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Please read the following Beginner's Guide in its entirety to ensure you get the best results with Essentrics / Classical Stretch. Many of our workouts are suitable for all fitness levels, however, some are made specifically for those suffering with pain/stiffness and/or with low mobility.

*Note: Before beginning any new fitness program, it’s important to get your doctor’s approval.


If you are limited in your fitness ability, are new to our technique, or suffer from chronic pain, we suggest that you relax your muscles during all the workouts and move slowly and gently until you feel ready to pick up the pace and intensity.

Work as hard as you are able to—your muscles will grow at a pace that is safe for you. Don’t push too much to begin with; your body will change much more rapidly if you don’t force it. Be patient!


Even when done in a relaxed mode, the dynamic movements in Classical Stretch / Essentrics will increase your blood flow, which will bring healing nutrients and oxygen into your muscles. Don’t feel that you are wasting your time relaxing as you will actually gain strength faster!

Your body gives you signs—be sure to respect them. There is a difference between the discomfort when you are safely strengthening your muscles (a good thing) and a sharp pain sensation (a warning that you should not be forcing it).

Don’t forget to breathe!


It is safe to do daily 23-30 minute workouts. Similar to how brushing your teeth protects your gums—daily stretching will protect your youth and vitality. A minimum of 3 times weekly is a good place to start.



Exercise mats are useful for standing and floor work. They prevent you from slipping on flat surfaces and can provide relief for those with foot pain. Any foam mat will do—some of you may prefer a slightly thicker mat for floor work and a thinner one for standing exercises.

Suggested Products:

0.3" Thick Fitness Mat

1/4" Thin Fitness Mat


A foam exercise brick is practical to have for seated exercises. If you're unable to sit on the floor with a straight back (specifically your lower back), with your legs extended in front of you—a foam riser will help facilitate this and enable you to solicit the correct muscles. (Recommended size: 2x8x12")

Suggested Products:

2" Thick Foam Brick
A soft foam cushion is useful for those who may feel discomfort while lying on their sides/hips during floor work. (Recommended size: 18")

Suggested Products:

18" Foam Donut Cushion

A resistance band is great to assist you with seated exercises. If you have tight muscles, the band acts as an extension to add resistance or assist with release during certain floor stretches. (Recommendation: Choose the beginner or advanced set based on your level of flexibility.)

Suggested Products:

Theraband Elastics
The barre can be useful during deep, targeted stretches, as well as when balance proves to be a challenge. As many people do not have barres at their disposal, we recommend using a chair that is sturdy, preferably without arms, whose seat is at an ideal height for you to place your foot on while the leg is extended.

Try some of our barre workouts here!



Classical Stretch DVDs:
There are 30 different workout episodes available to you within each season of Classical Stretch (26 episodes in Season 4).  
NOTE: Classical Stretch DVDs have a slower pace than Essentrics DVDs.

Essentrics DVDs:
Each Essentrics DVD consists of individual 30-minute and/or 1-hour workouts.
NOTE: Many Essentrics DVDs have a faster pace and are aimed at strengthening and toning. They are not recommended for beginners (with the exception of “The Ultimate Stretch Workouts” and "Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners").

DVD Workout Components:
Each workout consists of standing and/or floor and/or barre work (please consult our DVD product pages for details).

 All of our workouts are also available to stream online (click here to subscribe to Essentrics TV +)

Here’s how you should begin with any of our workout DVDs:


?  Suffer from pain    ? Have limited mobility    ? In poor shape
We suggest you do these workouts:
Pain Relief Workouts Age Reversing for Beginners:
Mobility & Bone Strengthening
Age Reversing for Beginners:
Posture & Pain
Classical Stretch
Season 11
Aging Backwards:
Connective Tissue Workouts
Essentrics Aging Backwards/Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners / Pain-Relief Workouts / Aging Backwards Connective Tissue WorkoutsYou can start with any workout you like.

