The Flagship Essentrics Studio has returned, with daily classes and a variety of teaching styles! Now located at the Honeyrose Hotel in Montreal, the studio is filled with natural light and provides an inspiring cityscape view.

Your presence at the studio is valued; therefore, a promo code has been created exclusively for Essentrics instructors. Receive 25% off purchases of a single class or multiple class cards with promo code TEACHERTRAINING25. Whether you are in town for one day or you are local, you can benefit from this discount. Thank you for being part of our Essentrics Instructors’ community!



The Art of Teaching


This month we are sharing a list of Warm-up Songs for your inspiration. These songs set the tone for your class and should be chosen with consideration. Warm-up song components include an upbeat tempo with positive lyrics and energy that inspires people to move. Some of these song suggestions could also be used for medium to fast paced sequences. Enjoy!

Adore You by Harry Styles | Dancing in the Moonlight by Jubël| Where the Sun Shines by Bobby Bazini | Wairua by Maimoa | Summer in New York by Sofi Tukker | Water Flow by Klyne | Oui ou non by Angèle | Bofou Safou by Amadou & Mariam




Health & Wellness


Did you know that from sunshine to fluorescent lamps, the type of light1 we absorb through our eyes and skin influences how well we function in our daily lives2 ? Too much screentime, for example, negatively affects mood, productivity, and sleep3 — yet there are countermeasures: blue light blocking glasses, visual breaks from computers, and removing screens from evening routines.

More light-based tips for your well-being:

– Incandescent & warm-white light are better for eye health than fluorescent light4

– Using olive oil as part of a healthy diet is associated with lower risks of sun damage5

– Watching the sun rise & set has a positive effect on circadian rhythm, elevates moods, and supports immune & nervous systems6



Sources: 1. (NASA, 2021) 2. (Wahl S, 2019) 3. (Chang AM, 2015) 4. (Walls HL, 2011) 5. (Brazier, 2019) 6. (University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine, 2020)

Check out the last Teacher Talk on the Facebook Instructor Page with Kathi Bushway – L4 Instructor and Pelvic Floor specialist, plus watch Kathi’s Pelvic Floor Masterclass on the Essentrics Academy Portal!

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