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When our body is balanced, every muscle is equally as strong as it is flexible with joints that can move through their full range of motion with ease. An imbalance in our muscles can be caused by almost any activity — or lack of activity — that takes us out of our routine. Summer represents a shift in our activity level, these changes in routine can lead to a greater chance of our body becoming imbalanced, leaving us feeling tight, weak and sluggish.

Now is the perfect time to restore yourself from your summer activities and renew your energy reserves as we prepare for back to school and back to work.



Although the 650 muscles of the human body are divided into separate groups that perform their own unique tasks, all our muscles are connected in chains. Healthy, efficient movement recruits the whole chain, with each muscle participating to actively move or stabilize. However, when one muscle in the chain becomes tense due to lack of use (atrophy), overtraining, or poor posture or alignment, it turns into a “weak link” in the chain and can no longer do its job. All the muscles in the chain are affected, and the consequences ripple throughout our entire body, making us prone to injury, pain and low energy.



All Essentrics workouts are designed to rebalance your joints and muscles through gentle full-body movement. Here are some key pointers for reaping the complete rebalancing benefits from your workouts, to feel lighter, freer and more centered in all your daily activities:

1- Release tension. Moving like a floppy rag doll helps to switch off muscles that are working too hard and encourages underused muscles in the chain to start moving. When you feel tight, remembering to breathe deeply will help you let go of tension and calm your mind.

2- Slow down. When we rush, our movements become less precise, and we let our tense, overused muscles take over. Moving deliberately through the flowing, complex full-body sequences in Essentrics will allow you to explore moving in new ways and recruit muscles in the chain that may be neglected.

3- Observe how your body feels. By doing so, you will increase your body awareness, meaning you will become aware of your movement in space, helping you to move with more ease. Another great benefit of tuning in to our body sensations is increased concentration and mental focus that improve our entire well-being.

4- Move your 360 joints in every direction that they are designed to move, and in the range available to you without pain. An Essentrics workout involves constant twisting, turning, bending, and reaching in various directions and planes and ensures that you are moving all your joints for increased mobility and freedom of movement.

5- Stretch and strengthen your 650 muscles through regular Essentrics full-body workouts that encourage all the muscles in the chain to collaborate – restoring balance and giving you increased energy, ease of movement and endurance.


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