Mobility made simple

What is Full Body Mobility?

Full body mobility is being able to reach, twist and turn in every direction, bend with ease, and complete daily tasks not only painlessly, but with energy to spare! Full body mobility is accessing your body's full potential without a second thought.

Why do we lose our mobility?

Whether it's the result of overtraining, a sedentary lifestyle, an injury, or illness—when we stop using a certain muscle group, the muscle cells begin to die off or "atrophy". Why do we care about muscle cells? It is our calorie–burning cells which create healthy muscles and provide us with energy and stamina. Trillions of cells combined make up our bodies large, complex and interconnected muscle chains. When we stop moving any muscle (down to the tiniest one!), the consequences ripple through our entire body and can be felt everywhere.

What are the symptoms of decreased mobility?

Daily activities will not only become more difficult, but you may also experience weight gain, lack of energy, joint compression, tightness and pain. If not addressed, all of these symptoms can lead to further atrophy and loss of mobility. The good news is...this cycle can be reversed!

How do I maintain and regain my mobility?

The answer is simple: you just have to keep moving! By using and challenging all 650 muscles through correct, safe, full-body exercises, you will maintain and regain head-to-toe mobility.

Why Essentrics?

Traditional fitness techniques target specific muscle groups, can compress your joints, and often lead to injury and pain because of muscle imbalance. The Essentrics technique safely strengthens and stretches every muscle with massive, full body movements that will work through every muscle chain evenly, liberate your joints, relieve tension, give you energy, and keep you moving freely. The best part—it only takes 30 minutes a day!


Season 11 of Miranda Esmonde–White's Classical Stretch series focuses on achieving and maintaining full body mobility. With the perfect combination of entry-level episodes for beginners and more challenging episodes, this series offers safe and gentle workouts that unlock tight muscles, liberate joints and ensure long-term body health.

If you're active and in shape or just beginning to exercise after a long sedentary period, these simple exercise sequences (standing, floor and barre) will ensure youthful aging and provide a boost of energy, reduce fatigue, stiffness and relieve pain.

Make Classical Stretch a part of your daily routine in order to rebalance, recondition and maintain full body mobility.

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Attending a Live Class can be an invaluable experience. Work with a live trainer to make the most of your Essentrics and Classical Stretch workouts!

Find an instructor in your area. Select your country from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page. Contact any instructor directly to receive details on when and where they teach.

Not seeing anyone in your area? Interested in learning more and sharing the Essentrics technique?

Becoming an Esssentrics instructor is an extremely rewarding experience. By completing your Essentrics certification, you will learn the skills necessary to share and teach our technique to your friends, family and clients.

"Essentrics helped bring me back into the game after near retirement. My body was unable to function, injured and in constant pain. After the first session with Miranda, I felt the pain disappearing. I really believe that this program has something in it for everyone; whether you're looking to relieve pain, improve your sport or change your body, Essentrics is it."

Jonathon Power, Former World Squash Champion