A Different Kind of Cardio Workout

By Essentrics Master Trainer, Sasha Alcoloumbre


As you might already know, cardiovascular exercise is essential to our overall health! Traditionally, cardiovascular exercise is based on repetitive motion with varying intensities, such as running or cycling – the main goal being that of increasing one’s heart rate and improving endurance while working specific muscle groups. It is less common for cardiovascular exercises to target the full musculoskeletal and vascular systems. This is exactly what Essentrics does!


How is Essentrics a Cardiovascular Workout?

The cardiovascular system consists of your heart, blood vessels and blood! By stimulating blood flow through the entire cardiovascular system, Essentrics helps bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body while getting rid of toxins. Our full body movements and deep muscular pumping techniques relieve the workload placed on the cardiac muscle by stimulating efficient circulation throughout the often-neglected vascular system. This kind of cardiovascular exercise results in greater energy, better muscular endurance, and contributes to your overall health and well-being.



The Essentrics Workout will help you to:

  • improve your overall cardiovascular health
  • boost your metabolism
  • burn calories
  • increase energy
  • rebalance the full body
  • stretch, strengthen and tone



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