keeps us pain-free, young and fully active throughout our lives. It is vital that as we age we do not lose our flexibility. Too often the focus in fitness programs is on strengthening the muscles to the detriment of flexibility. Level 3 teaches how to counteract the problem of tight painful muscles by increasing the full range of motion/flexibility of every joint. You will also learn why these exercises change the shape of your client’s muscles, and improves their posture.

Certification level: Essentrics Certified Instructor L3
Subject matter: Learn ESSENTRICS flexibility and therapeutic exercises

Level 3 focuses on flexibility and healing. After you have completed this level you will understand how to help clients achieve, rapid, safe and maximum flexibility while rebalancing their entire muscular skeleton. You will learn how to achieve complex flexibility objectives such as improved posture, foot and ankle flexibility, hip range of motion, frozen shoulder relief and much more.

Pre-requisite: Certified Level 2 Essentrics instructor


  • Instructional DVD
  • Time management guide
  • Practical 18 hour teaching form
  • Evaluation booklet

Price 294.95$


About Level 3

In Level 3, you will learn over 50 original flexibility exercises, targeting every muscle group of the body. In the manual and DVD, each exercise is analysed in detail describing the techniques, modifications and common mistakes for every exercise. Exercises include standing, barre and floor work. In addition, you will learn how and when to modify the exercises, how to evaluate your clients and how to use simple, inexpensive equipment to help target specific muscle groups. This knowledge is useful for people of all ages, genders and fitness levels. Everyone needs full body flexibility to prevent aging and to feel comfortable and pain free in their bodies.

Level 3 will teach you how to achieve safe and effective flexibility - achieving full body flexibility should always be safe.

Therapeutic exercises

The module on Therapeutics explores the basic causes of many common conditions such as frozen shoulder, back pain, hip and foot pain, arthritis and osteoporosis and how ESSENTRICS flexibility exercises can help to manage and heal many of these conditions. In this section, you will learn how flexibility can be used to increase the rate of healing and relief of pain in many cases, as well as how to adapt the exercises to special populations.


Instructors are required to learn the illustrated anatomy from the Level 3 Manual. This may require you to take an Anatomy and Physiology course in order to gain a thorough understanding of the key anatomy involved in Essentrics exercises. To obtain a Level 3 Essentrics certification, you must be able to identify which bones the muscles attach to (you are not required to know their specific origins) and to indicate how many joints the muscles pass through. This knowledge will give an Instructor the proper tools needed to address client issues and/or injuries with the proper vocabulary and expertise.

Expected time to complete Level 3: Approximately 20 weeks

Examination of Level 3: Skype Session $100 / Live Exam $120

  • Practical Exam: Instructors must submit a DVD or recorded video of themselves teaching various exercise modifications with correct and incorrect positioning
  • Practical Teaching Hours: Instructors must submit proof of teaching 18 practical hours of any of the PCWs
  • Written Evaluation: Submit the completed multiple choice exam booklet which is found at the end of your manual.
  • Live Exam: Once the written and practical examinations are complete and graded, if the Instructor has passed (obtains a grade of 80% higher) they will be contacted to schedule a Live Exam. Live exams can be done through Skype or in person (if applicable).  The live exam is a way to test the instructors’ ability to apply a deeper analysis of the theoretical knowledge from the course material and their own independent studies. This will be an opportunity to identify any difficulties and allow the instructor to focus on areas that need more attention in order to enhance their skills. It may be required to schedule a follow up meeting to facilitate any areas of the material.

Credits earned and listed on our website

When you pass each level you will be listed on our web-site in the following way:

  • Essentrics Certified Instructor Level 1
  • Essentrics Certified Instructor Level 2
  • Essentrics Certified Instructor Level 3
  • Essentrics Certified Instructor Level 4

We will list your name, city, club and class times. This is a proven way to quickly build clientele as we have an international fan base that are always looking for classes in their areas. You will be issued an official certificate as well as being listed on our web site

Workshops credit:

If you attend a live ESSENTRICS workshop you will be credited with an honors degree beside the level of workshop which you have attended;

  • Essentrics Certified Instructor Level 1 with honor
  • Essentrics Certified Instructor Level 2 with honor
  • Essentrics Certified Instructor Level 3 with honor
  • Essentrics Certified Instructor Level 4 with honor

Maintaining your certification

ESSENTRICS certification must be maintained on an annual basis. In order to do so we have given you the following three options:

  • Purchase a minimum of 2 pre-choreographed workout a year
  • Submit a DVD teaching a one hour workout
  • Attend a live workshop

If you do not maintain your certification your name will be removed from our web site as an ESSENTRICS instructor.

Level 3