“A couple of years ago, while channel surfing I came across Aging Backwards 2 on PBS. The program caught my attention because Miranda was almost 70 and a former professional ballet dancer who moved like she was 30. Having taken ballet classes through high school, I was aware of how hard the discipline is on the body. I had seen many former ballet dancers in their later years, struggling with the injuries and permanent damage from the physical load of their profession. My inner skeptic said “I have heard this before,” but curiosity got the best of me and I continued to watch. After watching the special, I rushed to order the materials.


Like most of us, I find the start of a fitness routine challenging. For me, Essentrics, proved to be the exception. I found it easy but challenging. Although I felt like I was working hard, my energy improved and my body felt lighter after finishing the workout. Instead of struggling to remember to do the workout, I couldn’t wait to get to it each day. Then, something amazing happened – during the second week, I was doing some heel raisers and I heard a loud pop. It didn’t hurt but I thought something might have happened. Something definitely happened! The chronic pain I had experienced over the past 5 years in my leg vanished. It literally stopped.

I am dedicated to helping individuals and communities explore and share ways to live their best lives. My interest is in working with communities that are typically underrepresented in and underserved by the fitness industry. My classes provide an inclusive, body-positive fitness experience for everyone.”

-Pam Thomas