The team at Head Office wishes you health, happiness, and peace as 2024 unfolds!




Essentrics Instructors Around the Globe: With over 1,100 certified instructors worldwide in 28 different countries and on every continent except for Antarctica, Essentrics is making a positive impact on numerous people’s health and wellness journeys. Here’s to the Essentrics technique and our wonderful community continuing to grow this year, changing even more lives along the way!



The Art of Teaching


Finding balance as instructors (and as humans!) is an ongoing journey. Inspired by Genevieve Bedard’s Teacher’s Corner, here are a few tips on finding balance in your body and your life as 2024 begins.

– Plan Your Year – plan vacation time first, then your class schedule

– Be Authentic – draw students in with your true teaching and clothing styles

– Respect Your Limits – for your voice, your body, and your mind

Visit Genevieve’s Teacher’s Corner (linked above) for more details and the rest of her tips. Not a French-speaker? We have added a summary to the comment section so you can read along!



Health & Wellness


What’s on your winter reading list? This month we are sharing an interesting health & wellness article – How “Fascia Foods” Can Decrease Pain and Help You Feel Your Best. As Essentrics instructors, we know that slow, gentle, full-body movement plays a vital role in keeping our fascia healthy. Similarly, the way we nourish our bodies with food affects our fascia; an excerpt from the article explains: “Proper nutrients are the basis for building and protecting your fascia. This includes a balanced diet of healthy fats, minerals/vitamins, amino acids, high fiber, and collagen. …we start to lose collagen as we age, and collagen is a protein. Fascia foods are all about ‘feeding’ our tissues. It’s also about longevity and how to prevent a lot of these things where our bodies break down with joint health.”

Hope you enjoy this “fascia-nating” read!


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