Welcome to one of the most transformative decades of your life. All the life experience you have been building in your 20s is coming to fruition. In terms of brain power, your levels of cognitive performance are at their peak. Lots of Nobel winners in their 30s! While you may not be interested in advancing the laws of quantum physics, it’s a great time to advance your physical health. Statistically speaking, in your 30s, you create more meaningful connections. And what better connection to create than with your overall health and well-being!


A Ready and Resilient Body

While your brain power is going full speed ahead, you may have noticed some gentle slowing down in your body – maybe a few aches and pains that were not there before or a longer recovery time needed after sports or a night out. This is completely normal as our body’s cellular regeneration cycle (responsible for the aging process) begins to slow down – although you may not feel it until your mid-thirties. What a perfect time to transform into your best self! With Essentrics, we wake up those cells, providing increased oxygen and blood flow, and boosting your energy so you can juggle a career, maybe start a family, and still have fun as you did in your 20s. The program tones every muscle and attends to every ligament, so you avoid injury and work out any stiffness or aches. All the strengthening and stretching in our movements lengthen and shape our entire torso, arms, and legs.


Transform Your Health

We call your 30s the transformative years. Not only because you may be transitioning from the carefree nature of your 20s to a more focused life path, but it’s also the perfect decade to transform your future health. The program’s designed to get you into optimal shape, so that when the changes in metabolism and hormonal fluctuations begin in your mid to late thirties, your body is ready and resilient. And if you’re already there, no worries – Essentrics is also known as the program that helps you age backward!

Transformation occurs when you establish a meaningful connection with your body and attend to its needs. This can happen at any age. The benefits are exponential. With daily intentional movement, you reduce your cortisol levels – the hormone that causes stress in the body – and instead stimulate your dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin: the “happy hormones” that raise your energy and promote a sense of calm and well-being. The only side effect – better sleep, better mood, and better overall health! And hey, maybe you are on the verge of that next scientific breakthrough, but you still need to formulate healthy habits. We believe the greatest prize is a lifetime of mobility, flexibility, and strength.

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