“I discovered Essentrics through my mother who was working through a knee injury. After seeing her reverse the wear and tear on her body and heal her knee with Essentrics, I decided to take it up as a way to prevent and recover from the aches and pains of a dance career.”

What motivated Timothy to become an instructor was “the sometimes-outdated ways that the dance world thinks of bodies. It is possible to have a career in dance that doesn’t lead to crippling aches and pains or career-ending injuries. However, this knowledge is not being passed down due to a lack of understanding of the human body. I believe Essentrics could very well be the key to solving this.”

“What inspires me the most with teaching is how much the program helped my mother. I watched my mother transform from a woman in her 50’s who felt like someone in their 70’s to a 60 year old woman who feels like a 30 year old! My mother and I got my brother and dad into Essentrics and now everyone in the family feels as fit as they can be! We get a lot of use out of our Essentrics TV subscription.”

What’s next for Timothy? “Seeing as I’m relatively new to the instructor game and I still have one year left as a college dance major, I am taking things slow and steady! I have mainly been working with friends who are dancers in their early twenties. Those who I have worked with consistently feel like they have additional energy and mobility with which to approach their art! I have a dancer client who has been injured for over a year. She went from therapist to therapist looking for help with no results. After just a few months of doing Essentrics she already feels stronger and has reduced pain! If I can help someone feel stronger or have a more comfortable day in their body, I have done my job!”

-Timothy Mayberry