Whether you enjoy gardening, biking, walking or simply relaxing on vacation and spending time with your children and grandchildren, Miranda has a workout to compliment all of your favorite activities.




Not only does gardening bring outdoor enjoyment but it also acts as a great form of exercise. Digging in the dirt can be hard on your body and a daily full body Essentrics workout will give you the tools you need to keep your garden weed free all summer long. Focus on building strength and flexibility in your core and lower body to remain pain free.

10-day Conditioning for Gardeners



Our feet take us walking, running, hiking and so much more. Walking is great exercise, helps to maintain good balance and to build lower-body strength. It’s important to compliment your walking with a full body rebalancing workout that will release tight hips, liberate your joints, stretch your quads, calves and hamstrings, and get your upper body activated. A simple 23 minute Essentrics workout will be your perfect summer walking partner.

Conditioning for Walking & Hiking program



Biking is great for increasing cardiovascular fitness, improving joint mobility and allowing you to explore the beauty of nature around you. The importance of incorporating a full body rebalancing workout is crucial to a healthy summer both on the bike and off. Look for an Essentrics stretch workout that will focus on hips and psoas flexibility to keep you pain free and mobile.

Cycling Conditioning Program