Explore the multiple benefits of a full body workout
By Essentrics Master Trainer, Amanda Cyr  

Detoxification or “detox” has undoubtedly become a  popular  buzz word in the health world.  When people think of doing a detox they often associate it with a special diet or  expensive products  to help rid their bodies of unwanted toxins and waste. However, many people fail to realize that our body is equipped with many amazing systems that support this process! The human body is naturally designed to get rid of the waste and toxins that make us feel heavy, slow, and dull. It is through these internal self-cleaning systems that we keep our organs cleansed and free of environmental pollutants, food waste, alcohol, medications, and harmful bacteria. Since our body is designed to do this naturally, we want to ensure we do our utmost to keep it functioning at full capacity and remain feeling light, energized and vibrant.

One simpler yet undervalued way to keep this system healthy and thriving is through daily exercise specifically through movements that intelligently take the entire body through its natural range of motion.  As we spend more time at home and have become more sedentary than ever, we must find ways to incorporate more movement into our days.  A lack of daily exercise can have a profound impact on our overall health and quality of life. Even a short pause can cause our energy levels to decrease, invite unwelcome tension, and make us feel stagnant, heavy, and dull. Essentrics is a powerful program designed to change more than just our appearance – it teaches us how to care for ourselves fully and how to balance and restore our body and its many systems!


The Top Ways Essentrics Helps Our Body Remove Toxins


Improves circulation

One of the ways that our body removes unwanted waste is by filtering our precious blood through our kidneys and excreting it through our urine.  Our blood is such an important bodily fluid, it supplies the oxygen and nutrients required for our body to function (remember our entire body down to the tiniest cell requires this flow of energy and nutrients!).  Poor circulation can affect our entire state of health. The circulatory system uses the heart to pump oxygen, energy, and nutrients into our tissues while removing toxins and waste out. Poor circulation happens when fluid doesn’t flow freely through our body and we are not receiving all of the nutrients that they need to function properly. Additionally, with lack of exercise our extremities receive less blood flow – which relates to many health problems including high blood pressure, numbness, leg ulcers, blood clots, cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, and muscle cramping. It takes a serious amount of endurance to supply blood to every area of the body. Essentrics helps increase circulation and blood flow to each and every area of the body. By introducing daily movement into your life, you are stressing the tissues within these systems and ensuring that enough blood can flow with ease – removing unwanted wastes and receiving healing nutrients


Improves elimination

Daily bowel movements are one of the key staples of good health. Digestion is a long journey, and as the food we eat passes through us, the digestive system pulls the key nutrients and disposes of the waste.  While this is a lesser spoken benefit to daily exercise,  it is one of the most important functions of the human body and of our overall health and wellness. Many Essentrics devotees talk about how the nature and quality of the exercises have greatly helped improve their process of elimination. Exercise adds tone to our digestive muscles, as they become stronger they help to encourage peristaltic contractions and regular elimination. Strengthening the entire core helps to build up a level of inter-abdominal pressure – allowing our intestines to push and move our stool forward and out. For many of us, this benefit may have been overlooked but certainly not under-appreciated!


Supports our lymphatic system and removes stagnation

The lymphatic system is of immense importance when it comes to removing toxins out of our bodies and supporting our immune system.  Lymphatic fluids help remove wastes and toxins from bodily tissues – if the passage of lymph is blocked, it can cause blockages or swelling within our body.  The lymphatic system itself does not use the support of an organ, like the heart, to move fluids around. Instead, it depends on the strength and motions of our muscles and joints. Lymph nodes (the key areas where toxins get filtered) tend to sit very close to the major joints of our body: the groin, armpit, and knees. Essentrics specifically focuses on ensuring the muscles that surround each joint are engaged – making them flexible and mobile yet supportive.  Raising our arms, rotational movements within our joints, and specific attention to moving the feet and fingers are just a few of the ways we work to reduce joint stiffness and keep the muscles that surround them strong and healthy. Strong and healthy muscles help immensely with the circulation of lymphatic fluid throughout our body. With many of us working from home and getting out of the house less, it is more important than ever to introduce daily, full-body movement into our lives – especially when we are looking to feel more energized, light and toxin-free!

Lack of exercise contributes to slower movement in the bowels, congestion, and stagnation.  The idea that exercise can provide us with so much more than just aesthetics improvements is one way for you to gain more motivation to bring daily exercise into your routine. Essentrics is completely unique in the systematic way it engages each and every muscle and it is the quality of our exercise that will make all the difference. Remember our body is an incredible machine that requires maintenance to feel and work its best – make sure you are doing the most that you can to help support these hard-working systems!

Below is a simple clip to highlight the full use of the body and how you can immediately feel a shift in your circulation, heart rate, and energy level.


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