As winter arrives and temperatures plummet, our natural inclination is to slow down and embrace hibernation. Staying active during this challenging season can be daunting. However, winter also offers a wonderland of outdoor activities that can be both enjoyable and invigorating. On sunny days, you can bundle up, marvel at the snow-covered pines, and savor a cup of hot chocolate. Whatever your preference, winter demands strength, agility, and caution to avoid slipping or falling on icy surfaces. Whether you’re heading out to embrace the weather or staying indoors to keep warm, Essentrics® workouts are designed to cater to your winter needs.

Essentrics® originated in Montreal, a city known for its long and cold winters. These workouts are specifically designed to keep you safe and warm from head to toe, whether you’re staying indoors or hitting the slopes.

One of the primary benefits of Essentrics® during winter is its focus on balance and stability exercises. Additionally, Essentrics® prioritizes circulation, which is crucial in cold weather. As the temperatures drop, our bodies naturally shiver to generate warmth. If you feel chilly, even indoors, a gentle Essentrics® workout will enhance your circulation, warming your fingers and toes from the inside out. Furthermore, warm-ups are essential for preventing injuries.


Balance & Stability

We take a comprehensive approach from head to toe because we understand the challenges of winter. When we put on our boots, we inadvertently disrupt our balance. The confinement of our feet in cozy footwear limits their natural movement and hampers our balance reflexes. Essentrics® balance exercises and footwork serve as the remedy, counteracting these effects and enabling us to maintain stability even on slippery surfaces so we don’t fall.


Injury Prevention for Winter Sports

Many of us eagerly anticipate winter for activities such as skiing, skating, and snowshoeing. However, it’s important to remember that cold muscles are more prone to strains and injuries. This is where Essentrics® comes in, addressing every part of the body systematically. Through dynamic stretching, Essentrics® simultaneously lengthens, strengthens, and unlocks each muscle, resulting in improved flexibility, joint mobility, and range of motion. By incorporating correct full-body movement into your daily routine, you can maintain a flexible and injury-free body.


The Importance of Warm-Ups

Essentrics® creator Miranda Esmonde-White, drawing from her extensive experience training athletes and renowned hockey teams like the Montreal Canadiens, emphasizes the vital role of a dynamic warm-up routine in preventing potential pain and prolonged periods of inactivity caused by compromised joint health. She strongly advocates for proactive measures at all levels and ages to prioritize joint health through dynamic warm-ups, thus avoiding setbacks resulting from preventable injuries.


Boost Circulation & Recovery

It’s also important to consider your “après-ski” routine. What makes Essentrics® particularly suitable for the frosty winter months is its focus on dynamic stretches and full-body movement, actively encouraging circulation. Essentrics® workouts enhance blood flow throughout the body, reducing muscle soreness and stiffness, making movement feel more effortless. Even after the coldest of winter days or engaging in winter sports, participating in Essentrics ® will warm you up, leaving you revitalized and brimming with energy.


Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to a season filled with vitality and strength!


Contributing writer Andrea Strudensky


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