Are Your Tissues Transforming for the Better or Worse?

Our joints don’t magically get looser as we get older, and our posture won’t miraculously straighten up. Similar to how our teeth are prone to plaque buildup without regular brushing, the connective tissues that surround our muscles and joints can slowly start to adhere to one another, sticking and stiffening when neglected. This build-up of congealed tissues alters our silhouette and the ease with which we move.

Think about how you hold your posture throughout the day: sitting at the desk, slumped on the couch, or looking down at your smartphone. Most of what we do trains our muscles into shortened imbalanced positions. The result? Your fascia – the sheets of tissue that envelope the muscles – begin to tighten and reshape. This could appear as a bulge in the upper back, a protruding neck, or flattening of the lower back. If you haven’t noticed physical changes, there may be other signs in the way you feel. Discomfort, pain, headaches, irritation, or rigidity are all signals of tissue distress. Remember, it’s not just your posture! Other factors like repetitive movements or exercises, chronic stress, hormonal shifts, injuries, and surgeries can all take a toll on your connective tissue.


Changing Shape: Unlock Rigidity with Fluidity

To address and alleviate “stuck” or adhered tissues, think of your fascia and joints as engine parts requiring regular lubrication. Slow, deliberate movements that contract and elongate the muscles help to hydrate the fascia so the tissues can slide and glide like a well-oiled machine. Just as brushing your teeth is a daily ritual, so should be the maintenance of your body’s connective framework. Every day you practice Essentrics, you’re nourishing the fascia and reversing the layers of stickiness that have built-up over the years.

Full-body range of motion exercises that challenge the muscles as they elongate help to reshape stiffened fascia by promoting circulation to every cell in your body. Just one 20-minute workout will hydrate your tissues, improve blood flow, and provide you with immediate relief that lasts. Make this part of your daily routine and the benefits will compound, freeing your body and changing the way you look and feel.


Read Through Each Milestone to See a Timeline to Results ⬇



If Essentrics was a nutritional supplement you took every day, this is how you would expect to feel:

DAY 1: Awakening Your Body

After your first workout, you’ll already begin to feel the Essentrics effect. Targeting your connective tissue gently and deliberately leaves you feeling freedom in your joints, taller in your posture, and energized.

“It feels like I had a massage.” – Susan


WEEK 1: Spark in Your Energy

Every muscle is feeling stronger after your first week. Your metabolism is waking up, giving you a boost throughout your days. You’re also feeling your joints are beginning to unlock as the tension releases in your muscles. You’re looking forward to your next workout!

“I feel vibrant with energy – and it has all happened so fast. It’s difficult to believe these simple stretches can do so much.” – Steve


DAY 14: Supporting Your Cellular Health

The lengthening and strengthening effects of Essentrics are starting to define your waist and shoulders. You’re already beginning to feel your mobility change, giving you a bigger range of motion and the ability to recruit more muscles. The more muscles you recruit, the more you awaken the mitochondria (the powerhouses in the cells). This is the key to regulating metabolism, providing you with energy and controlling weight.

“I had been having pain and soreness in different areas of my body from doing the simplest things and in just these 2 weeks have felt such a difference in my strength and flexibility. I think the secret is doing a workout every day.” – Tricia


MONTH 1: Deeper Stretching & Strengthening

As you wrap up your first month with Essentrics, you notice sculpted arms and shoulders, toned abs and core, and defined thighs and hips beginning to take shape. At this point, your increased strength and flexibility allows you to work deeper – kickstarting even greater benefits for the months to come. You’re also experiencing the healing benefits of Essentrics. Your aches and pains begin to disappear as you continuously hydrate your fascia and rebalance your muscles.

“I’ve been doing at least 25 minutes per day every day for 5 weeks now! My posture is much better, my legs and arms feel longer and stronger, and my core is much flatter and stronger all around.” – Jan R


MONTH 3: Connective Tissue Transformation

Now is where your fascia really starts to change. It takes time and patience to unlock connective tissue – but once you do it can be life-changing for how you look and feel. From the three-month point onwards, you’ll notice the cascading effect of consistently working your connective tissue, muscle strength and flexibility. Effortless posture, better sleep, comfort throughout your days and confidence in how you move are your new normal.

“I feel like I have my old self back, only better. I feel alive again.” – Patricia


YEAR 1: Essentrics Evolution

By the time you reach the one-year mark with Essentrics, you feel like you’ve had a complete reset in your body’s balance, strength and flexibility. You find yourself moving in ways you never thought possible, enjoying activities that once caused you discomfort and inspired to plan new experiences for the future. You feel like a new person. With every stretching and strengthening exercise, you rediscover parts of your body you thought were lost to time. You’re not just working out – you’re evolving.

“Since starting your program about a year ago, I’ve lost 45 pounds and reshaped my body and it’s still improving. I have more agility, flexibility and balance than I ever dreamed I would regain.” – Nancy


YEAR 3: Sustained Harmony

After a few years of consistent practice, your body has integrated the feeling of being lifted and elongated into every part of your life. Rather than plateauing, it’s normal for you to notice seasonal transformations in your posture, health and mobility that reflect the care you’ve invested. As you unlock the deeper fascial layers, you unveil a silhouette of balanced strength and grace. Your muscles take on the lean, elongated lines that are the signature of Essentrics.


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