Meet Ayssa Dantzler, a Level 3 Essentrics® Instructor from Waldorf, Maryland! Ayssa first discovered Essentrics® when a personal training client asked her to certify in the Essentrics® training program, as her client’s current exercise regimen needed to include flexibility and mobility training. She also shared with Ayssa how Essentrics® can improve her training. After researching and connecting with the program, Ayssa became Level 1 Certified in March 2017 and has been teaching the program since.

Ayssa owns her own studio, The Stretching Boutique, where she works with a variety of people who continually inspire her. Her client populations vary from an individual who does not experience pain and wants to maintain a no-pain state, to individuals looking to eliminate pain through a non-surgery solution. So many of Ayssa’s clients have shared with her how light their bodies feel after Essentrics® and how happy they are because of pain-free movements. After each class, Ayssa’s clients share with her – and others participating in Essentrics® – how stress-free and relaxed their bodies feel.

Not only that, Essentrics® has transformed her local community! The exercise program introduced an alternative method of fitness to the community that does not break the body down but builds the body up… New and potential clients often say to Ayssa, “there is nothing in the area that offers this type of fitness” and “thank you for teaching this fitness format!” Her clients have experienced everything from pain relief due to nerve damage in their backs to regaining full range of motion of their arm after rotator cuff surgery. Ayssa continues to support her clients (the fitfam) through optimum and balanced movements, while simultaneously supporting them with experiencing a fit, happy, and pain-free life.

Instagram: @thestretchingboutique
Facebook: The Stretching Boutique


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