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Level 1
Principles of the ESSENTRICS Program

Learn the principles, techniques, anatomy, philosophy, physiology and objectives of the ESSENTRICS program. You will also learn to teach your first pre-choreographed workout. ESSENTRICS is a full body, stretch and strengthening program aimed at rebalancing the entire body’s musculature. You will begin to learn how to achieve these goals in Level 1.

Certification level: Essentrics Certified Instructor L1
Subject matter: Learn the Principles of ESSENTRICS

Level 1 is your introduction into teaching ESSENTRICS. This is a sophisticated program which needs to be learned in progressive stages. Level 1 manual teaches the basic techniques, exercises, philosophy and objectives, as well as applicable anatomy and physiology.


  • Instructor Manual: The principals of the ESSENTRICS program
  • Time management guide
  • Apprentice 30 hour teaching form
  • Evaluation booklet
  • PRE-CHOREOGRAPHED WORKOUT #1 DVD, "Full Body sculpting”

Price 294.95$


About Level 1

The fastest way to understand the theory is to put it into practice which is why we want you to begin teaching as quickly as possible. As a new ESSENTRICS teacher the techniques, exercises and objectives take time to assimilate and become part of your new fitness vocabulary. In pre-choreographed workout #1 you will learn how to do the exercises in that routine, while learning common mistake and necessary modifications only for that routine. Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of exercises and sequences that you will be learning over the period of the four levels. This pre-co one is just the beginning.

You will learn how to demonstrate the exercises in pre-co #1 and explain where the clients should be feeling the movements. You will learn how to correctly use specific techniques in order to achieve the desired objectives in pre-co #1. You will also learn the correct tempo and speed in which to pace your movements. In Level 1 you are required to teach 30 apprentice hours of pre-choreographed workout #1. As you teach this workout you will begin to understand why a deliberate sequencing of exercises and techniques is vital in achieving the objectives. Pre-Cho #1 has simple choreography however it is a workout designed for every level of client from beginners to advanced. It is up to you, the instructor, to make the workout easier for beginners or more challenging for advanced clients. Do not change the choreography for different levels of clients, but do modify the strengthening demands and the pace to create varying levels of difficulty. The intensity and pace of the workout provided is intended for intermediate to advanced students. When it comes to your DVD test, please teach the class as we present it to you.

You will find that the first 15 to 20 apprentice-classes you teach will be quite challenging. For every new instructor remembering the choreography, using the correct techniques, modifying and giving appropriate corrections while making the workout flow effortlessly is easier said than done. It then takes another 10 to 15 classes to be totally comfortable teaching the workout.

We recognise that this is a complex program and do not expect teachers to be master-trainers after level 1 or even level 2. We are aware that it takes time to become an accomplished ESSENTRICS instructor and can assure you that dozens of instructors have already become excellent ESSENTRICS teachers using this 4-step training method.

Finding the suggested music has proven a major obstacle for many new instructors. We offer a suggested music play list on every pre-co booklet. We also use the teacher training Facebook page to offer suggested songs that you could use to replace out of date or difficult to find songs. Try to follow the spirit of the suggested music as you will have much more successful classes by doing so. We have tried every different variation of music choices and the choices that we offer you will keep your students motivated, wide-awake and inspired.

Expected time to complete Level 1: Approximately 12 weeks

Examination of Level 1: Recorded Video $80 / Live Exam $120

  • Practical Exam: applicants must submit a DVD of themselves teaching pre-choreographed workout 1
  • Apprentice teaching hours: you must submit proof of teaching 30 apprentice hours of the pre-co1
  • Written tests: submit the completed homework booklet and multiple choice exam which are found at the end of your manual.
Level 1