“My sister introduced me to Essentrics, and it was love at first movement! We had signed up for a Level 1 Live Training in Colorado together and we learned so much and laughed until our cheeks hurt.

In my classes, I prioritize psychological safety, so that people know that they’re welcome when they’re anxious, grieving, or overwhelmed as much as when they’re motivated, carefree, or energetic. I have witnessed participants move from nervously wanting to “do it right” by forcing their bodies to do what they think they “should” do, to finding agency over their own movement choices, getting curious about what’s possible, and prioritizing their own enjoyment.

I was living with persistent physical pain, deep grief, and chronic stress. With support, I was working towards practicing self-compassion, unhooking from my thoughts, and finding ways to take better care of myself. Essentrics allowed me to practice these things while also helping me to alleviate physical pain, release stress, and find moments of joy. Essentrics transformed my life, and I knew that I wanted to create opportunities for others to experience its magic too!

Essentrics is so much more than fitness – we are learning (and practicing) how to show up for ourselves, unapologetically. I feel privileged to be chosen by participants to support them as they navigate the awkwardness and challenges of learning something new, find the courage to make the choices that are right for them, and find joy through movement (sometimes for the first time in their life!). Witnessing the ripples these experiences have on participants outside of class is inspiring.

Someone once told me that coming to class was like going out to coffee with a good friend (and I couldn’t agree more!). Together we’ve created a soft space where we can move our bodies, and that is welcoming and accepting of our humanity. I’m a believer that as we learn how to better take care of ourselves, we increase our ability to take good care of our loved ones, our communities, and our planet. When we widen our lens, what might seem small is immeasurable (in the best possible ways).

My goal is to put movement opportunities out into the world for movement’s sake (as opposed to being a means to an end). I aim to create space for people to show up as their whole selves and be curiously (im)perfect together. I hope to challenge the stories that tell us that we’re not enough, or that we gain value through the results we are seeking. On a personal level, I want to always find joy through teaching, and use movement to release striving and create meaning.”

-Ashley Farrar