Regular strengthening and stretching of our legs and feet are vital for boosting energy and keeping us feeling pain-free. But what happens to our body when we injure a small and often overlooked part of the lower limb: the baby toe? Lynne Loiselle, a Level 4 Essentrics Instructor in Calgary, Alberta, shares her experience!

“In 2019, I fractured a baby toe and was forced to wear a walking cast for a few months, immobilizing my foot and ankle. With Essentrics, we always strive to rebalance the body, knowing that even the smallest bone can affect the whole when it is out of alignment.

Prior to my introduction to Essentrics, years of competitive body-building had left their mark on my body. I had started getting severe back pain a few times per month which lasted for over one year.  Within a few months of Essentrics, it was gone. [But with my injury] I experienced hip imbalance, which lead to hip and back pain. The stiffness in my foot was energy-draining as I started to weight bear and walk again. Slowly, with regular Essentrics, I was able to release my hips and back and regain strength and mobility in my foot.”



“I firmly believe that we are all capable of more than we think we are. I know that for some, exercising is not easy – my goal with each class is to take my clients just a bit further – whether that be improving their form, helping them understand a technique, improving their body awareness, or simply moving with a bit more ease. And sometimes it simply means offering a safe place for clients to come and move and take care of themselves.

I always end each class with this line: “Thank you for taking care of yourself today”. My goal is to make each class fun, motivating and empowering.”

-Lynne Loiselle