After a lifetime of hard work, it can be tempting to sit back and relax. You finally have more time to spend with the people that you love and participate in your favorite activities. But to fully enjoy the fun that comes with this decade – travelling, playing with grandkids, and engaging in leisure sports – we need the vibrant health that comes with daily exercise! Regular exercise will help strengthen your muscles, bones, and increase your flexibility so that you can meet the years ahead with passion and enthusiasm!


Relieve joint pain and strengthen your bones

Pain free living is easy with Essentrics! Rather than allowing gravity to compress our joints, we bring space back into tight areas by lengthening muscles and then strengthening them in that lengthened position. That instant relief you feel helps you stand a little taller. Gently realigning the spine and strengthening its supporting muscles reinforces and supports good posture – one of the quickest ways to look and feel radiant! As a bonus, our impact-free functional bodyweight exercises challenge the bones, reversing conditions like osteoporosis and helping you continue to live with confidence.


Flexibility in mind and body

Being flexible means more than being able to touch your toes – it also applies to your state of mind. If you think a particular movement is no longer possible for you (such as sitting on the floor because your hips are stiff), think again! Inflexible thinking can become a self-fulfilling prophecy – if we stop asking our muscles to move a certain way, they grow weak and make the action difficult to perform. But with Essentrics, we can keep our connective tissue and fascia fluid and mobile with gentle movement. Do this consistently and you may surprise yourself – welcoming not only newfound flexibility in your body, but in your mind. Believe and we can achieve. We can always have a positive effect on our health with the right mindset.

The best part about remaining strong and flexible is that you are not limited by your body; you can live your life with spontaneity, joining your friends on the dance floor, building sandcastles with your grandkids at the beach or playing pickleball with your local club. To be vibrant is to be full of life! Daily Essentrics exercises will help you feel your best and move with the grace of someone half your age; flexible, strong and pain free.

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