Classical Stretch Season 11 —these simple sequences of exercises (standing, floor and barre) will ensure youthful aging and provide a boost of energy, reduce fatigue, stiffness and relieve pain. This mobility series is aimed at keeping you feeling young, pain-free and fully mobile no matter what your age

?  Prefer to do mainly all-standing exercises
We suggest you do these workouts:
Age Reversing for Beginners:
Mobility & Bone Strengthening
Pain Relief Workouts Classical Stretch
Season 11
Essentrics Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners —You can start with any workout you like.
(45min. standing & chair/barre + 15min. floor)

Pain-Relief Workouts
— You can start with any workout you like.
(1h45min. standing & chair/barre + 15min. floor)

Classical Stretch Season 11 —these simple sequences of exercises will ensure youthful aging and provide a boost of energy, reduce fatigue, stiffness and relieve pain. This mobility series is aimed at keeping you feeling young, pain-free and fully mobile no matter what your age. 

? Occassionally suffer from pain or stiffness ? Exercise infrequently
? Have slightly limited or good mobility ? Athlete looking to stretch
We suggest you do these workouts:
Full Body Workout
& Stretch Series Box Set
Beginners Bundle Ultimate Stretch Toning for Beginners CS Season 7 CS Season 9 CS Season 11
Essentrics Full body workout Vol.3 & Essentrics Stretch series Vol.1 DVD Box Set—One hour and 3 x 30 minute workout starring Miranda and the Essentrics Master Trainer team. Slow to moderate in pace, these workouts are perfect for every fitness level to unlock your body from head to toe!

Beginners DVD Bundle
Includes 4 of our most crowd-pleasing Essentrics and Classical Stretch beginner DVDs for one special price.

The Ultimate Stretch Workouts
Disc 1 has two 30 min. gentle stretch workouts to help activate and release your muscles. Disc 2 has four 15 min. workouts to help relieve pain and speed up injury recovery.

Essentrics Toning for Beginners 
enjoy two 30 minute beginners workout that are slow in pace and easy to follow – guaranteed to stretch and strengthen all 650 muscles in your body. The perfect way to tone your body and increase mobility without the use of weights.

Classical Stretch Season 7
the workouts are divided into two themes: strengthening workouts (to tone and promote weight loss) and flexibility/mobility workouts (to help with arthritis, healing, stress relief, back pain, surgery recovery, rehabilitation and fibromyalgia).

Classical Stretch Season 9
try a combination of workouts that will relieve pain and tone and strengthen your body. Begin with the workouts titled “Pain Relief” for a slower more therapeutic workout. Move on to the workouts titled “Weight Loss” once you are ready for a challenge”.

Classical Stretch Season 11
these simple sequences of exercises (standing, floor and barre) will ensure youthful aging and provide a boost of energy, reduce fatigue, stiffness and relieve pain. This mobility series is aimed at keeping you feeling young, pain-free and fully mobile no matter what your age.

?  Relatively Fit    ? Occassionally suffer from pain and stiffness
We suggest you do the following workouts:
Classical Stretch Season 6 Classical Stretch Season 8 Classical Stretch Season 10 Classical Stretch Season 12
You do not need to follow the workouts sequentially nor do you need to start with "Episode 1."

Please refer to the product page of these Classical Stretch DVDs within our online store, in order to view the entry level episodes (marked by an asterisk (*) next to their name).

Choosing episodes with the words “slenderize / tone / weight loss / strengthen” will have a faster, more intense overall feeling—do not be intimidated and start at your own pace. You can mix these workouts in from the start, otherwise, work up to them after a month or more of doing the slower episodes.

Choosing episodes with the words “stretch / release / flexibility” will have slower movements and will be easier to follow; effective for the health and balance of your full body.

?  Beginner    ? Non-Beginner  ? Fully Mobile
We suggest you choose any "Classical Stetch" or "Essentrics" DVD. Go at your own pace!
Essentrics Classical Stretch
Check out our online form to find the right DVD for your fitness goals.

When beginning with Essentrics: "The Body Sculpting Series", "The Ultimate Stretch Workouts" and "Class of 2012" are great options–easy to follow, medium-pace, but still challenging.

• If the exercises are too fast, slow down to a comfortable speed and do less
• Warm-ups can be quick-paced — go at your own tempo and ignore the pace on the DVD.
• Stop and start as often as you want.
• In a very short amount of time, these workouts will become easy to follow (but still challenging for you body)

RESULTS: Classical Stretch / Essentrics rebalances your 650 muscles—decreasing pain, increasing your overall strength, energy, and freedom of movement in all of your joints. Go for it! Don’t let yourself get discouraged at the beginning. In no time, you will feel like a new person. ENJOY!