Welcome to a decade that is bursting with life and activity! The 50s are often the busiest, yet most rewarding years of your life. Whether you’re solidly in your career or newly retired, raising children, teens or caring for aging parents, free time is precious. Workouts need to be both efficient at delivering results and restorative to counteract aches and pains. Keep up with the pace of daily life with a feel-good exercise program designed to keep you active and healthy.


An effective full-body workout

The good news is that every Essentrics workout will energize the body, soothe overworked muscles, and release stress. The best part: every muscle is exercised, keeping joints healthy and moving optimally. By working every joint through its full range of motion, strength gets built into the smaller stabilizing muscles – protecting you from injury and ensuring you keep the full potential power you were born with! And inside every muscle – big or small – are the calorie-burning mitochondria. These microscopic engines need to be running well because just like a locomotive, this is what gives you the energy to propel you through your day. Essentrics routines are designed to strengthen all 650 muscles, so you stay strong, mobile, and injury-free.


Release tension and replenish energy

We call this decade The Active Years, but ensuring you get enough restorative sleep is equally important! Rather than burning the candle at both ends, a good night’s sleep allows your body to replenish its energy for the next day. If you find your mind busy with thoughts of tomorrow, releasing muscular tension helps to relieve stress and instill a sense of relaxation to the mind allowing restful sleep to come easily.

A busy life is completely manageable when we participate in Essentrics regularly. The routines will rebalance your entire body, restore energy and help you to maintain mobility so that you can move with ease and continue to be active and healthy in all areas of your life.

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