Transforming your workout through the power of your mind

Did you know that through visualization, you can increase the benefits of an Essentrics movement? For instance, while doing a specific exercise, imagine that you are lifting a feather or pulling a heavy rope. Your brain has to adjust the tension in your movements to match the imagined weight. Visualization causes your brain to search out tens of thousands of sleeping motor neurons to figure out the difference in muscle tension required for lifting a feather vs. pulling a heavy rope. Muscles that had  been contracted can now relax, all because of the image in your mind. Many people have trouble figuring out how to relax consciously, but your brain will find a way to obey the command. Visualization commands are designed to rebuild brain cells and neurological pathways – and age your brain backwards!



It’s your turn to try out some visualization techniques!  (30-sec clips)


Relax your muscles and rehydrate your connective tissue as you envision yourself gently lifting a feather off the ground. 


Contract your muscles and resist the movement as you envision yourself pulling a rope, while someone pulls back on the other side 

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