The back is the center of all movement! With a flexible, mobile spine and strong back muscles to support it, we have the freedom to do what we love with ease – from daily life tasks like reaching the top shelf and walking the dog, to more challenging activities and hobbies you enjoy. Back mobility and strength keep you feeling young, active, and able to do everything you want.


The Importance of a Strong & Healthy back

Keeping our back flexible, strong and in optimal health is a necessity for our well-being. Composed of 33 vertebrae and over 100 muscles, joints, disks, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue, the spine works with a complex group of layered core muscles to help you bend, twist and move in every direction.

Maintaining clean alignment of the spine and ensuring these muscles remain balanced is key to maintaining good posture. With good posture, your entire body functions better! Your lungs take in more oxygen, allowing you to breathe deeper and feel more energetic. Digestion and circulation improve, giving you the appearance of youth, confidence and strength! Most importantly, you can trust and feel confident in your body’s ability to do anything – making it easier to move around safely and prevent injury.


A Daily Habit of Movement: A Small Investment for a Lifetime of Health

As our current lifestyle becomes more sedentary, our backs need some extra attention to ensure the muscles do not become weakened or imbalanced. Eighty percent of back pain is mechanical — caused by muscle imbalance, joints, and connective tissue compressing or pulling the spine out of alignment. To keep back pain, stiffness and other health conditions at bay, it’s important for your spine, core and back to stay strong and flexible. Making a daily habit of movement is a small investment that builds you a lifetime of health and pain relief!

Through daily Essentrics workouts, you will continue to build strength, boost your energy, and increase your dexterity for the simple tasks of everyday life – which goes a long way towards maintaining your independence and well-being!

Stretching and strengthening our core and back muscles reduces stress on the spinal discs, joints, and protects against injury. It is also one of the best ways to prevent back pain.

The full-body movements in Essentrics unlock the spine by stretching and lubricating the connective tissue in your back while working the full musculoskeletal system to reverse muscular imbalances – making your spine and the rest of your body feel liberated so that you can feel great, take pleasure in doing what you love, and live your life to the fullest!


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