You are growing older every second of every day. We all are. It’s happening right now as you read this. It’s inevitable. Aging is part of our natural life cycle, but much of how we age is a choice! Whether we are in our 20s, 40s or our 70s, living a life that is pain-free, filled with energy, vitality and joy is within reach.

When it comes to aging, it’s human nature to wonder how getting older will affect us. Many of us do worry about how it will look – but there are so many positives! Life experience makes us resilient and able to tackle things that once seemed insurmountable. Accrued wisdom makes us more likely to respond, rather than react to life’s challenges. But perhaps one of the most refreshing aspects of aging is slowing down and being able to take in the magnificence of the world around us. There’s a reason why this is said: aging is a privilege!


You Must Choose to Move

Aging well does not come from a magic pill… it comes from you! It comes from many small choices you make every day, but especially the choice to move. With time, your body can either become stiff, unstable, and weak or it can become strong, mobile and vital. There are many influences – both positive and negative – that can directly impact how well we age, and when it happens. Movement is the most powerful elixir for reversing the aging process because it stimulates your cells – the powerhouses of your body. To gain the greatest cellular benefit, you must choose a workout that focuses on all 650 muscles and 360 joints – systematically working to unlock your body and release the power within. A daily dose of Essentrics is just that! Essentrics was created to stimulate and activate all your cells within each workout, to prevent and reverse the effects of time.

Your body was designed to stay strong, vibrant, and pain-free throughout its lifetime. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or beyond, aging is inevitable – but healthy aging is something we can control. As we travel through our decades, it is essential to understand what the body requires to maintain and build strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. Modifying your fitness based on your decade is the ideal way to supercharge your health and wellness long-term.


Each Decade Comes with Its Own Unique Needs

Much like a fine wine, our bodies have the power to get better as we age. The Essentrics method consists of full-body rebalancing exercises that benefit every age while keeping in mind that each decade comes with its own challenges and needs. Tailoring your workout to meet those needs sets the right tone while establishing a solid foundation. Deconstructing each decade takes the guesswork out of your workout and cultivating an inner awareness helps you strengthen from the inside out. Whether you are 30 or 70, consider this a personalized blueprint to help you maximize your true potential. Our curated approach to fitness will leave you feeling and looking your best no matter where you are on your journey.

Excited to learn more? Our Age-Specific Challenges are just around the corner – the perfect way to jumpstart your decade and begin mastering the art of aging…backwards!

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