‘Tis the season for making memories, packing bags, and embracing the holiday cheer!  We know the holiday hustle isn’t all sleigh rides and sugarplums — traveling during this festive season can bring its fair share of stress. From bustling airports to crowded highways, the holidays come with a unique set of challenges. Changing routines, family gatherings, and sleeping in unfamiliar places can all contribute to feelings of imbalance and tension. Luckily, we have a solution to keep your holiday spirits high and your stress levels low – Essentrics!


Restoring Your Body Post-Travel

After a long, tiring flight or car ride, our bodies often feel like they’ve been through the wringer. Prolonged periods of sitting can cause muscles to become tense and blood circulation to slow, leaving you feeling sluggish and stiff. This is where Essentrics comes to the rescue!

The gentle, but strong flowing movements of Essentrics are like a breath of fresh air for your body. They help get your blood flowing to all parts, expanding your lungs and flooding your system with much-needed oxygen. This not only rejuvenates you but also rebalances your nervous system and your entire musculoskeletal system. Essentrics acts as a reset button, helping you shed the stiffness of travel and regain your sense of equilibrium, so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

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Holiday Harmony

The dynamics of a family gathering can be compared to a delicate dance – an intricate choreography of personalities and emotions. While these gatherings are filled with love and togetherness, they can also be demanding. A stress-release workout can be your lifeline, allowing you to release accumulated tension and manage the demands of the festive season with grace and poise.

Essentrics offers the incredible flexibility of being able to do our workouts anywhere. Emotional stress tends to accumulate in areas like the neck, jaw, shoulders, and upper and lower back. Just a few minutes of these gentle full-body movements can work wonders.

Our trademark exercises help reset your spine and enhance your posture. A helpful tip is to focus on deep breathing during any Essentrics movement and watch your emotional stress and tension melt away.

Most workouts include this powerful restorative sequence: Roll down your spine and let your arms hang heavy to relax your neck and jaw, while you gently swing away any lingering tension. Roll back up through your spine, lifting your arms overhead while keeping your shoulders relaxed and softly pressing back as you lower will soothe discomfort held in the upper back (with a little subconscious boost to your self-esteem, too!)

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Bedtime Bliss

While visiting friends and family during the holidays, you’re often met with a new challenge – sleeping in a different bed. The adjustment can lead to discomfort, restlessness, and tension in your body. Instead of tossing and turning, give Essentrics a try to help your body adapt and find relaxation, even in a new place.

Essentrics is designed to help you find balance, regardless of your location. The stretching and strengthening exercises promote flexibility and release muscle tension. These exercises before bedtime can loosen and relax your joints, greatly improving your chances of a good night’s sleep. And just a few minutes of Essentrics in the morning will recalibrate your body after any stiffness that might result from an unfamiliar mattress, so you feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the holidays!

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Holiday travel doesn’t have to be synonymous with stress. This year, take control of your well-being, and make your holidays truly unforgettable by bringing the gift of Essentrics with you wherever you go!

Cheers to a season filled with balance, bliss, and Essentrics magic!

Contributing writer Andrea Strudensky


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