Final Exam

Get Certified


An exciting, monumental achievement and the final step towards becoming a Certified Essentrics Instructor, this component of the certification provides you with the platform to showcase how much you’ve learned and developed throughout the training and demonstrates your ability to integrate all the elements of the curriculum into a class setting with the experience and confidence you’ve gained.

This assessment is about maintaining a global standard of excellence within our community and doing our part to help our instructors succeed.

*The one-hour class will reflect your chosen Certification Track by means of its target demographic (general fitness or Aging Backwards).  



You may record your video as soon as you receive your Level 4 evaluation results and feedback. 

No additional material required beyond the Level 1-4 Manuals and Pre-Choreographed Workouts you have learned and taught throughout the certification. 

The final class assessment showcases how much you’ve developed since your Level 1 PCW1 exam.  

1 component for the final exam: 

Practical evaluation: A recorded video submission (DVD, USB, online video link) 100% of final grade 

A one-hour Essentrics class demonstrating your understanding and appropriate use of techniques, objectives, imagery, tempo, modifications, anatomy, class flow and confidence that is expected from a Level 4 instructor. This class routine can be an existing Pre-Choreographed Workout, a collaboration of PCW’s, or your original design as long as it respects the Essentrics full-body rebalancing mantra. A simple breakdown of the workout with the provided template is required.  

Your class will reflect your chosen certification track: 

  • Comprehensive Certification track: Class suited for general fitness or
  • Aging Backwards Certification track: Class suited for an Aging Backwards demographic 

No additional Apprentice teaching hours or theoretical evaluation required. 

Upon completion of this exam your title is: Certified Essentrics Instructor

Prerequisite: Level 4 Essentrics instructor  

Examination fee: Recorded video evaluation $100



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