I discovered Essentrics about six years ago when I was looking for a way to help me recover mobility and live with my back injury. I was a fitness instructor and health practitioner, so I turned to yoga as part of my recovery; however, some of the positions seemed to irritate my injury more than they helped. I saw the Classical Stretch segment on television and decided to try it, even though I wasn’t sure how it would benefit my back issues. Once I experienced the benefit of Essentrics for my own recovery, I knew that I had to share it with my friends, family and my local fitness community. 

julie tsai essentrics

I’ve now been teaching classes for the last five years, both in person as well as online. I currently work with clients that range in age from 18 to 85! I have older clients that are simply amazed when they find that they are able to reach higher shelves, stand taller, and feel stronger just by taking Essentrics classes. I have younger clients that have been able to recover much more quickly from injuries using Essentrics as part of their training program. I enjoy the group dynamic for our classes, but I also enjoy my one-on-one sessions where my clients can get more in-depth and goal-specific training. 

I am constantly inspired by how my clients are finding confidence in themselves that extends beyond the simplicity of movement. They feel more confident in their bodies and also in different aspects of their own lives. They have gone from “finding” the time to take care of themselves, to “making” time to take care of themselves as they see the transformation in their own energy levels and mobility. 

We have a small but dedicated community here in Albany, between my clients and the clients of other local instructors. Essentrics has allowed our more senior clients to rejoin a vibrant and active community after being alone in their homes with very little interaction in the past two years. It has provided a way for people to connect in a way that helps them feel present. My clients have also found that they can tap into the Essentrics community no matter where they travel, especially now that there are options for virtual classes! They often share a common goal—of feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally—and being able to connect with others of like mind has been a great way to support one another.  

julie tsai essentrics


My main goal is to bring the best possible experience for my clients. Whether it is about the technical aspects of the exercise or the overall feeling they get from the class, I know that the success they feel and the confidence they develop in their bodies will carry into all other aspects of their lives. I also strive to enrich our community, as each one of my clients has a unique story and experience to share. I feel that the connections that we create in our group not only provide accountability for each one of us to reach our fitness goals, but also support for each other both inside and outside of the studio.”

-Julie Tsai


I’ve been taking Julie’s Essentrics classes for over a year now. Her knowledge, teaching skills and enthusiasm are exceptional. Even though the classes are virtual, she is completely connected to each of her students. She makes sure we know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how to make personal adjustments as needed. I’ve taken many fitness classes and none have been the caliber of Julie’s Essentrics classes. Julie sets a high bar for fitness trainers that few will even come close to reaching.”  -Lisa S