The world is your oyster and remaining healthy is at the top of your list. In your 70s, you now have the freedom to explore and enjoy a life well lived. Lay the foundation of your future by making intentional choices about how you will spend your time. Whether you just want to be able to travel to see friends and family or you want to climb the steps of the Mayan temples, it all begins with learning to harness your body’s full potential. Workouts need to keep your muscles strong with a full range of motion in your joints and your mind sharp so that you can finally live the adventures of your dreams.

We call this decade the freedom years because we are free to enjoy life and try new experiences! Targeted exercise can help us to maintain and even improve our ability to participate in life’s adventures. In this decade, it is important to make a distinction between aging and feeling old. Aging is a natural process, but it does not mean we have to feel old! Instead of shrinking and retreating from the world, we need to consciously take up space – both physically and mentally – by using your body and mind the way nature intended. This program is designed to keep our spines flexible and strong, increasing our ability to move and maintain our full range of motion so we can bend, turn, sit, and stand tall with confidence and ease.


Stimulate the Brain

Keeping your mind sharp allows you to continue to vibrantly and fully engage with the world. It has been proven that complex movements – like those found in every Essentrics workout – stimulate the growth of brain cells. The more complicated the movement, the greater the activity occurring in the brain. Coordinating your arms and legs simultaneously, while moving to the beat of the music, is a challenge worth doing. Our program values gentle repetition, giving your brain time to adjust to the movement and solidifying the new pathway created in your brain.


Joint Mobility and Range of Motion

Feeling a sense of ease and security in your body is important. The freedom to move each joint keeps us feeling youthful. Hydrating your connective tissue – fascia, tendons, and ligaments – by gently moving each joint through its full range of motion prevents feelings of stiffness and immobility; instead, it increases the pliability of our knees, elbows, hips, fingers and toes. Newly-freed muscles strengthen and support you, improving your balance and protecting against injury. Being active has never been so joyful.

When we feel well in body and mind, we can be excited about the future! These workouts are designed for you. Age backwards with Essentrics to continue living your best life.

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