“Years ago, my sister discovered a new workout and started telling me all about it. I was intrigued and looked it up on YouTube. I immediately fell in love and went to the Essentrics website. I saw the Teacher Training and I just went for it and signed up, without ever having done a class. I’ve been teaching dance and fitness classes since I was 19 (I am now 44), so I felt this would be a much welcome addition! I have now been teaching Essentrics for 6 years – about 7 classes per week.

I taught in my own dance studio in Amsterdam but since Covid hit, I took my dance studio online. I’ve recently made the choice to stay online. In the future, I might teach one or two Essentrics classes in person again, but I am currently loving the virtual studio and getting in touch with people from all around the world! 

My clientele is diverse in age – I teach students that may be recovering from an injury or operation and just getting started with exercise, as well as athletes. I’ve seen amazing transformations when it comes to my students’ mobility and range of motion. I see clients getting stronger and maintaining balance, when they first couldn’t. I love to see my older clientele getting more confident in moving. The goal is to help people move in a fun and responsible way – Essentrics does both! As I was experiencing a lot of injuries from teaching my dance classes, I knew I needed something new: a workout that would help me become more balanced, pain-free and increase my own range of motion. A workout that I can teach well into my old age! Essentrics did just that. 

As an instructor, I guide my clients through a safe workout and educate them (in a fun and light manner) towards a better understanding of what and why things happen in our body, and the purpose of each exercise. I love selecting music for each movement, creating an experience for my clients where they feel and connect with the music while doing Essentrics. Hearing “I feel lighter”, ” I needed that” or “My back doesn’t hurt me anymore” after a class and seeing their happy faces and results bring me so much joy!   

My goal for this year is to get my Level 3 certification. By July 2023, I want to be fully certified. I have just graduated as a Posture Alignment Specialist, and I love to keep learning. In this way, I can show up and teach as the best version of myself and support all my clients in the best way possible, so that I can help them grow.”

-Marcel Wigman