Allow this program to be a launching pad to your most dynamic self. Your 20s is your decade to develop a deep and enduring sense of resilience, strength, and flexibility. You’re coming into your own and want to feel ready to weather the changes and take on new challenges. Your greatest ally is a strong body. Youth, metabolism, and speed of recovery are on your side, making this the perfect decade to set yourself up for a long and happy life.

The 20s are a time of growth! You may have finished school and are looking to make your mark, still love those late nights, and want to travel, find balance, and discover a sense of belonging. Change can feel wonderful and overwhelming. The best way to build strength, resilience, and flexibility, in all its forms, is through the body.


Strong body, strong mind!

Physical activity not only changes our bodies but improves our overall perspective on life. We can increase our ability to respond to adversity, think optimistically, and break negative thought patterns. When you adopt new exercise routines, like Essentrics, your brain responds with neural growth and plasticity. Powerful chemicals are released that energize your spirit, promoting feelings of calm and well-being. This healthy state of being extends outward into every area of your life. Researchers say that exercise increases our engagement with positive things, improves our social lives, increases our motivation, and helps to prevent depression.1


How Essentrics benefits you in your 20s

Essentrics for your 20s tones, shapes, and sculpts every part of your physique. The large body movements in these workouts emphasize range of motion, offering exercises and movements that expand the ribcage, strengthen the core, and highlight proper alignment. Your body will be more resilient to injuries and you will gain the tools necessary for recovery. The movements also send a signal to your brain that you are safe and can act confidently. These messages decrease cortisol levels, which are associated with anxiety, and boost the hormones associated with focus, attention, and physical strength. 2

When we feel good about ourselves, we fall in love with our bodies, and our minds are clear to engage in productive and healthy ways with the world. Self-acceptance radiates good energy. Those around us can feel it too. These workouts are designed for you. The road ahead may be unknown, but you’ll have the strength, flexibility, and resilience to travel with confidence.

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