A balanced body is a powerful one — where every muscle is equally as strong as it is flexible, with joints that can move through their full range of motion with ease! An imbalance in our muscles can be caused by almost any activity – from our favorite sports and activities to repetitive movements in our daily lives (such as working in a high-labor job or spending hours at a desk). And with cooler weather approaching and many of us still working from home, there is a greater chance of becoming imbalanced.



A simple way to visualize an imbalance in the muscular system is to separate the muscular system into 2 categories. Larger muscles, which sit closer to the surface (typically the focus of strengthening in most fitness programs) and smaller muscles, which sit closer to the center of the body and are responsible for stabilizing the joints.

As the larger muscles grow stronger through repetitive movements, they begin to dominate the movement. One example is when reaching your arms overhead. Overworked shoulders will try to initiate the reach, lifting the shoulder up towards the ears and causing tension.

That increased strength overwhelms the smaller inner muscles, as they are no longer given a chance to work. Over time, these inner muscles weaken — losing the ability to do their job of supporting and stabilizing the joints. The overly strong muscles now have to work twice as hard to do the movement and support the joint. But without the smaller muscles stabilizing the joint, these larger muscles will begin to pull the bones out of alignment, leading to joint pain.

Essentrics helps to rebalance the musculature by relaxing the larger muscles as we elongate in our full-body exercises. Relaxation allows the large muscles to release the tension caused by overworking.

Going back to the previous example, if you relax your shoulder as you reach overhead, the dominant muscle can release its tension. With that release, you are able to lengthen and reach further — bringing more space into the shoulder joint and surrounding area (like the ribcage). This forces the smaller muscles in the shoulder to do their job of stabilizing the joints as you move.

The more you relax as you move, the easier it becomes to access and strengthen the smaller muscles found throughout your body. And since we don’t always know where an imbalance is, doing a full body workout that works each and every muscle ensures that we are rebalancing all of the muscles and joints.




1-Move all 360 joints in every direction that each joint is designed to move. A workout that involves constant twisting, turning, bending, and reaching in various directions and planes ensures that you are moving all of your joints.

2-Master the art of relaxation… while you move! Moving like a floppy rag doll helps to switch off those big muscles that are working too hard and encourages the smaller muscles to begin strengthening.

3-Do a full-body workout every day that stretches and strengthens all 650 muscles – so they are equally as strong as they are flexible!


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