APT Fair - Salt Lake City, Utah
To announce the upcoming Aging Backwards 2 Documentary launching in 2018, Miranda hosted an energizing breakfast during this month’s American Public Television Fall Marketplace in Salt Lake City.

Pictured above from left: Lynda (Head of Production), Miranda, Sahra, and Allison (Marketing Director).


Lake Powell, Utah
Meanwhile in Utah…Miranda and Sahra take some time off between the APT Marketplace Fair and
PBS Pledge Tour to explore the vast landscapes.

Navajo Reserve, Utah
Sahra and Miranda sitting within the 180 million-year-old Navajo sandstones in the slot canyons.

Sarah Gadon on Jimmy Kimmel – Los Angeles, California
Actress Sarah Gadon began doing Essentrics over 7 years ago while filming a movie on location in Montreal and has consistently been following both DVDs and live classes in her hometown of Toronto ever since. She is one of our biggest advocates.
Sarah is currently starring in the critically acclaimed miniseries Alias Grace (adapted from Margaret Atwood's novel)
which launched on Netflix on November 3rd. We highly recommend it!

What Women Want Expo - Great Falls, Montana
Kimberly Woodring leading participants through an Essentrics demonstration at the What Women Want Expo in Montana. @kimberlystretch

Heemstede, Netherlands
"Working with recovering cancer patients is my inspiration. Especially when I see the joy and power it brings to the participants after each session.”- Fleur Kalbfleisch. Fleur offers free weekly classes to cancer patients in Heemstede. @fflowbyfleur

TEDxMontrealWomen – Montreal, Quebec
Essentrics' Business Development manager Annabel Tory, who is also highly involved in organizing TEDxMontrealWomen,
leads an Essentrics stretch at the yearly conference to reenergize attendees in between talks.

Montreal, Quebec
More and more pregnant women are joining Essentrics classes. Helene from Montreal follows Instructor Suzie Matte
to stay healthy and strong throughout her pregnancy. @Suzie Matte

Soho House - Toronto, Ontario

On Sunday, November 19th, we hosted a Teacher Community Brunch at the Soho House Toronto for instructors to connect with one another. Essentrics experienced a 650% growth in instructors in the last 3 years which means more and more people across the globe will be able to experience a live class! Supporting our teachers and ensuring that the technique is taught at its best is our top priority. Our instructors are passionate about bringing the health benefits of Essentrics to as many people as possible.

Alberta, Canada

Miranda taking in fresh air while traveling on the famous cross-country Via Rail train route from Vancouver to Montreal.

Mid-West Getaway- Tulsa, Oklahoma
Instructor Cassandra McCoy hosted an Essentrics Mid-West Getaway in Oklahoma. Seen here, Instructor Jackie Badger joins the participants in a morning Essentrics class. @jackiebadgeressentrics

Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania
Streaming while travelling in Tasmania! “I have been doing Essentrics almost daily for about 5 years and love it. My 79 year old mother does it too as well as my 19 and 21 year old daughters”- Sally Harrison from St-Louis, MO.

Yosemite National Park, California
Essentrics Instructor Doreen Chan does some barre stretches in the gorgeous Yosemite National Park. Great shot! @mlle_barre_ect

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