From your 20s to your 70s, your body goes through unique physiological changes, but it was designed to stay strong, vibrant, and pain-free for the full duration of your life.  Creating a daily routine of full body movement and building both strength and flexibility can greatly enhance your health and well-being. “Use it or lose it” might be an age-old saying but it is one of the key secrets to vibrant aging.

Find out how to best support your body through each decade +


The Formative Years
Your 20s

There is no better decade in your life to plant the seeds for a lifetime of health! Muscle cells fuel your metabolism and give you energy – the natural rate of cellular regeneration is at its peak. Therefore, you may see and feel rapid changes to your body during this 21-day challenge. With our specialized workouts, you will have a newfound sense of awareness and balance within your body – allowing you to work harder and find extra resistance at times or work gently, respecting the needs of your body, when needed.

As a bonus, maintaining a healthy habit of exercise will help you manage stress and enhance your mental health by releasing endorphins. Remember, we don’t need to feel sore after a workout to know that it is effective. The key to maintaining a lifelong love of movement is that your workouts leave you feeling your very best!


The Transformative Years
Your 30s

Your 30s are your time to shine. During these exciting and transformative years, your cellular regeneration cycle (responsible for the aging process) begins to gently slow down – although you may not feel it until your mid-thirties. In this challenge, you will be activating all 650 muscles in an equal and balanced way, taking control of this process by signalling to your cells that you need them! We designed this program so that you can feel good and compliment your body’s needs – whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to fitness.

What makes Essentrics so unique and effective is the way it elongates and tones the muscles in every direction and at all angles, without the use of equipment. Feel strong, flexible and shine brightly with Essentrics in your 30s!


The Preventative Years
Your 40s

As you’ve gained enough experience to know what’s truly important in your life, your 40s, or as we like to call them “The Preventative Years”, are a wonderful opportunity to support  and transform your health. As we juggle between work and family, this period of our lives can feel hectic – making it hard to find time for ourselves. We may notice a dip in our energy levels, hormonal fluctuations, and slight changes in our muscle tone and metabolism.  The great news, however, is that none of this is an inevitable part of the aging process. By placing your health and well-being at the top of your priority list, you can turn the tide with exercises designed to wake up your muscles, and boost your metabolism.

Essentrics will renew your vitality with workouts that build mobility, strength, and flexibility in every muscle and joint – sending a signal to your cells that they are still needed in the decades to come. Get ready to experience just how dynamic and energetic your 40s can be.


The Active Years
Your 50s

Your half-century mark is more than just an exciting milestone birthday celebration! This is your time to take a proactive role in maintaining your health to ensure you stay vibrant, active and strong as the decade progresses. Aging is an inevitable part of life. Once we reach our 50s, hormonal shifts and decades of sitting at a desk may cause age-related muscle mass decline at an accelerated pace. In fact, scientists estimate a semi-sedentary individual can expect a 20% loss of muscle mass by the age of 50, versus a 6% loss in an active person. This translates into 20% fewer muscle cells working to keep you burning calories, stabilizing energy levels, and maintaining optimal collagen production to prevent joint stiffness. Losing muscle mass can also impact your posture.

The silver lining? Correct movement like Essentrics has proven to stave off and even reverse muscle loss and weakness – ensuring your vibrant years are brimming with strength, energy and vitality! 


The Vibrant Years
Your 60s

Living your best life doesn’t require the stamina of an Olympic athlete; having the energy to do the things you love is all you need. As your cellular regeneration cycle continues to slow down, the signs of aging may become more noticeable, and a lack of daily movement may cause pain, stiffness and poor alignment in your body. The good news is that with regular, full-body exercise – your muscles will become stronger, your joints freer, and you will feel liberated from head to toe!

Essentrics workouts with clean alignment will activate and strengthen all of your 650 muscles – helping you boost the regeneration cycle, burn more calories, prevent injuries and build stronger bones.


The Freedom Years
Your 70s & up

Feeling great should be your daily mantra! Aging is a biological change at the cellular level, but it’s never too late to take control of this natural process and slow it down so that it has minimal effects on your daily life. Maintaining our flexibility, mobility and range of motion will allow us to continue doing the activities we love with a sense of ease and balance in our body – and help protect us against falls and injury. Other benefits include relieving aches and pains caused by chronic conditions, as well as forging new neurological connections and strengthening existing ones within your brain, keeping you sharp and improving your memory.

Through daily Essentrics workouts, you will continue to build strength, boost your energy, and increase your dexterity for the simple tasks of everyday life – which goes a long way towards maintaining your independence and well-being!

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