“The smallest movements will turn on the mitochondria and start the fires of life!
The smallest movements will start the fountain of youth flowing through our veins!”
Miranda Esmonde-White, Aging Backwards

Our bodies dance to the rhythmic beat of the circadian clock, a biological timekeeper that regulates various functions, including sleep-wake cycles. While light and darkness play a pivotal role in shaping these rhythms, other things like food, stress, activity, and temperature also matter. Almost everything alive, from animals to plants, follows these rhythms.

Recent studies shed light on a fascinating revelation: exercise operates as a rhythmic conductor, intricately influencing molecular circadian clocks nestled within our muscles. This suggests that, when strategically timed, our workouts possess the power to recalibrate internal clocks, enhance mitochondrial function to combat muscle loss, and boost our immune systems. A beautiful synthesis of science and sweat, where each movement has the potential to not only enhance our fitness level, but our entire well-being!



Clocking Your Workout: Your Chronotype

Enter the realm of personal chronotypes – where early birds nest and night owls convene and debate their respective lifestyles. The early risers feel best at sun-up, while the rest of us are still in a love affair with our snooze buttons. We admire these morning people out there conquering the world, while we contemplate which socks to wear. Now welcome the midnight warriors. These night owls make bedtime seem like a mere suggestion. While the world drifts into dreamland, nightbirds come to life! Forget morning coffee rituals; these folks are sipping on moonlight.

But here’s the kicker: your personal chronotype isn’t a rigid label; it’s a dynamic dance influenced by your biological clock and genetics. As you age, this dance naturally evolves. By aligning your workouts with your chronotype, you’re not only boosting performance and improving recovery but also taking charge of your overall health.

So, whether you’re a sunrise warrior or a moonlight maven, it’s time to let your personal chronotype guide you to optimal fitness.


BOOSTING ENERGY & PRODUCTIVITY: The world outside may still be waking up, but within you, energy is surging. Your internal alarm clock orchestrating a perfect wake-up call, signaling that this is your time to harness your body’s natural vitality. Your body temperature and cortisol levels elevate, providing a natural energy boost. Cortisol, often associated with stress, plays a crucial role in mobilizing energy. Exercising in the morning can leverage this cortisol surge, enhancing alertness, focus, and metabolism throughout the day.

Morning cardio workouts are fantastic for jumpstarting your metabolism, enhancing mood, and burning fat. And while we love a good jumpstart, we encourage movement that respects and ensures the longevity of your joints. Joints are covered with soft cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber, and reduces the friction between the bones. Essentrics movements incorporate cardiovascular elements that improve the function and performance of the heart, lungs and circulatory system without subjecting the joints to high-impact stress. This is particularly crucial for addressing age-related loss of muscle mass and strength. The gentle yet effective nature of Essentrics makes it well-suited for all fitness levels.


CAPITALIZING ON PEAK PERFORMANCE: For those who hit their stride in the afternoon, when the sun is hanging low in the sky and the day is humming along, research suggests that this magical time may just be your golden hour. Forget reaching for that cup of coffee to battle the afternoon slump – instead, embrace the notion that late afternoon to early evening could be the optimal window for reaching the pinnacle of physical performance! As the sun casts long shadows, the light diffusing into warm hues, your body temperature, muscle strength, and endurance reach their peak.

Late afternoon fitness reduces the likelihood of muscle strains and injuries dwindles, allowing you to explore your body’s true potential. Visualize expansive movements flowing through you, engaging multiple muscle groups in a harmonious collaboration. One of the standout features of Essentrics is its emphasis on workouts that leverage the natural weight of the body to create tension, fostering muscle development without the jarring impact associated with traditional strength training.


STRESS RELIEF & SLEEP: As the evening unfolds, prioritize activities that invite tranquility. Picture it – a warm bath, a gentle stretch, or a moment of mindfulness, all inviting you to relax your mind and body. Early birds and night owls alike benefit from gentle PM workouts for stress relief and sleep enhancement. These workouts may be particularly beneficial for individuals with late chronotypes – the night people who thrive under the stars – as evidenced by studies on circadian misalignment. These are not just workouts; they are a deliberate choice to unwind the mind and release tension from the body – the kind of workout that feels like a tailored wellness experience. Look for workouts that incorporate elements of gentle stretching, mindfulness, and deep breathing.

A good night’s sleep is essential for overall health. Irregular sleep patterns, and a nocturnal lifestyle can mess with our internal body clocks, potentially contributing to the development of sarcopenia. As you embark on the journey to sync your body clock, incorporate activities that not only cater to your physical health but also indulge your senses in relaxation. It’s not just a routine; it’s a lifestyle infused with the kind of self-care that turns your evenings into well-deserved spaces of tranquility.


A Rhythmic Prescription

As Miranda Esmonde-White eloquently expresses, even the smallest movements have the power to ignite our mitochondria, sparking the fires of life within. From morning energy boosts to afternoon peak performance and evening stress relief, the strategic timing of workouts, tailored to individual rhythms, unveils the potential to revolutionize our approach to exercise. These small actions become the catalysts for rejuvenation, setting the fountain of youth in motion through our veins. As we move, stretch, and strengthen to the ticking of our rhythms, one thing is clear – regular physical activity is not just essential; it’s a rhythmic prescription for a life well-lived.

Contributing writer Andrea Strudensky, Ph.D.


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