As the only Essentrics instructor in Morocco, Samira Lahmam is passionate about bringing the technique to her fellow Moroccans – without the help of PBS shows, Miranda’s books, or even access to Essentrics TV. Using just the materials available to her – the mini workouts on the Essentrics website – Samira felt the difference in her own body, motivating her to begin teaching in 2018. She is now a Level 4 Essentrics Instructor who recently opened her own fitness center for women.

“I discovered Essentrics through my sister who lives in Denver. When I tried this program for the first time in March 2017 (I was 52), I felt as if I had undergone a body massage! I felt that, indeed, I worked the whole musculature of the body.  

I did not expect rapid changes, but the changes were felt and seen – changes in my posture. In less than a month, my posture improved a lot. I noticed that I was getting more muscular but in length like ballet dancers. I had pain in my back, hips & knees after many years of jogging but thanks to Essentrics, these pains were completely gone because these movements unblocked & relaxed the muscles and joints. After being convinced of the Essentrics technique, I am the proof of it!


I never thought of becoming a fitness instructor in my 50’s. Being an Essentrics Instructor has given me the ability to act locally but to also think globally and to “stretch” my views for all the matters I can tackle. Thanks to the help of some of my clients, I was able to recently open my own studio and now we are all enjoying the cozy space. 

I work with women ages between 30 & 70 – women that are somewhat active, other ones are sedentary. I have seen some major transformations – most importantly for all of them without any exception, they all felt less stressed & calmer. I am so thrilled to witness the changes that my clients undergo, even if it takes time. Most of all, it is a “living program” – it is nonstop learning. I am very much fascinated by the study of movement and Essentrics has given me this opportunity to learn, to share & to grow younger.”

Samira Lahmam 

Essentrics with Samira Lahmam