Toning exercises strengthen and sculpt muscles in a way that doesn’t result in a bulky shape. In other words, a toning workout emphasizes strength while also shaping lean and defined muscles.



In Essentrics, we use a variety of techniques to strengthen and tone the muscles. One of the most powerful techniques used is called an eccentric muscle contraction. Eccentric strengthening involves contracting the muscle as it is being lengthened. This helps to build long, lean muscles and protects joints from over-stretching. Essentrics toning workouts also improve muscular strength, power and endurance. To get the most out of your Essentrics toning workouts:

– Visualize the muscles you are targeting throughout the exercise. Do not worry, the instructor always cues the area of focus!
– Try pulling out (away from the joint) in order to lengthen the targeted muscles.
– Engage the desired muscle group by adding resistance to your movement. This will contract the muscles within their elongated position.

Note: Remember that you can always engage the full body in any exercise. For example, while doing Essentrics arm exercises, you can engage your core by pulling up in your spine and contracting your abs within that lengthened position!


Watch Sahra Esmonde-White explain how to get the most out of toning with Essentrics.


Immediate Results: Our muscles adapt quickly with daily exercise. By building a habit of daily Essentrics workouts, you will most likely notice changes to the shape of your muscles. Many people have testified that they’ve lost a pant size in their first few weeks of practicing Essentrics on a consistent basis.

Long Term Results: Depending on how many years you have been sedentary, stiff or immobile, it takes time to unlock your body. If you continue to practice Essentrics consistently your body shape will continue to change over time. You will never plateau in this program – as you continue to unlock your body with daily maintenance, you’ll tap into the workout’s full potential for more effective and targeted toning. For example, many Essentrics Instructors see significant changes in their bodies while progressing through the 4-level Essentrics certification program. How come? With regular Essentrics workouts, they further unlock their muscles and learn how to recruit musculature more effectively.




“I created Essentrics over 20 years ago in an era of Aerobics and step classes. Many of my students wanted a workout that would elongate their arms, shrink their waistlines and sculpt leaner legs and were tired of the bulking muscles and joint compression that accompanied step classes. I knew from my days of professional Ballet, how effective and difficult eccentric stretching and strengthening exercises could be and set out to incorporate this style of movement into a class.  As I studied the human body and worked with doctors and physio therapists, I found a great deal of importance in creating a workout that equally targeted and stretched every muscle in the body to rebalance the joints. The result – a full body workout that simultaneously lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body, resulting in greater flexibility, improved range of motion and long, lean muscles.”

Miranda Esmonde-White 


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