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Hello teachers!

As many of you know, I’ve been busy working on my new book over the past year. After 25 years of developing and perfecting Essentrics, I wanted to write a book that would bring all my knowledge and experience together to redefine stretching.

I want to give people a new and improved way to get fit and stay mobile without injury.  I really hope that you will love the book as much as we do and that it will help provide more exposure to Essentrics everywhere.  I’m excited about the growth and future of Essentrics!

~ Miranda Esmonde-White

For more details about the book, we invite you to watch Miranda & Sahra’s video on the Instructor Facebook Group page.


The Art of Teaching


Applying art as an inspiration for your teaching can be fun! Let’s look at transitions as an example, which help us connect one exercise to the next. Without them, a sequence feels disjointed and lacks that flowing element we all love about Essentrics. Think of a single-line drawing, like this Picasso. The pen never leaves the paper – it’s one fluid line that creates the figure. Find transitions that connect your exercises like a line drawing and your sequence will transform into one fluid movement!

~ Severina Gates, L4 Instructor, Mentor & Educator – Boston Are



Health & Wellness


What’s on your summer reading list? It can be so nice to relax with a new inspiring book. This month’s recommendation is THE JOY OF MOVEMENT – How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage by Kelly McGonigal. The book illustrates why movement is integral to both our happiness and humanity – not showing why we should exercise, but instead showing readers how to fall in love with movement.

Do you have a special tip, learning resource or music playlist to share? In future editions, we’d love to feature your submissions! Reach out to [email protected].


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